Yonkersites Fear of Continuing Litigation Revealed to Have Come from an Unexpected Place on Westchester On the Level

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WGRNLOGOThe fear of continuing litigation if Mayor Amicone’s request of the Yonkers City Council that he not be indemnified from a $393,338.00 personal debt he incurred by violating the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment rights of The Westchester Guardian is revealed to be the fear that forced the vote as it did. The fear came from an unexpected place. It came from threats by Mayor Amicone's surrogates of his encumbering the legal system with his lie and attempt for continuing deceit of Yonkersites.

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eHeziYonkersites Fear of Continuing Litigation Revealed to Have Come from an Unexpected Place on Westchester On the Level

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  1. The only people that destroyed this city were the ones who were running it. Sussman was paid to do a job. And he did it. I think he’s one to go after them. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to move forward. It accomplished a needed change, whether you or anyone else like it or not. Progress and change take time and tolerance. I have no tolerance for corruption. If you disagree, find your own lawyer. But I’ve already contacted him. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against the CITY COUNCIL AND AMICONE. A Mayor WHO VIOLATES MY FIRST AMENDMENT rights and then expects me and you to pay for it? I’ll do whatever it takes to see him pay his own debt. Let him appeal. If justice is served, he’ll have to pay for his own appeal. Why does everyone assume he would win. He’s already lost and no sane court would overthrow a First Amendment suit when such blatant stupidity and arrogance took place.

  2. I can’t stand amicone but to get in bed with a slimeball like sussman would solve nothing.
    Let’s remember what the tag team of sussman/sands did to this city… THEY DESTROYED IT

  3. are you kidding me? Murtagh was right? They piss away millions of dollars in this city and couldn’t have found some money to defend the first amendment? You should go away too, “tired of it all”.

  4. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THE CITY COUNCIL AND AMICONE. JOIN UP. DON’T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS ONE. I’m calling Michael Sussaman on Monday morning. If you’ve had enough of this, file suit. No pun intended.

  5. this makes me sick. He threatened? He coerced the vote. I hope the Feds get involved with this matter. He is not fit for public office and the public trust. He should NEVER hold public office again. EVER. This is absolutely pathetic. And I used to be a big supporter of the Mayor. Not any more. Thankfully there are term limits. Murtagh was right, this is the lesser of two evils. Evil it is. Go away Amicone.

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