Folkerts Throws Support Behind Breen Candidacy

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Image1YONKERS, NY – Mike BreenRepublican designee for Yonkers 5th city Council District send out an email notice today upon receiving the support of John Folkerts. Mr Breen writes, “I have always been fully confident in my abilities to represent all members of the 5th District on Yonkers City Council.  Today, I am thankful to have the support of John Folkerts, the city of Yonkers Conservative Party Former Chairman, as his support is even more reason to be aware that a vote for Mike Breen is the right vote for Yonkers, not based on a political party but based on who the right candidate is.”

The deal making shenanigan that can only be concocted in Yonkers are so blatantly evident here. Mr. Folkerts has changed teams, or so it seems. Mr Folkerts, sensing the demise of Westchester Councy Conservative Chairman Hugh Fox, Jr., and further recognizing the implosion by present Yonkers Conservative Party Chairwoman Vincenza Restiano, a Hugh Fox acolyte, as opposed to the Gail Burns acolyte he had been, has not jumped ship to survive the sinking fortunes of the Westchester and Yonkers Conservative party prospects by clinging to Mike Breen for support. Mr Breen is the false-God that has tied his cart to the Mike Spano campaign and will now claim his first “I did this for you, Mike!” Mr Breen, slow to recognize the political landscape before him has missed the boat, the deals are done; Mike Breen’s effort is nothing more than pre-ejaculatory. Shame, shame.

Funeral services for Ms Restiano political prospects are to be announced after the General Election Day tally is concluded.

Mr Folkerts changing teams proves he is not loyal, and is easily pimped by circumstances rather than principles. He will be dismissed like a cheap whore when he can be replaced by someone that will not be a lightning rod for contention. That should leave Gail Burns out any future contention, then again, this is Yonkers.

Stephen Cerrato, whose campaign has garnered the support of the Conservative and Independence Parties for his run challenging to represent Yonkers 5th City Council District has suffered a “growing up” rebuke that was unnecessary to have been brewed.

Welcome to Yonkers politics. 

It seems the only grown-up among this crowd is Stephen Cerrato.


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eHeziFolkerts Throws Support Behind Breen Candidacy

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  1. Hezi
    You are right about Cerrato being the only adult in the crowd.Where you are wrong- I know you always try to put out new and exciting words, but please don’t use christian words like acolyte in the same sentence while mentioning the adultrous abortionist HUGH FOX Jr. John,John,John Folkerts- why in your pursuit of what Fox outplayed you for,are you acting just like him.Breen may end up being the winner in a Rep ditrict,It may be a Spano ploy to back a Rep who will probably win yet you John are going against a Tribune article above that states the FF are backing Cerrato.Fox stabbed the FF in the back and now he cant produce for little Robby so the bitch soon will be in the trash.Being a bitch and loyalty are not the same thing. I believe your fate with those same FF will be the same. I will now definitly vote for Cerrato.

  2. She would certainly be better than Breen. He is by far the worst candidate City wide…The Yonkers GOP is over..This is why Spano switched….God help us…

  3. Anon, you poor little man (or woman). I think its time you got yourself a life, and stop living in the shadows of the other politicians/candidates. Your distain for Cerrato is evident. Please, go crawl up Patty Breen’s ass and stay there for good….
    Not sure waht Cerrato was wearing, but couldn’t be worse than John Murtagh’s Jeans and sneakers at the another event.
    Your a fool.

  4. Shameful = Cerrato
    Give it a rest already. And learn some math. The letter you passed around about the percentages in the primary was an outright lie.
    It was nice to see you placed in the dark corner of the breakfast today – that is where you belong. And wear a dark suit and a tie like all serious politicians next time.

  5. This has the Spanos written all over it. Breen is a Spano supporter in sheeps clothing, no doubt, which is how he swayed the endorsement of the YPD. Sadly, Breen is the front runner for a position he cant handle. Breen is way over his head….Shame on us if he wins.

  6. typical John Folkerts play He goes where the wind takes him. a figurehead at the front of the boat, he takes the waves while others steer. Loser!

  7. Who could vote for any of these? There is no democracy in any of these districts. One goes to a democrat, republicans can’t win. 3 goes to a dem, reps can’t win and in 5 reps. win dems can’t win. Such a joke.

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