Mayor-elect Davis Intends to Appoint Indelicato to Commissioner of Planning and Community Development

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Mount Vernon, NY – City of Mount Vernon Mayor-elect Ernest D. Davis yesterday announced he intends to appoint Charlene M. Indelicato as Commissioner of Planning and Community Development.  In this capacity, Ms. Indelicato will assume the positions of Commissioner of Planning, Urban Renewal Agency Director and Industrial Development Agency Director.


Davis_Ernest-with flag backgroundMayor-elect Davis stated, “My goal in hiring Ms. Indelicato is to bring her wealth of experience in municipal planning and administration to our city.”

Ms. Indelicato has served in local government for over 20 years, as Corporation Counsel and City Manager of the City of New Rochelle and, more recently, as Westchester County Attorney where she supervised over one hundred employees.   

Ms. Indelicato has extensive experience in contracts, real estate, land use, zoning and municipal law.   She has managed complex transactional and policy matters including: major infrastructure planning and development and construction management of projects, and regulatory compliance with State and Federal agencies.    “She is developer savvy” said Mayor Elect Davis “and her expertise in planning and development will be extremely helpful to Mount Vernon as we seek to achieve our development potential.”

During Ms. Indelicato’s tenure as Corporation Counsel, and later as City Manager, the City of New Rochelle accomplished a major commercial redevelopment of a contaminated municipal waste site.  Using Federal, State and private funds, the site was cleaned to DEC standards and is now home to Costco and Home Depot.  This project was followed by negotiations for the development of New Roc City Mall, construction of the New Rochelle City Court and Police Facility, the New Rochelle Intermodal Transportation Center, and a number of other commercial and residential projects, including Avalon-on-the-Sound market rate rentals in the downtown.

Mayor-Elect Davis declared that “The City of Mount Vernon must move into the 21st Century.  My goal is to bring the best professionals to Mount Vernon for the important tasks at hand. I am extremely pleased that Ms. Indelicato has joined our team.”

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eHeziMayor-elect Davis Intends to Appoint Indelicato to Commissioner of Planning and Community Development

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