The Hezitorial: Entrenched Political Standards May Give Way to an Unknown Trojan Horse By HEZI ARIS

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Ehezi_charicatureThe standard bearers who have come before the electorate this year are the last vestiges of a dying breed of dinosaurs that will be forced to give way to the ethically engaged politician not consumed by the game of looking the other when issues come to light. The time for managing the news nurturing relationships of deceit or worse, corruption of the media by the soft underbelly exposure to advertising dollars has seen the demise of mainstream media. Eviscerated by the “acid-tongued bloggers” that have grown among the friendly banter news outlets attempt to engage the viewer, rather than afford the public the hard-hitting relevance of delivering the news, thus becoming the catalyst that has driven demand for societal norms to only be spoken of in the past tense as gospel though oftentimes dismissed as passé and irrelevant.  Those who stand before the electorate this year are unlikely to bring about a change to the status quo.

Yet a Trojan Horse may be in the hiding among those elected. Should one have garnered the support of the electorate he/she may accede to office with the expectation to follow in the footsteps of “the get along to get along” crowd as opposed to trailblazing a road demanding benevolence of purpose and the engagement of the electorate and those that had not yet become involved. Should a person of stalwart resolve accede to office, he /she will spur the believability of change worthy of engaging a greater number of voters. Much is on the line, not only for the electorate, but the party system itself.

Voters are departing the waning effectiveness of the party system. In an age of instant gratification, subjugating oneself to awaiting a system devoid of merit or ability to the admonition of waiting for your turn at bat has proven pointless and empty. Joining the party is different from adopting the tenets espoused yet are often trashed by those who maintain silence over trespasses that would easily atrophy the pertinence of such party systems.

The City of Buffalo is immersed in allegations of voter fraud; arrests are pending.  Misuse of public funds, released on the testimony of “experts” have proven year after year to be far from the results expected, still they are tolerated. The system is broken. Often there are people in office who exude an air of scrutiny yet they are nothing more than barometers of opinion; they gauge sentiment over the telling of a “con” preyed upon taxpayer funds such as funds exacted for industrial development agencies (IDA’s). The promises of jobs created are rarely spot on.  Still facts do not cause subsidies to be returned for the lack of meeting the rational used for releasing such fund for said projects.

The deceit of MF Holdings chairman Jon Corzine is the subject of a formal FBI investigation. Mr Corzine presided over a $6.3 billion bet over the purchase of downgraded European bonds. Corzine is also alleged to have misled investors to the true financial stature of the firm. No deference is likely to be given the facts as they are. Count on every body feigning the power of scrutiny to be shy of putting their toe into the pool of cold facts.

So it is in the world of politics. the New York State Comptroller authorizes Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone’s Budget proposal for 2011-2012 despite the many one-shot band-aids that seemingly hold the city finances from coming apart. The words of derision and admonition repeated ad nauseum to the deaf ears of the term-limited administration of all the years of their reign on the city have proven unnecessary to fear. Protocol was adhered by simply awaiting a few words from the august (cough, cough) office of the New York State Comptroller.

Are parameters set only for those who believe it appropriate to conform themselves to such rules? Are the Corzines and Madoffs and Rajaratnams permitted to escape the wrath of societal norms codified by laws to before which we stand as equal? Is justice dead?

Has the American Dream become a nightmare? Who will maintain the vigilance demanded to hold on to the principals that made this nation great?

The Public Service Commission has failed to formulate rules that govern the responsibilities of the utility companies in light of Mother Nature’s wrath. The SEC has failed to thwart the Ponzi Schemes of Bernard Madoff.  Issues of Domestic Violence, child abuse, sex trafficking, among other societal dysfunction are often kept hidden. Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and abuse are too often tolerated. All these are thrown under the rug. They have each insinuated themselves into our being, creating callouses that mitigate the suffering we each endure in varying degrees.

It is time to do more than plot political games of connivance. It is time to do our best for ourselves by doing what is best for each other. Show a little respect.  You may just like what you get in return.  

While it may be propitious for that leader to make himself / herself known, all we may hope for now is to have that Trojan Horse become known. And when it is so revealed, be prepared to have your saddle in the ready; it may just be a fun ride to the vision that has until now been simply a mirage.


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eHeziThe Hezitorial: Entrenched Political Standards May Give Way to an Unknown Trojan Horse By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Hezi, Is it rue that Amiclown let Pagano bank over 1000 hours of vaction time and is getting paid for it. Did he make the same deal with his other commissioners? Talk about giving away money just before he leaves office. How many other deals did Pagano and the mayor make?

  2. Despite what you write above Hezi, you endorse Spano. Makes no sense at all.
    When you start to drool over all the corruption scandles that come from his administration, you will be reminded of your hypocrisy .

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