Trend Alert: Nostradamus, “Occupy” This!

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CELENTE_GeraldKINGSTON, NY — The passage below is not from a recent New York Times or Wall Street Journal reporting on “Occupy Wall Street” – it was written in 1995 by Gerald Celente. In Celente’s best-selling book Trends 2000 (Warner Books,1997), he predicted a watershed event that lay a decade and a half in the future:

“They flooded the streets. Day and night, they marched… As the demonstrations mobilized and gained momentum, the students were joined by their uncollegiate peers – the unemployed, the underemployed, the unemployable…

No one was sure what had turned the protestors into marchers, or what had pointed them in the direction of Wall Street. All that was known for sure was that a mob of adrenaline-pumped young people funneled into the narrow streets of the Financial District…

In his prescient forecast of the march on Wall Street, Celente not only recognized, but also analyzed what today’s editorial writers and TV pundits are currently debating.

America was not supposed to be a country where the rich grew richer and everyone else grew poorer. Finally the well-publicized income disparity between the rich and the shrinking middle class and growing underclass served as the predicted flashpoint…”

Also in 1997’s Trends 2000, Celente envisaged a new, Internet-based network he named “Technotribalism,” which was “capable of uniting and galvanizing the world electronically.”

“This time the news was posted on the StudentNet. Sympathy protests simultaneously combusted on college campuses and in cities around the nation.”

Celente’s “StudentNet” forecast would eventually surface as the social networking megatrend we now know as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.


In the Summer 2010 Trends Journal, Celente forecast a 21st century variant of “Workers of the World Unite.”

“The people are fully aware of the enormous bailouts going to the ‘too big to fails’ that they are being forced to pay for. We will see social unrest growing in all nations which are facing sovereign debt crisis, the most obvious being Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, the Ukraine, Hungary, followed by the United Kingdom and the United States.”

And in the December 2010 Trends Journal, he wrote:

“The well publicized news of bank bailouts, billions in executive bonuses, and a spectrum of financial hardships heaped upon those who could least afford them – by those who could easily afford them – had the public seething… especially the young… They’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.”

Celente has been so right, so often, about so many trends, it’s no wonder the New York Post said, “If Nostradamus were alive today, he'd have a hard time keeping up with Gerald Celente.”

But since Nostradamus is long dead and since Celente has out-predicted him in unambiguous, quatrain-free language, it’s easy to understand why so many people turn to him for insights into what in world is going to happen next.

Find out “What’s Next” in the new Autumn Trends Journal. For further information contact Publisher Gerald Celente, direct email to Zeke West at,, or call 1-845 331-3500, ext. 1.


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eHeziTrend Alert: Nostradamus, “Occupy” This!

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  1. jack you can’t have it both ways..corzine may be
    a democrat but he comes from goldman sachs..he
    is a banker most of whom are not democrats…what
    is the difference between what MF global did under
    corzine and what goldman did shorting the housing
    market while selling toxic mortgages to its own
    customers..who got bailed out by the taxpayers?
    the same bankers that corzine is a part if
    you are going to demonize corzine don’t do it because
    of his party affiliation do it because investment
    bankers believe they are entitled to steal and then
    get bailed other words they get bonuses for
    wrecking the economy and being failures at their jobs
    how is that conservative

  2. Another Democratic failure, former U.S. Senator Corzine, former governor and now resigned CEO of MF Global has just hired a high priced defense lawyer.Corzine may have used the private funds of his customers to make reckless trades.Corzine served on the senate finance committee during the Clinton credit created crsisis.Meanwhile at the Democratic Party backed revolution, more attacks on the police.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  3. Jack,
    I am sure there are more than a few registered Democrats that are paying your pension so you can sit like a mindless zombie in front of FOXNEWS 24/7. I love getting into discussions/debates with people that hang on Shepard Smith and Bill O’Rielly’s every word. Its like trying to talk to a potted plant. Do some research on what your beloved Republicans have done to this once proud nation.
    I am voting for a person that will help this country, not someone who Sean Hannity recommends because he has to follow the Rupert Murdoch agenda.
    I will check the blog from time to time and I hope you have decided to educate yourself on what is really happening. Open your eyes and use the internet to find out that you have been duped like many Republican and Democrat hard liners.

  4. Todays marxist Democratic Party-Burn baby burn,False police brutality accusations,Smashing store windows,Closing ports,Revolution and anarchy.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  5. Jack, crawl back into the hole you crawled out of.Stop reading the post, it’s bad for your mind. This new world order will be the peoples world order. You don’t get it because you support the status quo. The American public are fed up with all of the corruption, and need to take this country back from those in the 1% who stole it with the malfeasance of politicians both Democrats and Republicans.
    Real change is coming, not Obama’s chump change.

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