Spano Blasts Murtagh on “Give Me The Money” Philosophy of Government

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Spano_MikeReleases Record of Murtagh Contributions from Unions and Others He Now Criticizes

Assemblyman Mike Spano released a list of contributions that Councilman John Murtagh solicited and accepted from labor unions – groups that Murtagh has now begun to criticize since they have cut off funds to him.

“This is hypocrisy of the worst sort,” said Spano, “If you give John Murtagh money you’re good. If you stop giving him money you’re bad. The last thing Yonkers needs is a mayor whose philosophy of governing is “give me the money.”

Spano advised by email last night that Murtagh criticized him for “accepting contributions from labor unions, yet Murtagh himself solicited and accepted thousands of dollars from many of those same unions in the past,” noted Spano. “Apparently labor support is only acceptable when it’s for John Murtagh,” said Spano, “People demand honesty from those who would lead our City, and will recognize this utter hypocrisy coming from my opponent.”

Murtagh has also criticized former Senator Nick Spano in the current campaign, yet in a previous campaign Murtagh solicited and received a $5,000 contribution from Nick Spano. If the Spano family is as bad as John Murtagh claims, I think perhaps it’s time for him to give back the check he asked for,” said Mike Spano.

Among the contributions Murtagh received in the past are:

Yonkers Police Captains, Lieutenants and Sergeants Association – $720

Police Association of Yonkers – $1,250

Uniformed Fire Officers PAC –  $400

Police Association of Yonkers PAC –  $500

Friends of Nick Spano Committee – $5,000

Yonkers Firefighters Local 628 –  $375.00

Yonkers Federation of Teachers –  $150

SEIU Local 704 – $400.00

Yonkers PBA – $250


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eHeziSpano Blasts Murtagh on “Give Me The Money” Philosophy of Government

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  1. Hey Jack i heard your son has been raking in overtime for years as a police officer is that true or are you the wrong jack treacy. Are you responsible for the sausage king Abe froemann. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

  2. Mike the rank and file people support you. We are hoping you can change this city for the better. Murtagh of bronxville who is a weasel Lawyer ( we all know you cant trust them) should run for dog catcher and move on with his elephant……..

  3. It’s kind of funny….
    Yonkers Fire Local 628, which Spano is trying to use as an example of Murtagh’s “hypocrisy ,” just paid for and mailed out a four page jumbo mailer for Spano.
    I wonder where the money for that came from?
    Oh yeah, mandatory union contributions that the firefighters can afford because of their overtime and other paid benefits. In other words it’s YOUR money.
    Everyone talks about politicians “feeding at the public trough,” no group feeds at the trough more than the Unions.

  4. Edelman I suppose your envelope from the Mike Spano mob is $100 fatter due to the piece of crap you wrote above. What garbage.
    Now it is the Fifth Districts fault that Murtagh went to court over the Ridge Hill project? Are you crazy?
    Let me tell you something idiot, and I am going to sound like, gulp Carlo Calvi, the project as built is a disaster. Besides the lack of retention ponds to prevent flooding, the streets are far to narrow, and when the facility is fully operational there will be gridlock the likes of which you have never seen.
    And who approved this nightmare? The Democrats on the City Council led by Chuck Charette Lesnick and Pat more shrimp please McSow.
    So dont lay this off on Murtagh who fought against this badly designed, scandle ridden piece of crap. The concept is great and good for the city, but what we got stinks.
    I still find it amazing that you used to support Murtagh. It just shows that you are a person totally devoid of morality and ethics.
    And I suppose you know better than Rudy Giuliani?

  5. #1 When did Nick Spano give the money to Murtagh?
    1 year ago?
    3 years ago?
    5 years ago?
    8 years ago?
    Is it at all relevant?
    What does it say about the judgement of the God like Nick Spano lol
    The pont is its old news and irrelevant to today.

  6. A councilmans duty is to represent his distict and John Murtaghs district was concerned about the impact of Ridge Hill on its neighborhoods.Mike Spano was a paid lobbyist for Ridge Hill through the Patricia Lynch lobbyist firm that Ridge Hill hired.Follow the money. The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  7. mike should be peroud that so many unions are supporting him…in fact i passed his headquarters today and saw 100;s od people on line to volunteer! mike is on a roll with the solid supoort of the voters of yonkers!!!

  8. well i think the point here has to be if John Murtaugh’s only campaign issue to date is that
    the “spano’s” martinelli’s etc have been here too long it would seem incongruous that he would ever accept
    a 5000 contribution from nick spano..this points out
    once again whenever you base your campaign on some
    narrative that is negative rather than positive you
    eventually get hoisted on your own petard..Murtaugh
    is in effect claiming that longevity is a disqualifier
    in which case his last 8 years on the council might
    be viewed as the same…its not as though he is an
    outsider..and its not as though he did not covet and
    rely on spano support to get elected and stay elected
    so he appears to think that voters will be pursuaded
    by his argument that the spano’s have been around too
    long and that he is the antidote..but that simply is
    not a theme upon which you can run a campaign particularly since when nick spano was state senator
    he was extremely popular and only lost because of
    a demographic shift in his district brought about
    by the powers that be in the state senate back in the
    day giving him greenburgh…he always won yonkers in
    any election..and finally nick is not running for mayor
    mike is…and the only thing murtaugh has done is to
    attack mike based on guilt by association not based on
    anything mike has ever done…the whole murtaugh campaign has not been focused on anything but formula for yonkers, no plan for education no ideas on how to get out of the financial
    bind yonkers is in..murtaugh did however vote to delay
    the ridge hill project and finally to vote against
    it..I advise any of you to take a ride to ridge hill
    it is the envy of the county…it has multiple high
    end anchor stores with 15 restaurants on will
    generate millions for the city and would have done so
    already if mr murtaugh had not seen fit to represent
    the parochial view of some of his constituents in his
    own councilmanic district who were worried about the
    traffic rather than viewing the project as moodys
    did as one of the only bright spots on the horizon.
    that would be disingenous at best and poor leadership
    on a city wide crucial matter in any event

  9. Wow
    Those are HUGE contributions!
    $150 from the teachers! Now that is a RINGING ENDORSEMENT!
    A total of $775 from Fire! WOW!!!!
    Mike give me a break. These numbers are so tiny that is shows that the unions have always been afraid of Murtagh and his philosophy of getting costs under control.
    Now, let me ask you, HOW MUCH MONEY DID YOU GET???
    The unions are financing your campaign Mike. That makes you their Bit*h. You are in their pocket.
    How much will this cost the citizens of Yonkers. PLENTY.
    So stop your desperate moves trying to make something out of nothing.

  10. You are all missing a very important donation here, i.e. one from the Nick Spano that Murtagh has continued to villify. Doesn’t matter when he got that whopping $5K from Mr. Spano, but I do believe it was in 2008 when he was running against Andrea Stewart Cousins – long after the feds announced their Ridge Hill investigation. Moreover, Murtagh is blasing Nick Spano not just because of Murtagh’s implied and very smarmy innuendo about a Spano connection to any Ridge Hill wrong doing, but because of his constant sniping about the length of time that the Spano’s have been in office. I guess Mr. Murtagh didn’t mind the Spano’s lengthy tenure in 2008 when he took a nice chunk of change from Mr. Spano, but NOW he minds???!!!!!

  11. Hey John go solicit donations at Forgartys oh sorry even your own bronxville Bargave Mike Spano A fundraiser. I guess Mr. Forgarty is part of the Irish Mob LOL You are such a loser and it will resignate next week

  12. In addition to the money that was given to Murtagh by the unions, he has repeatedly requested contributions from the unions for years – for the last several years we have just thrown his requests in the garbage – John Murtagh is Wrong for Yonkers

  13. Mike don’t stoop to his level. Let murtagh continue to look like a baby. Murtagh never talks about what he would do for yonkers, he just cries about you. Stay focused and keep up the great ideas you have for the city, thats how you win!

  14. What about all the money Spano received from mob-connected unions?
    Or his longstanding political relationships with convicted criminals like Zehy Jereis and Anthony Mangone?

  15. MIke keep up the good work the people of Yonkers,NY love you don’t lose focus keep going forward. Let these loser go down on election day….

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