Bogus “Official Police Business, Yonkers Police” Parking Tag By HEZI ARIS

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YONKERS PVB_2011-11-14The Yonkers Tribune has been able to find an allegedly bogus “Official Police Business, Yonkers Police” parking tag. It is known to offer protection for those who must avoid parking tickets, especially in light of the tyranny of alternate side of the street regulations for the rest of the population despite their need of a respite from the Parking Violations Enforcement Officers. At issue today, is what City Hall office does one go to apply for such a parking tag “permit?”

Yonkers Parking Violations Enforcement Officers have been advised not to ticket any car sporting such signs.

YONKERSPVB_2011-11-14jpgIt may be wise for all Yonkersites to recognize that every car in violation of parking regulation statutes must be ticketed and only upon tickets being issued, and thereafter may they be internally scrutinized by the Yonkers Police Department and the Parking Adjudicator.

It may be worth noting that by forcing the Yonkers Parking Violations Enforcement Officers not to ticket such cars, lest these same officers lose their employment, Yonkers City coffers are not being legitimately filled.


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eHeziBogus “Official Police Business, Yonkers Police” Parking Tag By HEZI ARIS

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  1. a guy near me has a similar tag in his car but it says Yonkers Municipal Housing Authority – and it certainly isn’t an official city vehicle – unless City Hall started tricking out their cars.

  2. It appears that the placard is on the dashboard of a privately owned vehicle. The placard may possibly be legitimate, only issued to a true YPD unmarked vehicle. Perhaps someone got hold of a real placard and is using it illegally.Check the vehicle plate number on the placard and the vehicle to see if they match.

  3. You are usually on the money with your stories but this sounds like a shoot from the hip, slow news cycle story.
    Why do you say this plaque is bogus ? Who did you speak to from the police department in regards to this story ? I tend to agree with the above poster, this sounds like sour grapes…. I expect better than this from you hezi

  4. If the plaque is “bogus” as you are alledging then no Parking Enforcement Officer would “lose their employment” for ticketing such a plaque. On the other hand if the plaque is actually being dispributed by City Hall then it stands to reason the Parking Enforcement isn’t going to ticket a vehicle with a valid city plaque.
    So whats the point of this article?…It sounds like sour grapes.

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