Mayor-Elect Spano Announces Housing and Building Commissioner, City Engineer, and Veterans Director Appointments

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Spano_MikeOutdoorYONKERS, NY — Yonkers Mayor-Elect Mike Spano today continued filling leadership positions for his incoming administration, announcing his appointments for the positions of City Engineer, Director of Veterans Services, and Commissioner of Housing and Buildings.

William Schneider, currently Deputy Commissioner of Housing and Buildings, will be elevated to the position of Acting Commissioner. Schneider has served as deputy commissioner since 2002, and before that spent fourteen years in supervisory positions with the Westchester County Health Department and the Bureau of Environmental Quality.  A licensed professional engineer, he began his career with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is a Certified Code Enforcement Professional, and holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Manhattan College.

Supervising a staff of 32 people, Schneider has been responsible for reviewing the wide variety of development in Yonkers, ranging from the downtown and waterfront, to the Cross County Shopping Center and Ridge Hill, as well as residential construction.

“Bill Schneider has dedicated his life to public sector engineering and building regulation,” said Mayor-elect Spano, “As the number two person in the department he has been involved in every aspect of dealing with construction in the city. He is absolutely ready to step up and expand his responsibilities.”

Paul Summerfield, also a licensed professional engineer, will be elevated to the position of City Engineer, having served as Acting City Engineer since November. He holds a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from the University of Birmingham, U.K., and a M.A, in applied mathematics from Hunter College.

Prior to November Summerfield had served as deputy for nearly five years. He has been particularly involved in several flood remediation projects, the Ashburton Avenue widening project, as well as reviewing various public infrastructure projects throughout the City.

“Paul is another example of a number two person who has shown he is ready and able to serve as number one,” said Spano, “I am pleased he has accepted the opportunity. He will be a great choice for the City as we deal with the various public works and engineering issues that result from our complicated infrastructure and geography.”

Spano also announced that Albert Ramsey will continue as  Director of the Office of Veterans Services.  Ramsey is a 26-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, retiring with the rank of Chief Master Sergeant. He earned three Associates degrees during his service, and completed both the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy and the Senior NCO Academy. He has been director of the Office of Veterans Services since 2000, and has served on the agency’s staff since 1999. In 2006 he was selected as the New York State Service Officer of the Year by the New York American Legion. 

“Al Ramsey has served our estimated 18,000 Yonkers veterans with distinction, and I am pleased he will continue to do so,” said Spano, “Nothing is more important than ensuring that our veterans receive the assistance and entitlements that they have earned as a result of their service to our nation. Al Ramsey has been outstanding in seeing that they do, and our city is the better for it.”

All appointments are subject to City Council approval.

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eHeziMayor-Elect Spano Announces Housing and Building Commissioner, City Engineer, and Veterans Director Appointments

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  1. No it isn’t true, it’s been reported numerous times who the Chair of the Transition Team is. I could tell you but it would be more fun making you look it up.

  2. Is it true that the former chief of staff for Nick Spano is leading the transition team for Mike Spano, and may become a Deputy Mayor or Chief of Staff for Mike Spano? Well if this is true, then Nick Spano is the “Shaddow Mayor” we did not elect.

  3. I think that you thought process is seriously flawed-reading all the posts -nobody it seems wants an extra serving, but merely what they were promised and deserve-nothing more -nothing less.

  4. How do you come to the conclusion that some of the posters feel they deserve an extra meatball?-according to your post the only reason you served? was because you were forced and not because of your own volition.

  5. gee Tom, I guess you didn’t notice that a newly elected DEMOCRATIC judge thanked Jereis, very openely at his inauguration, for his help, and Jereis also seemd to be very much in view at Gordon Burrows massive fund-raising effort not too long ago…It doesn’t seem like there is a bi-partisan ban of the Jereis political operation in the city of yonkers, does it, tom….He is welcomed with open arms, where in Sandy Annabi is anathmema..only in Yonkers…go figure..

  6. Did anyone see that there was a judgement against Zehy Jereis and his co-defendant Joseph RATNER for almost $400,000 in Kings County Civil Court regarding Jereis car wash at 3170 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn? That’s where he ran with Mr. RATNER when the federal subpoenas started dropping in Yonkers in 2007.
    Ridge Hill. Forest City RATNER employing Zehy Jereis. Mike Spano employing Saida Jereis.
    Tick Tock Mikey. Nick’s done, but you are still hopeful that you will get a pass because you don’t think Zehy’s talking.
    Ratner’s working with Preet Bharara. The Kruger trial drove that point home. And Zehy’s working with Ratner. Wake up Mayor Mike. Tick Tock.
    What will Mary say? OMG.
    Tick Tock. I don’t think it will be much longer now.

  7. All of us of a certain age served because there was a draft. If guys are injured, they deserve our help. Some of the posters on here think they are entitled to an extra meatball simply because they were in the service.

  8. Since you are an erudite scholar on veterans’ affairs-can you please tell me what the annual expenditure for pandering to the Yonkers veterans’ who utilize the services of the Yonkers Veterans’ Service Agency are?-can you also describe the services that the Yonkers Veterans’ Service Agency provides to veterans’ and of those services which are not offered or provided by the Veterans Administration?-unless you know the correct information it would behove you to stop making yourself look an ignorant Yonkers resident.-know the facts before blowing smoke out of you ass.


  10. For the anti-military crowd such as yourself, complaining about veterans’ benefits is a way to strike a blow at the military without protesting them down at a City Council mtg or city hall. Your comments reek of intellectual and political cowardice. It has become fashionable to thank veterans’ for their service, but do you really mean it? The fact of the matter is that these benefits we desire were promised us and whoever is able to provide us some relief then so be it. Just one more thought to ponder is that whether you like or not the fact is indisputable that, were it not for veterans’, there would be nothing to hand out.

  11. Perhaps our president, the wonks, pundits and Yonkers beancounters would like to explain to a 23 year old Yonkers resident who is a triple amputee who was sent to Afghanistan why his promised benefits are a lower priority than the political hacks who premeate our society.

  12. How does your tirade of unsubtantiated facts have anything do with the Yonkers Veterans Service Agency-I suggest you get over it because the Yonkers VSA is here to stay.

  13. It’s amazing how the military apologists just try to bully and name call on this blog. I certainly do not see any of them standing up for anyone’s rights to free speech, unless of course those who agree with them.
    It truly show what they stand for.

  14. Andon, ie Communist
    So under your logic the Vets should have to suffer because the government got us involved in the “lie” of Iraq? is it their fault? Why don’t you tell that to the Vet in a wheelchair?
    You are turning this into Vietnam all over again. it is not going to happen. Our servicemen and women are not scapegoats for politicians of either party.
    It really is a shame that three days before Christmas you would display such a cheap mean attitude towards people who defended you and in many cases took a bullet or bomb for you.

  15. Talk to me about the 1 million case backlog with the VA. Further expound what attention vets get out of their “relationship” with the pols-you make wild accusations with nothing to support them & apparently you never stepped up to the plate & served.

  16. You don’t tell anyone how to behave as Americans. We are all free to believe in what ever and support whom ever we choose to do so. You don’t get to choose how we act or think. You only get to do so for yourself. So leave the WE out of it.
    It’s amazing how many forget the premise of Iraq, the biggest lie ever dumped on the American public, by the Bush clan and company and by those who made vast profits out of it.
    And what it is and was about is a lie. All lies. It was not a war. It was an invasion and a colonization of a former ally.
    And let’s all not forget what Samuel Johnson said way back in 1775 “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Remember that when you tell us whether we are patriotic or not…
    You miss the point. The point is that local taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for federal government decisions. Big government is 4 offices serving the same purpose, and that’s what many other posters are saying without accusing anyone of anything which above is doing. Yonkers needs to slim way down and not just in the overlapping of agencies. EVERYWHERE.

  17. Duplicity
    Are you a communist? A furriner? You sound like one.
    Certainly not a Patriotic American who supports the troops.
    I agree the Federal Government should provide quality, efficient services to Veterans. But they do not. Until they do, it is our OBLIGATION to do so. These people risked thier lives for US. It is our MORAL obligation to do for them what they did for us.
    All the soldiers coming back from Iraq need jobs. Many are injured and need help. I doubt its easy navigating the gvernment red tape to get benefits. They need assistance. I am sure many will be too proud to ask for help. But is should be there if they want it.
    How can you posible deny them that? Are you that mean spirited?
    It is not about what should be, it is about what IS. And what we need to do as Americans.

  18. As has been said over and over, it’s not about the veterans it’s about the duplication of services, that should be provided by the federal government for those who served for the federal government.
    Local taxpayers should not have to pick up the tab for something that the fed’s should take care of. It’s that simple.
    The reason this happens is because the veterans and the politicians love all of this attention because they both know they can get something out of the relationship.

  19. The points are well made about the veteran services position and duplication of services that should be streamlined. Spano said he would be consolidating services and merging departments to cut costs, and he is not doing it with this agency. Of course we all want our veterans well served, and streamlining services is the best way to do it, not adding more bureacracies that we must pay for. Veterans are a federal matter, deserving the best care. And this isn’t a criticism of the person Spano appointed at all, who seems exemplary in every way, as our veterans are wont to be.
    The other appointments are very good. So far, Spano is winning me over with his appointments.

  20. Al Ramsey may have done a great job but isn’t this something that should be provided by the Federal Department of Veteran Affairs? Why should Yonkers taxpayers pay for this? It is an example of duplication of services.
    Yonkers really needs to get its house in order.

  21. I am not a Vet and I have no problem paying taxes to support an Office of Veteran Services. We have an entire new generation of Vets, many injured, coming back from the middle east, and it is our obligation to help them.
    I do agree that the role of the office needs to be clearly defined to one of advocacy and education. Most benefits are on the Federal level and I think what vets really need is help working through the red tape, and understanding what they are entitled to.
    I certainly cannot speak for the vets but of I were one when I came home finding a job and getting benefits would be key. This office could provide a tremendous service reaching out to our Yonkers Vets.

  22. No need for veterans services. All these “services” should be provided, and are provided by the federal government. It’s the same all over. Only one office needed to do this business. Just like the human right comission. Federal, state, county and yonkers offices. There is only a need for one office.
    Can you imagine how much we would save nationally by streamlining government. We could probably pay off a huge chunk of our national debt.

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