Mike Breen – Wrong for the 5th District Yonkers City Council District And Wrong For Yonkers BY STEPHEN CERRATO

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Michael Breen asleep during the Yonkers City Council budget hearings.

Breen_Mike Breen asleep at Budget hearingYONKERS, NY – I’m Stephen Cerrato and I am running for City Council in the 5th District on the Conservative and Independence lines this Tuesday, November 8, 2011.   Recently, my opponent Mike Breen has again stooped to new lows with his disingenuous remarks, which illustrates his lack of character needed in a Councilman.  Just today, Breen criticized the Cerrato campaign effort and me personally for distributing literature at local Churches.  Ironically, it is the Right To Life Party, who endorsed me that distributes the literature.  Even more ironic is that Mike Breen interviewed with the Right To Life Party, but failed to receive the endorsement because of his views in regards to the gay marriage issue.

It is this kind of hypocrisy and serious lack of integrity that make Mike Breen wrong for this District.  Breen sought out the Right to Life endorsement and now, because he did not receive it, criticizes their efforts (not only on my behalf, but on behalf of a slate of candidates who received the endorsement).  The party is out there because they feel strongly, as do the candidates, about many issues near and dear to the Catholic Church and its Parishoners, of which Mike is one.  To insult his own fellow Catholics shows a serious flaw in his thinking, and perhaps illustrative as to why he did not get the endorsement in the first place.

Breen’s recent email touting the support from the former Yonkers Conservative Chairmen, John Folkerts, is also riddled with hypocrisy.  Breen wasn’t the Conservative party choice because he is not a Conservative.  Just the other night Breen was praising the efforts of Liberal Democrat, Chuck Lesnick (Yonkers City Council President), and how he looks to him for guidance on issues such as transparency in the Government.  The reality is, this Government has no transparency, and anyone who looks to a “Tax and Spend Liberal” like Lesnick, surely doesn’t share the values of a true Conservative.

Breen lacks the experience and professional background to lead this City out of its current crisis, and that is why I have fought so hard over the last several months to win this election.  I look to serve the people only, not the party bosses and political machine, like Mike Breen.  The mere fact that Breen had the audacity to show up at one of the most important City Budget meetings and actually SLEEP through half of it is an indicator to me that he is not interested in solving our problems and is certainly not up to the task at hand.  This is certainly not a person I want leading us in the 5th District, that is, if he can stay awake for it.  He is just wrong for the District and wrong for Yonkers.

Stephen Cerrato is on the Conservative and Independence Lines on November 8, 2011.


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eHeziMike Breen – Wrong for the 5th District Yonkers City Council District And Wrong For Yonkers BY STEPHEN CERRATO

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  1. Steve, like I said, abandon ship. These people are pathetic…Can’t attack you on your education, experience, or character…just nonsense….get out now, and trust me they would be happy to see you go…What they don’t realize is that as a DEM, you could not lose the election next time….They are just too stupid to realize that…Party affiliation means little – we need smart people, not limo drivers and hot dog vendors…See you on the other side…We hope…

  2. And what are some of the lessons we have learned her from Mr Cerratos campaign
    1. don’t campaign at a church on September 11th
    2. sometimes mommy and daddy cant do/buy everything for you
    Mr. cerrato, you are scum, and like all scum, your time has come to go down the drain and into oblivion.
    Please see your way out

  3. Steve, abandon ship now. Your party couldn’t win if there lives depended on it – only in the Northeast, and even then the Dem almost won… The Rep party has yet again demonstrated there inability to win an election, getting almost swept county wide and City wide…These posters are fooling themselves and will be out of power in a short time…Come over to our side, please…We can use good candidates..

  4. Bye Steve
    You have acted like an ass since day 1, insulting everyone at the NEYRC meeting. You do not know what it means to be polite and a gentlemen. I and others made sure the public knew that and you were taught a lesson.
    You got what you deserved and I am quite pleased. In retrospect I really did not have to do anything. You are a bully and bullies get what they deserve.
    Now please go back to your miserable law practice and annoy someone else.

  5. Sucks to suck Stevie. Should have taken the hint and quit after the primaries. Maybe Mike Breen will give you a job as a taxi driver!

  6. Gosh, Stephen, those general numbers don’t look any better than the primary numbers did for you. You didn’t get out of the race like you could have, and you got personal with your attack letter. We “party hacks” will remind you of your actions the next time you or your daddy sniff around for public office.

  7. Stephen – rude…Don’t think so…He is a gentleman…not to be confused with that arrogant, condescending, blow hard, Murtagh…now, he is rude..Sadly, Breen is his protege….and his wife is a real rude, nasty, classless……..could go on and on..
    Good luck to Spano and Cerrato…

  8. Stevie, hang in there. Pay no mind to the same 5 people that post here…they are teh same party hacks that represent everything wrong with this City and government….I know Mike Breen to be a good guy, but when he attacks your faith, I think the gloves can come off… Either way, good luck to you kid…These bafoons wouldn’t kow a good candidate if they saw one…

  9. my vote goes to mike breen and mike spano today! good luck to both mikes…..sorry stephen..your ego has taken control and thats sad.

  10. The only thing impressive about Steve Cerrato is that he is pretty good with words unfortunately for him they come out sounding so rude and brash that this is all lost. I have known Mike Breen since his four kids were very young, and his integrity has never been a question, nor his professionalism. He is a humble, selfless and hardworking man. Mr. Cerrato comes off as a sniveling liar, a chameleon who apparently MUST go negative because there just isn’t enough positive to get him any votes. You sir, are exactly what people HATE about politics. Mike Breen’s years of service and character speak for themselves and this pathetic attempt to tarnish that image will not work. Ask anyone that has worked for him, played on the teams he’s coached or stood beside him as an active citizen of this great city. You’re “team” (ahem, mother) on the other hand has referred to him as just “a taxi driver” among other lies. And honestly what if he was a taxi driver? Who are you guys to judge….Remember when Jesus kicked the peddlers out of the temple because they were promoting their own self interest and not that of the faith? Or did you miss that lesson Mr Right to Life? Enough already! Don’t throw stone’s Mr. Cerrato…I hate to judge but enough is enough. No one is perfect, but as far as Yonkers City Council campaigns go, you have reached a real low. Grow up, stop the lies Mr. Professional. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW ;)You are REALLY going to need it.

  11. Stevie Stevie Stevie
    Yes, its the last day so you have to try ANYTHING to make some headway. However you are a comedy act, and the more you write, the funnier you are. I hope you are on Leno tonight, it should be a blast.
    For you to critize anyone about their Catholic faith is a joke. You, your wife and your out of control brats sit in the first row of Church and the kids make so much noise the Preist has to send them to the quiet room. Did I mention the Cerrato t shirts you were wearing on a Sunday? Very respectful.
    Lets also remember your incessent political activities right outside of Church on Sunday as people leave, which is totally disrespectful to the Church, the Preist and everyone else.
    And lastly let us NEVER FORGET your disgusting obscene political activies on 9/11, a day for being IN Church to remember our fallen hereos, but YOU decided to disgrace their memories by by engaging in political activites when NOT ONE other candidiate in Yonkers did so. NOT ONE.
    So do not critize anyones religion, look inside yourself first.
    In terms of right to life, Mike Breen has always been anti-abortion. What does gay marriage have to do with right to life? Is it the “right to gay marriage party?”
    You are trying to use a wedge issue in a desperate attempt to divide voters, like you did once before when you copied martinellis Klu Klux Klan flyer. Look how it worked for him.
    You are a clumsy oaf. You have slept through the general election campaign and done absolutely nothing, and in the last three days yu have woken up from your slumber and think you can steal it. Well I have news for you, all you are doing is reminding everyone what a total complete jerk you are and that in 24 hours we will be done with your obnoxious stupid, baiting comments, and we can concentrate on moving this City forward in a positive manner.

  12. Didn’t getting trounced in the Primary (by Breen of all people) teach this mook anything?
    I love how paragraph 1 in his recent flyer attacks special interests, and paragraph 3 in the same flyer brags about his endorsement by unions and right-to-life kooks.
    How stupid are some of these candidates?

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