Celebrating Ridge Hill on Westchester On the Level with Hezi Aris

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WGRNLOGO Surlatable_logo Surlatable_logoSusanna Linse, will speak to us about the recently opened Sur la Table store in Ridge Hill in the opening hour, from 10 – 11 a.m. David Tremsky, ORVIS Yonkers Store Manager of the newly opened store at Ridge Hill will join us at 11 am and keep us company until the 12 Noon close.

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eHeziCelebrating Ridge Hill on Westchester On the Level with Hezi Aris

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  1. “Ridge hill isn’t a shopping mall, it’s a planned self contained community.”
    hahaha….no problem there giving taxpayer property away for such a use….
    one of the more ridiculous comments ever posted on here…but hey i value freedom of speech.

  2. “Do you see open land there the size of ridge hill”
    Thats what RE-developement means,tear down the old and rebuild.The center of Yonkers must be rebuilt.

  3. What the hell is wrong with most of the posters on here ? Do you guys really believe the nonsense that you post ? They won’t fill jobs because of parking ? Almost all of the jobs up there have been filled. Why not build it in getty square ? Do you see open land there the size of ridge hill – no. Who gives a shit about white plains and have you spent time in downtown new rochelle lately – It’s not the nicest place in the world… do you think other cities think about the impact that their development will have on yonkers ? NO ….
    The low lifes that so to cross county thankfully can’t afford to shop at ridge hill… the only thing they will do at ridge hill is try to shop lift at the stores.
    Ridge hill isn’t a shopping mall, it’s a planned self contained community.

  4. Unless they realize that they have to have free parking, this place will never make it, especially since Cross County (which has free parking) did such a nice job of fixing itself up. The Westmed facility is not user-friendly to older patients (the majority of its clientele) and charges an $8 valet fee – another burden for those on fixed incomes. SFC was trying to build a similar project in Chicken Island in the downtown but the economy put a damper on those plans. How many shopping malls can this area and especially this demographic afford?

  5. I think Ridge Hill will hurt the downtowns of White Plain. New Rochelle and Yonkers……oops, sorry,Yonkers doesn’t have a downtown.
    Also,why not have built this in the Yonkers downtown?

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