Breaking News Exclusive: Mayor Amicone’s Chief of Staff to Become Executive Director of Yonkers Parking Authority By HEZI ARIS

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Mrijaj_LisaShe was plucked out of obscurity years ago by Yonkers economic guru Edward Sheeran. It was Ed’s wife who suggested she might be a loyal worker. She did as she was told. She would soon take a fancy to Deputy Mayor Phil Amicone when she was instructed to engage in a City Hall-wide effort to elect Phil Amicone to the office of mayor. And she did, particularly in earning the support of her church’s fellow congregants. Her effort would afford Phil Amicone the margin of victory he hadn’t even considered getting. With gratitude, Phil Amicone was known to have promised her the plumb position of Chief of Staff. The promise was not consummated until about two years later. Kathy Spring Spencer would hold onto her position of Chief of Staff beyond her service to her husband, the then Mayor John Spencer. In a sense, Kathy Spring Spencer was a bridge between the Spencer administration, under which Phil Amicone served as deputy mayor, and then to Phil Amicone as mayor to the consternation of the Chief of Staff in waiting. In time, the simmering disdain for Mayor Amicone’s inability to deliver on his promise to Lisa Mrijaj brought the two to verbal blows. Kathy Spring Spencer was dismissed; Lisa Mrijaj would accede to Chief of Staff. Her qualifications then and even now remained non –existent, at best, they should be designated as nil.

Alas, Mrijaj served in more ways than one would want to recount, much less imagine, for approximately six years, as the Chief of the Staff. Now, Mayor Phil Amicone has decided to reward Mirjaj the position of executive director to the Yonkers Parking Authority (YPA) at the sum of $155,000 annually and embellished with a long-term contractual agreement. Public notice of a vacant position with the Yonkers Parking Authority for the position of executive director is not known to have been made.  Last time an opening was evident, there were over 25 applicants for that same position. [Read the February 5, 2009 article: Yonkers Parking Authority Employment Opportunity Denied By Hezi Aris].

In fact, the Yonkers Tribune broke that story years ago. Two of the applicants that readily come to mind were John Spencer, the former mayor, and John Spano, the present head of Mayor-Elect Mike Spano’s Transition Team. No other applicants are understood to have been considered for this Civil Service position, nor is Mrijaj known to have taken such a test.

A week has not passed since Mayor Amicone asked the Yonkers City Council to indemnify him of a debt judged by a jury of his peers and by Federal Judge Cathy Seibel to be born by him personally because his conduct and directives of others were personally executed and not within the realm and purview of the Office of Mayor of Yonkers. Despite the ruling, the Yonkers City Council indemnified Mayor Amicone of his personal burden in a vote of 5 for indemnification and 2 against indemnification. 

Now we learn that Mayor Amicone has allegedly appointed Lisa Mrijaj to executive director of the Yonkers Parking Authority without giving public notice, and without having her take a Civil Service exam.

Mayor Amicone has not learned to confine himself to the parameters defined for him and to which he publicly asserted he would uphold with the left hand on the Bible and the right hand held in a stance attesting to his submission to the law set in the Yonkers City Charter, New York State and U.S. Constitutions.

It is these very acts, claimed to be legal by some, yet disparaged by those who detest the non-common-sense aspect of laws that would permit the transgression of laws beyond their original intent.

On the one hand one is sure to hear that Ms Mrijaj’s contract cannot be broken. Why should a contract be permitted to stand when the circumstances upon which it is signed is consummated by the lack of compliance of every step leading up to the testimony of the contract itself and thus launders the principles it was to abide, dismissing the protocols required to be followed to reach the basis for such a contract.

When Yonkers Mayor-elect accedes to the Office of Mayor of Yonkers upon being sworn into office on January 1, 2012, Mayor Mike Spano must begin the processs of clawing back and making impotent this contract. It is neither legal nor in compliance with the intent of the law.

This alleged contrivance by Mayor Phil Amicone’s administration must not stand. This is the second act by this lame-duck Mayor Phil Amicone that spits on Yonkers Mayor-elect Spano by robbing the city coffers of first $393,388.00 in the indemnification process, and now affords a contract that requires no skill set of the recipient for a $155,000.00 annual contract. The majority of those who voted bequeathed upon Mayor-elect Spano a coffer in better standing, and there is also no basis for encumbering the City of Yonkers in a contract with someone who was permitted to skirt the protocols required and is simply not qualified by any measure.


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eHeziBreaking News Exclusive: Mayor Amicone’s Chief of Staff to Become Executive Director of Yonkers Parking Authority By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Mike Spano blabbing nonsense today about Lisa Mrijaj appointment even though he knows he can do nothing about it.
    Trying to sound tough or concerned since he has been criticized for being MIA since the elction.
    Yet he failed to make a peep about the amicone $400 K indemnification which he could put a stop to or try to reverse since it is an illegal council action.
    Kept his mouth shut on that one because he’s afraid of the City Council or at lest is laying the groundwork for playing footsie with them for the next four years (or some shorter period of time if the Feds wake up)
    These are just signs of the horrific mayoralty that we are in for under Mikey.

  2. I still don’t understand what Lisa does or what she’s done or what her qualifications ever were.
    At least the prior chief of staff put forth an image of strength and organization and competence.
    The devil we knew under Mayor Spencer lives in exile while the devil we didn’t know under Mayor Amicone takes the money and runs.
    Something wicked, this way comes.

  3. hahaha…..nothing changes in Yonkers
    Hezi has been Right for a long time.
    How is it these idiots have such a strong hold on this place?
    The faces change
    The legislation changes
    and still they hold this place hostage.
    I’ll be glad when Phil and his idiots leave…
    But i don’t expect it to get any better under this new regime.
    Good Riddance Phil and the ENTIRE imbecilic cabinet you appointed.
    Mike Spano: if you want to hit the ground running you’d best understand the damage these morons have left.
    And yet you have had nothing to say which lends me to trust you as much as i trust the previous administration.
    Your community relations team is nothing but a joke.
    and I’ll prove it to you if you don’t change it.

  4. Typical for this arrogant ass mayor. Yesterday as he swore in Lieutenants for the FD you could hear the crowd snicker when he came to ” uphold the United States Constitution”. She was useless as Chief of Staff and she will be just as useless in this position.

  5. Didnt her brother do something criminal like selling Yonkers building permits and never got prosecuted. Such BS and they hammered that fat guy Julio for stealing a clipboard totally trumped up felony charge. Good Bye EH. I Got five words for you Useless new york city Chief

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