Governor Cuomo Delivers A Hanukkah Message

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Cuomo, Andrew"This evening at sundown, members of the Jewish community here in New York and throughout the world, will begin the celebration of Hanukkah. 

The 'Festival of Lights' is a commemoration of the perseverance and resilience of the Jewish people. The dedication shown by a small yet committed group loyal to their beliefs and way of life is a story that resonates through the ages and is still applicable in our modern lives. It speaks to the miraculous ability of the human spirit to endure, even when a tragic outcome seems certain.

I join with all New Yorkers in remembering the qualities honored during Hanukkah, as these same qualities have made us the Empire State, and home to a diverse array of people, talents and opportunities. We share in celebrating the willingness of all New Yorkers to come together during challenging times to create a better and stronger state for all.

I wish those celebrating Hanukkah a joyous, healthy and safe holiday season."


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eHeziGovernor Cuomo Delivers A Hanukkah Message

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