The Hezitorial: Ms. McDow’s Conduct Is Unbecoming an Elected Official By HEZI ARIS

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Ehezi_charicature McDOW_PatFriends of Patricia McDow, the campaign committee set up in favor of present Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Patricia McDow has not filed anything this year. Ms McDow asserts she severed her relationship with the treasurer of the campaign committee, and in so doing, found herself incapable of accessing the committee’s electronic filing system claiming she no longer possessed the password and username. She throws her hands into the air in a “woes me” scenario suggesting “election officials” had not contemplated such an issue.

“I’m crying out for a solution; I really don’t know what to do!”

Let’s not embarrass Ms McDow by advising her that we know she was well versed in creating websites for various clients for many years. The most fundamental concern in building such websites is to maintain security and accessibility to every website. This is rudimentary. Ms McDow cannot feign ignorance when this is an issue she has personally had to contend with in regard to all her clients’ websites. It would have been standard operating procedure to keep usernames and passwords in a secure location and accessible both electronically and in handwritten form.

Were we to believe her despite her knowledge of the web, the Internet, and computers, does it seem reasonable that she would not attempt to pry loose the information from her former treasurer through a court of law?  Did she ever contact New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli to advise his office her former treasurer had allegedly absconded with the username and password she required to file pertinent information with authorities? Does she now believe she may re-write history to her choosing? Did she presume no one would care enough to notice?

This is not the first error in judgment undertaken by Ms McDow.

She had initially been involved in the cover-up of deficiencies in the Father Pat Carroll Green Development Project. Despite her attempts to keep the media at bay, the Yonkers Tribune uncovered the deficiencies demanding remedy. [Read The Hezitorial dated March 7, 2010: Malfeasance, Travesty, and Political Coverup By Hezi Aris (,

the subsequent March 28, 2010 article: Bait and Switch in Yonkers By Hezi Aris (,

and the subsequent December 02, 2010 article: BREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Federal Class Action Civil Rights Law Suit Filed Against the City of Yonkers and Private Developers (

Remedy is at issue now before the courts despite Ms McDow’s conduct that was seemingly an attempt to thwart further scrutiny of whether taxpayer funds were spent defrauding potential homeowners or not, and whether the project delivered the homes as contractually stipulated they were to be.

Center for Urban Revitalization and Empowerment (C.U.R.E.) Development founders James and Andrew Simmons, designated master developers by the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency have spent $3.5 million of city funds with regard to 12 affordable units to be privately owned, known as the Lillie Pearl on the Hudson property located at 304 Warburton Avenue. The development was named after the Simmons brothers’ mother.

The Yonkers Tribune / The Westchester Guardian ( have since learned that the property has not yet received a CO, that is, a Certificate of Occupancy. This despite it having been completed almost two years ago. The YT and the WG have also learned that C.U.R.E. have not paid any real estate taxes since their designation as master developers. Further still, people have sent C.U.R.E. down payment for these affordable housing units in advance of the complex receiving a CO and cannot get an answer as to what has happened to their deposits or to the prospect of the CO being granted or when. Rose Noonan, who also managed the Father Pat Carroll Green Project is allegedly mixed up in this developing fiasco. The website is not operating. Despite the difficulties revealed herein, Ms McDow has asked the Yonkers City Council to overlook the concerns and permit the Simmons brothers and C.U.R.E. more time to pay off their eight years plus accrued arrears without penalty. The Simmons brothers and C.U.R.E. individually and through its corporate structure have not attempted to pay even a penny of the arrears accrued over all these years. Why should anyone believe that they will do so into the future. Are they even solvent? What about the money due those who have given deposits? Are their deposits secured in escrow accounts?  Here is another circumstance in which Ms McDow facilitates another alleged cover-up of deceit.

The Blue Door Gallery is another deal specific only to Ms McDow. She has entered into an agreement with a non-for-profit to which she has no right to be engaged in any manner. She cannot parcel parts of City Hall as she desires, for whatever purpose. City Hall is the house of The People. Ms McDow does not have a deed to the property, she has not been appointed or been designated in any capacity to engage in permitting the Yonkers City Council Conference Room be used by any entity other than for the purpose of serving The People. The contracts engaged in by Yonkers Corporation Counsel, without the foreknowledge alleged by Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick, and likewise Councilmembers John Larkin, John Murtagh, Dennis Shepherd, Joan Gronowski, and Wilson Terrero is simply outrageous. No one designated or authorized Ms McDow conduct any business as a rogue. One must infer that Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone has permitted Yonkers Corporation Counsel to engage in some aspect of this scam on The People of Yonkers as they have allegedly drawn up contracts.  This should be up Yonkers Inspector General Dan Shorr’s alley but he has yet to get a map, that is, permission to become aware of any issues that have swirled about Yonkers this entire year. Ignorance will have served Mr Schorr well. He earns in excess of $160,000 per annum staying ignorant of issues that impact the rights of Yonkersites, which he should protect from being expunged before our eyes, yet he does not.

Inspector General Dan Schorr devised a cloak over the truth of Ms McDow’s theft of services by storing her BMW on the property of the Yonkers Parking Authority’s Buena Vista Parking lot for over 6 years. He did so by asking the Yonkers Board of Ethics volunteer Board of Directors to conduct a discussion over the allegations first brought to light by the Yonkers Tribune; but he demanded it be done in executive session, that is closed to any recording of the goings on. No tape, no video, no audio, no written transcript, nothing. Despite these obstacles, the Yonkers Tribune learned that the Yonkers Board of Ethics assigned Ms McDow a fine of $360.00, which she has not paid. The payment was to have been paid off over 12 months time, that is, $30 per month. She cannot play the game of paying the full sum by December of 2011 and believe she will have fooled Yonkersites her scam. She had no intention of paying the penalty. Had she, she would have paid it off in installments as requested.

Should Ms McDow accept any blame for her past conduct? Should there be a mechanism of scrutiny that may exact penalty? The answer is, “Yes!” on every count. Yet, despite the need to close the door on such conduct, whether it be intentioned, coincidental, premeditated, or inept, the fact that government will not close the door on this escape hatch that The People must comply and abide by is outrageous.

Perhaps Ms McDow should be rewarded to become the next Clerk of the City of Yonkers. She has been politicking for that office for almost this entire year. We now hear the prospects of her gaining employ as Yonkers City Clerk has been diminished by our telling. Talk of her gaining employment by New York State may be in the offering.

That doesn’t seem fair; imagine saddling the Empire State with Ms McDow. Excuse me; I need to hurl.

Ms McDow needs to pay; her attempts to obfuscate and scrutinize failings in the name of Yonkersites must be corrected; and she must not be permitted benefit for her ineptitude, plots, or ploys. Appeasement or oversight of her transgressions must not be compartmentalized as a politically correct maneuver. Enough is enough. This must be the end of the political road for her.


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eHeziThe Hezitorial: Ms. McDow’s Conduct Is Unbecoming an Elected Official By HEZI ARIS

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  1. When in doubt, pull out
    the race card, a free ride
    for life. Play it for unfair
    advantage: personally,
    professionally , politically.
    Member since: Birth and
    valid till Death! Any race
    with the exception of WHITE !

  2. hey stupid….the ex-politician “st” joan has to make sure is not re-employed by the city of yonkers is herself. She is not the keeper of the flame.

  3. My, my! How dare you Hezi and all you bloggers trashing Ms. McDow. Don’t you all know that she will be one of the first appointments Mayor Mike makes to his cabinet? That deal was made and consumated when Ms. Patty and the rest of the democrats on the city council dissed Chuck Lesnick during the mayoral primary when they publicly endorsed Spano. And, St. Joan? What say you when Ms. Patty is given that job? Wasn’t it you who publicly railed against giving govt. jobs to ex-politicians and political-hack types? I’d like to hear your comments Joan when Spano starts making appointments and hires on the likes of Jim Cavanugh, Gail Burns, Steve Levy, and yes, Ms. Patty. Note all the Republican/Conservative names in the lot. Did Spano ever really have an epiphany or was his party switch merely self-preservation?

  4. Hezi,
    Another great expose!!
    On January 2, 2011, ask if McDow has turned in her city car, laptop, Blackberry, badge and God only knows what ever taxpayer paid tech toys are in her possession. In fact, I would ask if all outgoing councilmembers have turned in their stuff too.
    Mike Spano will lose all credability big time if he does appoint her City Clerk. This will be an early indicator of what disgusting patronage will follow under his administration. Instead, watch Cousins appoint her
    to some b.s. job….Thanks for equal opportunity Ms. Senator.
    Arch Stanton

  5. This council person co-chairs the Real Estate Committee where millions of $ of development is planned…..we’re nuts. Hold on to your rosary beads because this plane is headed for a crash landing.

  6. The simple fact of the matter is that because McDow is a black female she knows that nothing will happen to her because she will utilize the race card and say they are picking on her because of the color of her skin & the white pols are scared of that.Lesnik being the no-balls wimp that he is will never bring the hammer down on her.

  7. all you have to do is be in her presence for a few minutes and you realize that she is in fact AN IDIOT !
    She is not a nice person, she is a terrible politician, she is a proven liar and she certainly should never get a job in government again
    maybe she and steadman should move up and out of yonkers because she has embarassed herself here long enough

  8. it seems that mcdow constantly has an issue with
    complying with what is required of any elected official
    she appears to be in her own world and that world
    is not attached to the rest of yonkers..she views
    herself as the exception and doesn’t play by the rules
    so she had a falling out with her treasurer..get another her political committee so complex
    that a friend or a cpa couldn’t complete the filings
    in about 10 list everything that you receive by name..and everything that you spend by
    category..then how much you have at the beginning of
    the filing period and how much at the end…its not
    rocket science and the fact that she is unable to
    comply is an indication that she is probably so
    disorganized that she can’t run her own affairs..why
    then let her have a voice in running the cities

  9. If Spano or I presume Andrea Stewart Cousins caves in and gets this obnoxious cow a city or state job, then I would have no respect for any of them and would urge voters to remember them the next time they come up for reelection. If she gets a job it will also show that these politians are full of shit, and that the names change but the cronyism all stay the same.

  10. Hezi
    One of the best pieces you have ever written.
    Hopefully Spano will have the common sense to kick this fat ass to the curb of Ashburton Ave where she belongs.
    Just think how much money the City will save not having to buy unlimited shrimp to feed that big fat mouth before Council meetings.

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