Astorino Administration Denies Town of Greenburgh Use of Robo Call System By HEZI ARIS

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Feiner_Paul-PC Judith_EbensteinGREENBURGH, NY and WHITE PLAINS, NYFelled tree branches, heavy rains causing leaves to stick to one another amidst enormous mounds of debris were the catalysts that demanded Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner (pictured) cancel the recycling that would normally have taken place Thursday, December 1, 2011.  Supervisor Feiner believed it more prudent to assign sanitation crews to pick up leaves and other debris alongside the highway crews toiling over that same task. Supervisor Feiner posted an announcement to that affect on the Town of Greenburgh website and The Daily Greenburgh, who, having been advised of that action, dutifully posted a similar announcement.

Thinking outside the box, Supervisor Feiner believed it propitious to ask the Astorino Administration for their assistance in this manner. Feiner directed an email letter to Deputy County Executive Kevin Plunkett to beseech County Executive Astorino’s assistance in quickly advising the citizenry of the schedule change and the rationale behind it. County Deputy Executive Plunkett would not hear of it, asserting tht the robo call system was strictly for emergency use.

Supervisor Feiner said, “I think this is a mistake. Many residents have been complaining about the lack of notice. They are right. We made the decision to cancel recycling pickup on Monday because some of our roads had become hazardous.” We hoped to expedite future pickup. Yet “some seniors advised me today that they were greatly inconvenienced,” said Supervisor Feiner. It’s hard to take our recycling to the pickup point and then bring it back a second time because it’s a burden that many find trying.

Supervisor Feiner suggests, “If the county would provide local governments with the ability to use their robo call system for non political notices (change in garbage/recycling schedules, snow emergencies, etc…) it would be a perfect example of local government/county cooperation.”

Supervisor Feiner drove the point home when he said, “Finally, many of the robo calls the county makes are not emergencies

Deputy County Executive Kevin Plunkett wrote the following response to Supervisor Feiner: “Paul-as you noted the robo call system is for "emergencies" that arise.  Although I appreciate your situation it is my view that it is not a situation that merits the use of the robo call system.”  


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eHeziAstorino Administration Denies Town of Greenburgh Use of Robo Call System By HEZI ARIS

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  1. I think this one has a point.Robocall is one of the main problem of some people around the world,in Finland country many of them are already fix.Now a days call center in part of Helsinki are the one who are giving services to everyone and telemarketing also,Many of people now are really annoy to them but because this one is manage very well issue and other bad things is been solve.

  2. Mr feiner has bitten off more than he can chew
    regarding the Ridge Hill monies reserved for traffic
    improvements on jackson ave and sprain road
    proposing bicycle lanes in the most dangerous intersection in the county he is going to be the sole
    reason that the money will never be used to improve
    the safety of the intersection…any deaths that occur
    because of feiner’s intrangience will be on him…

  3. Hezi–
    Are you kidding me with this? This is the same guy who thinks the Tappan Zee would be a destination for people. Feiner is a policy wonk of the worst kind: he’s a busybody. And never mind the exorbitant taxes this clown has put on us.
    Anyway, calling people to annoy them about something as minor as this is his MO. Thank God Astorino’s people have enough sense to tell this annoying pol to go shove it.

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