Spano, Jenkins, and Davis on Westchester On the Level – Friday, November 4th Radio Show

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WGRNLOGONEW ROCHELLE, NY – The Guardian Radio Network, WGRN, operated under the auspices of Hezitorial Absurdity, Inc. president Hezi Aris, continues to build its programing day on the Blog TalkRadio platform.

Hezi Aris’ guests are Mike Spano, vying for support to become Yonkers next mayor will be on the show represent Yonkers as mayor (10 -10:40 am). He will be followed by Ken Jenkins, Westchester County Board of Legislators Chairman (10:40-11:20 am), and Ernie Davis, vying to represent the City of Mount Vernon its next mayor (11:20am – 12 Noon). Listen to our radio programs live by clicking onto the following hyperlinks:

Westchester on the Level - show may be heard live or on demand. Choose from an MP3 download option, or peruse our audio archives. The hyperlink to each respective interview becomes active within a half-hour of the ending of an interview so as to allow for on demand listening.

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eHeziSpano, Jenkins, and Davis on Westchester On the Level – Friday, November 4th Radio Show

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  1. THE only good jackie is a jackie that has nothing left to say..Dont like it do you when people start going after you typical. Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jack you have about as much credibility on here as Hugh Fox. Did you get your check this month “Chief”? And next time you wave to the rigs as they pass by check exactly how many fingers they have up, hypocrite.

  3. You and your son are not politically related? Well there is a whole ward in Creedmoor Psychiatric that are related to you politically and otherwise.
    Just wait until your son retires with his pension and he will be taking your place on here biting the hand that feeds him.

  4. The guy is a phony, his whole family (even the dog) are civil service. He got his, now to hell with everyone else.
    When in doubt vote DEMOCRAT. The Republican party is why we have OWS going on…gangsta government. Hey Jackie, it was the Dems. who gave us the pension system not the Robber Barons.

  5. Repeat-Mike Spanos party the Working Families Party wants to continue the “temporary tax on those making $200,000 or more a year.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  6. Unbelievable! The Journal News endorsed John Murtagh for mayor.If your a Democrat and you can’t get the endorsement of the Journal News, that is really, really, really bad.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

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