Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Sits Down with Judy Woodruff

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After outlining his foreign policy vision Friday at The Citadel, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney sat down with Judy Woodruff of the PBS NewsHour to discuss the war in Afghanistan, his GOP rivals and how he would get more Americans back to work.


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eHeziRepublican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Sits Down with Judy Woodruff

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  1. yeah but where are the local pundits with local current events…
    hacks at their best.
    always waiting for the winning side to join up to.

  2. based on todays polling and the iminent demise
    of the cain candidacy…mitt is NOT going to be
    the nominee..Gingrich will 1. win Iowa 2. come
    in a close 2nd in Mitt’s home turf new hampshire
    3. win south carolinao.. 4. win florida…AND IT
    WILL BE OVER..I will not be voting for Newt…not
    a chance in the world..I will take the socialist over
    the nut job

  3. Maybe one day you will understand that news 12 doesn’t
    pay its guest consultants and they never have..
    your misinformation makes you look like a fool…because this is the most important presidential
    election in decades so although you don’t think the
    comment is relevant WBAL WBZ and cbs and abc
    radio affiliates across the nation maybe
    just maybe one day you will be able to participate
    in some sort of constructive way in the discourse

  4. this is the ONLY one of the republican candidates
    who is capable of defeating obama…so those social
    conservatives who are suspicious of his conservative
    credentials and those southern evangelicals who are
    suspicious of his morman religion need to understand
    that the choice is whether or not Obama gets a second
    terms not whether you get to have a purist candidate
    run…Barry Morris Goldwater was a purist ..he got
    clobbered…George McGovern was a purist ..he got
    slaughtered…Mitt Romney is the quintessential CEO
    whose business acumen will serve the nation well as
    we attempt to climb out of the hole that both Bush and
    Obama put us in…However should the party nominate a
    Newt or a Perry a Bachmann or a Cain..Obama will win

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