The Hezitorial: Amicone to Rape Yonkers Again By HEZI ARIS

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Amicone_Phil_grave lookThe Yonkers City Council will be burdened by a request from term-limited, lame-duck Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone this Tuesday, November 22, 2011. The Yonkers City Council has placed in its agenda the issue of whether to grant Mayor Amicone’s request of them that he be indemnified from the $393,338.00 judgment against him personally. The personal judgment has fallen upon the individual Phil Amicone rather than on Mayor Phil Amicone in the ruling that came to pass in the Federal District Court of the Honorable Cathy Seibel. After a jury verdict of his peers, Justice Seibel deemed it pertinent to emphasize that Phil Amicone is personally liable to make good on the debt. Judge Seibel was making it clear and evident to the court that Amicone’s personal conduct and those of his directives to others to curtail the First Amendment rights of The Westchester Guardian newspaper went beyond the parameters set for him and acknowledged to be the parameters by which he could govern when he first acceded to the Office of Mayor, yet by trashing the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution he opened himself up to personal liability. Had he confined his conduct and directives and demeanor within the parameters stipulated by the Yonkers City Charter and in full deference to the U.S. Constitution, the issue of whether he be indemnified of the judgment would be moot.

The first concern to which Yonkers Corporation Counsel has not opined is whether the Yonkers City Council membership have the purview over which to make a judgment of whether they may supersede a ruling, never challenged in a court of law, that would allow the Yonkers City Council to dismiss as irrelevant whether the federal court is correct in labeling Phil Amicone’s conduct to have fallen within or without the parameters set for him and defined for him when he accepted the Office of Mayor of Yonkers to abide by city, state, and federal laws and statutes. Were the Honorable Seibel’s decree postulated by the Amicone defense to be on shaky legal ground, Judge Seibel’s ruling could have been challenged to over-ride her judgment. That did not take place because Judge Seibel’s ruling was exemplary and its conclusion was based upon her impeccably following the law to its final and unquestionable conclusion. Her ruling was never challenged; and thereby permitting any thinking individual to recognize that Judge Seibel is correct and the defendant, Phil Amicone, is in the wrong. Were that not so, Yonkers Corporation Counsel would have returned to court for legal remedy by requesting her ruling be kicked to the curb. They had to recognize they were empty of any recourse and had to swallow another spoonful of humble pie; coughing and spitting the humiliating gruel.

The City of Yonkers defended Mayor Phil Amicone by engaging outside counsel to defend the Mayor of Yonkers. They lost. The cost to defend the mayor of Yonkers is said to exceed $1 million, not including the $393,338.00 final and agreed upon judgment against the individual known to all as Phil Amicone.

While it was proper and legal to come to the defense of Mayor Amicone at the beginning of his action against The Westchester Guardian newspaper, it is no longer legal, or required by statue, precedence or law to spend additional taxpayer money to indemnify the Mayor of Yonkers from the legal arm of the law when he exceeded his powers of mayor and thereby causing his mayoral mantle to disintegrate and make him personally vulnerable to the federal court. Had he been a good boy, played by the rules permitted by the United States Constitution, the New York State Constitution, and the Yonkers City Charter, he would not be in this mess.

He doesn’t want to pay; he wants someone else to pay. Yonkersites have often capitulated without a word to whatever he wants done, whether within the parameters set by the law or without. Yonkersites are easy prey. It is likely only Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick will oppose indemnifying Phil Amicone the $393,338.00 debt. Joining him will likely be Councilwoman Joan Gronowski (3rd District). Expect Council John Larkin (6th District) to help his friend out in his time of need despite the coffers of the City of Yonkers barren of any funds; only burdened with debt. Now Councilman Larkin will slap Yonkersites in the face by reaching into the taxpayers’ pockets and taking an additional $393,388.00 to satisfy the federal judgment against the individual Phil Amicone, not Phil Amicone the Mayor of Yonkers.

Does it seem logical that the City of Yonkers can indemnify an individual of their personal debt? The answer is, “No!” Yet here we are. Mr. Larkin will cast his vote to indemnify an individual the debt he owes despite the federal court ruling the judgment is against the individual and not the Mayor of Yonkers. Councilman Dennis Shepherd (4th District) will take the lead cast by fellow Councilman Larkin. Shepherd, whose name connotes leadership of a flock will instead become a sheep to the directives advised him by Yonkers City Council Minority Leader John Murtagh (5th District) who may or may not attend. He likes to drive to Boston rather than attend a meeting in Yonkers. He probably has more Twizzlers in his Mini Cooper than he has stashed at City Hall. Most importantly, he believes by driving northward bound, he will need no longer suffer those who are less than he; even if he is suffering delusions of grandeur, those are his visions and he has a right to them. Three cheers for John Murtagh for bottling it all in and never speaking his mind in constructive manner. At least he is capable of walking out on Yonkers citizens without a thought. Shame, shame.

Councilman Wilson Terrero may comprehend what is going on but he has said little on any issue other than to advise everyone that everything is wonderful in Yonkers, except when Councilwoman Gronowski exposes the reality and it is at those times, that he suffers an “Ah, ha!” moment yet is still incapable of expressing what he believes is that revelation. It may be prudent for Councilman Terrero to get a translator. He is not bi-lingual and is not functioning in the elected seat to which he has acceded because he cannot be representing those who do not speak Spanish because he does not understand English, Arabic, among a host of other languages. Learn English!

Next, we have learned that Yonkers Corporation Counsel is frightening Yonkers City Councilmembers into believing that they would be liable in the future if they do not settle now, no matter what is right or wrong.  That is not nice.

The Executive Session held Tuesday, November 15, 2011, permitted those other than councilmembers, and legal counsel into an Executive Session. The Executive Session was thereby conducted illegally. There are also no records of what transpired therein. This is the transparency expected of Yonkersites to submit. Yonkersites were never offered another option.

Most importantly, it behooves Yonkers Mayor-elect Mike Spano to make his perspective known on this issue. Phil Amicone, the individual, is attempting to extort $393,338.00 from the coffers bequeathed to him as the next Mayor of Yonkers. Phil Amicone is attempting to steal the $393,338.00 in broad daylight. He has warned us he will. Why does the Democratic elected mayor-elect not admonish the Democrats to fall in line to deny Mayor Phil Amicone to steal taxpayer funds before our eyes.

Where is Yonkers City Democratic Party Chairwoman Symra Brandon on this issue? Where is Westchester County Democratic Chairman Kenneth Jenkins on this issue? Where is New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo on this issue?

Every Democrat should stop Phil Amicone from being indemnified from his personal debt. Why is Yonkers being abandoned when the world is witnessing a gang rape by the elected street thugs who believe there isn’t one among us who will stop this travesty? Can we only moan and cry after this gang rape has ended and Phil Amicone departs unscathed and unconcerned that he has soiled the City of Yonkers once again?

Has official notice been afforded Yonkersites that the Committee of the Whole, the period that precedes the Yonkers City Council meeting by a half hour, that is, beginning at 7:30p.m., permits the public to voice their perspective on this theft of their money? Why have the public not been notified?  

Mayor Amicone will hold a fundraiser on Monday, November 21st. Will he turn the money to the City of Yonkers? Unlikely, he believes he has a right to it. Legally he may, ethically, he doesn’t. The games Yonkers accepts to be played with their money… It is simply wrong. And the heartache is everyone knows it but there is not one person who will say, “Enough is enough. Stop this scam now!”


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eHeziThe Hezitorial: Amicone to Rape Yonkers Again By HEZI ARIS

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  1. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST CITY COUNCIL AND AMICONE and his cronies. Them for their vote (those that voted to pick up OUR bill) and the CLOWN for his arrogance, ignorance (not a defense) and blatant misuse of power. We have been misrepresented. Don’t allow the city to get away with this one. If you do, you’re asking for it and stop your whining. I’m going CLASS ACTION. I’m sure I can find at least 2 other unhappy citizens to move forward with this. That’s all it takes. I’m ready are you? If you’re not, get off this site.

  2. Right, the whole thing stinks to high heaven. Amicone revealed in the incident that the power was about HIM, and not power for the people. When it was convenient, he was a “power for the people” man, but when he didn’t like what was printed in a newspaper about him getting a lapdance, well, he seized the papers and their boxes from the streets. We have courts for slanderous stories, if you could have considered that option, but you knew you DID have that lapdance….so just crush the story with your power as Mayor. Yeah, right, and then bill the taxpayers for a true story you didn’t want them to know about. You aren’t fit for public office, in spite of all the sum total of good works you have indeed accomplished (or not) but holding public office is a public trust, and you violated that big time. This incident we know about, so how many are there that we don’t know about? It hurts to say this, it’s a drag. I did like the Mayor, but this is too much “take take take” stuff. It’s enough. Good there are term limits. No kings for Yonkers, please.

  3. to anon at 1:24 am…give me a break…the city council was given a doomsday scenario much like the endless warnings given on aspirin bottles….from the least likely to the most likely…and they fell for it….actually none of what they were threatened with may actually happen. Moreover, what about the other end of the spectrum…there is absolutely no logic to his statements about other released defendants being brought into the equation with our being forced to litigate this also. This was, plain and simple, a gift to the mayor; what Larkin DIDN’T mention was the possibility that taxpayer or other groups may litigte for an illegal gift to the mayor; I would rather be sued by the mayor who got us into this than by the taxpayers who were just forced, last night, to get him out of it.
    Moreover Terrero’s assinine equation of this settlement to MOST of the others upon which the city council votes i.e. fender-benders caused by city vehicles hitting private-citizen cars, was ludicrous, even for him.

  4. All our civil employees do not live here…
    All our civil employees take the money and run…
    Look at the cars they drive…. 40gpm…to upstate…..
    to out of state..
    Take the money and run, run away…..
    They all got a lot to say, as they run, run away…

  5. GGGGG-REECE, grease our palms. OINK, OINK, OINK…..
    Hey Philly, I knows a guy who’s cans look good but do nothing.
    Wut’z dat, Philly?
    He’s gotz to bees frum Nort Yunkers…and da cronie of yuse…..
    Oh I gets it. Likes in Europe…………..

  6. I wish that we could see the pot at the end of the rainbow. Thank You Philly.
    Ridge Hill will pour gazillions of dollars into the politicians hands. It will provide for more civil service grifters to graft.
    The teachers need a raise.
    The Police/Fire/D.P.W need a raise.
    The Cronies need a raise.

  7. Boy you people are nitwits.
    I doubt anyone is supporting the Mayor. He is an idiot and the faster he leaves town the better. But there are legal issues that cannot be ignored. If you listened to Larkin he explained it. Even though the Mayor will be out of office if the Council did not vote to pay the money the Mayor could appeal for a new trial, and the City would have to pay for legal representation, which in the long run could cost MORe than the $393k they voted tonight.
    So it was hold you nose and cut your loses.
    I agree, it stinks, and the Mayor should have paid at least half if not all of it. But legally that was unrealistic.
    So while it is emotionally satisfying to rant and rave, there is something called legal practice to consider.
    Lets be happy we are rid of him, and we have a new Mayor who either him or his brother may be in jail in the next 18 months to bitch about.

  8. oh Mr. Treacy…your trusty Republicans just voted with two dimwitted Dems to indemnify your mayor and have the taxpayers pay for the mayor’s very pricy fit of pique….As Bill O’Reilly would say, ‘what say you’

  9. Here’s a suggestion. For 16 years there have been a group of boot lickers, lackeys and fools who Amiclown has made millionaires out of. How about they chip in to pay their heroes fine. Let’s see how we could do this.
    Remember it wouldn’t hurt them. It’s all Yonkers taxpayer money that Philly has given them for no show jobs.
    Marty Peterson $50,000
    Peggy Dugan Peterson $20,000
    Mark Blanchard $20,000
    Sue Blanchard $20,000
    Paul Blanchard $20,000
    Jim Blanchard $100,000
    Kathy Moran $20,000
    Claire Peterson $20,000
    Mike Galvin $30,000
    The Halevy Family $50,000
    Tony boom boom Pagano $50,000
    Yup it would work

  10. hey payt as you go…they can call it whatever they want…the city is BURYING punitive damages in a catch-all phrase of a “SETTLEMENT”….unconscionable, the whole lot of them.

  11. All during the mayoral campaign, Murtagh lied about fighting for the taxpayers.
    Watch the pompous ass, lie tonignt and bullshit away a phony explanation as t why he’s screwing the taxpares again.
    Thank God, he is finished once and for all.
    The only reson Amicone supported him during Rep convention and thereafter (even though Amicone support is not a desireable thing) was as a result of a deal that Murtha would vote for this indemnification.
    As for Shepard, this is the final nail in his political coffin.

  12. All during the mayoral campaign, Murtagh lied about fighting for the taxpayers.
    Watch the pompous ass, lie tonignt and bullshit away a phony explanation as t why he’s screwing the taxpares again.
    Thank God, he is finished once and for all.
    The only reson Amicone supported him during Rep convention and thereafter (even though Amicone support is not a desireable thing) was as a result of a deal that Murtha would vote for this indemnification.
    As for Shepard, this is the final nail in his political coffin.

  13. All during the mayoral campaign, Murtagh lied about fighting for the taxpayers.
    Watch the pompous ass, lie tonignt and bullshit away a phony explanation as t why he’s screwing the taxpares again.
    Thank God, he is finished once and for all.
    The only reson Amicone supported him during Rep convention and thereafter (even though Amicone support is not a desireable thing) was as a result of a deal that Murtha would vote for this indemnification.
    As for Shepard, this is the final nail in his political coffin.

  14. The payment is for a settlement not to pay the judgment on punative damages. The CC can agree to pay this. They could not agree to pay the punatives. Nothing illegal about them voting to pay a settlement.
    Once they all vote, they will have to live with the consequences.

  15. Well, you forgot to mention that Lorraine Lopez is now off her throne! Finally.
    And if the City Council does vote to pay this bill for Amicone, they will be in contempt of court, since it is specifically meant for him, and him alone to pay. He can borrow the money or someone can give it to him if he can’t or won’t use his own funds, but the court was clear that it must NOT come from the Yonkers taxpayers. No! It’s enough already. I have supported the Mayor on most everything, but not on this issue. He made a huge mistake of his own making and he must pay for it like the rest of us when we mess up. Good to see that Lesnick is standing up for the taxpayers on this one.
    Hezi, your article didn’t say anything about Pat and where she stands. I guesse that means you think she’s voting to pay the bill. You would be right about that, since the taxpayers have paid for her parking and more.

  16. I’ll save the rest for when our “bring us change mayor” rids this place of the stench of shit and actually makes something change.
    Don’t hold your breath, you may die.

  17. It will be 6-1 to indemnify this asshole. Sorry to see you leave Joan, you are the only one with any sense. Hezi, do you know what will happen when Judge Seibel refuses to accept the money as a settlement for the punitive damages. Can we get her opinion? Either way this mess will be dragging on in the courts for years and you guessed it, Yonkers gets screwed again. If this place was a movie no one would believe the screenplay, you can’t make this stuff up.

  18. Ah Yonkers the CITY OF HORRORS and now a suitcase with a decmposed body found on Sprain Rd. Probably someone who had info on Ridge Hill,what a great place to live lol.

  19. If Larkin was still running his civic group, you can bet he would have plenty to say about this. I guess once you start feeding at the public trough these schemes become OK!

  20. Send the bill to John Fleming. This only happened because Fleming was allowed to operate above the law. John Fleming’s m.o. as a police officer and Giuliani’s bodyguard was to intimidate and hurt people.
    Has anything changed?
    Also, probably the biggest reason this happened is that Phil Amicone surrounded himself with a bunch of administrative lemmings who only said “yes” when maybe somebody could have said NO.
    Since most of these people rely on some form of a government teat to survive, perhaps it’s only fair to pull the money out of Yonkers City Hall. This way every single one of the politicos who contributed to this nonsense will in some ironic way suffer.
    As for the taxpayers, I wouldn’t imagine any of these pretenders will be running for elected office with this on their resume. They’re all finished. The taxpayers will happily stick a fork in them.

  21. The reason the mayor-elect has not said anything is, as I have been saying for years now, these parties are two wings on the same bird of prey.

  22. i hope the council does the right thing and votes this down… if not he continues on his arrogant free ride on the taxpayer’s dime. I see the For Sale going up now…

  23. excuse me anon at 6:36 pm but maybe it’s the mayor who should have considered the cost of future lawsuits since he got the taxpayers into this, even after a jury verdict was rendered. When will it end, anon, settlement after settlement, year after year, with the taxpayer footing the bill for the political hubris of these megalomaniacal politicians. The City of Yonkers has incurred HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, IF NOT A FEW MILLION DOLLARS in “settlement” costs, with absolutely no inpact on the pockets of the politicians who created these situations. Until they pay out of their own pockets, this abuse of power will never end.
    If the price of ending future violations of civil rights by Yonkers politicians by upholding a jury award and judicial statement that PHIL AMICONE MUST PAY, and this asshole sues us, than so be it. He may be the LAST ASSHOLE that does this to us.

  24. We don’t elect officials to breach the Constitution.
    We elect officials to uphold it.
    We sure as hell don’t pay taxes to support such failures of office.
    A basic tenet of democracy any third grader would understand
    The city council should put on their tinfoil caps, tune into a clear frequency and consider the cost in potential lawsuits if they approve this.
    Then when you come to your senses and Vote NO for all the right reasons and you still feel sympathy for Phil “I’m not a politician” Amicone – by all means go to his fundraiser, reach into your pockets, open your wallets AND PAY FOR HIS ILLEGAL ACTIONS YOURSELF.


  26. Hezi, this mayor never let ethics cloud his vision. And, on that note, where is “Mr. Yonkers Ethics” himself, i.e. John Murtagh, on the issue of paying the mayor’s punitive damages? We all know the answer on that one. This city is and always will be a joke…one without any laughs.

  27. Why doesn’t this shyster take the proceeds from this party (fund raiser) he’s throwing himself tomorrow night and payoff his own debt?
    Hey Philly, pigs get feed and hogs get slaughtered

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