Mount Vernon Mayor-elect Davis Notes Illegal Inaction by Present Board of Estimate & Contract

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Davis_Ernest-with flag backgroundMOUNT VERNON, NY — December 27, 2011 — Mount Vernon Mayor-elect Ernest Davis last night issued a letter of rebuke of the three members of the Mount Vernon Board of Estimate & Contract for their still not having adopted an annual estimate/budget for the FY 2012 as required by the law of the City of Mount Vernon. The Board of Estimate & Contract consists of the present Mayor Clinton I. Young, jr., Comptroller Maureen Walker, and City Council President Karen Watts. The letter is to be hand delivered to each of the aforementioned during the morning hours today.

Mayor-elect Davis emphatically wrote, “It is your obligation to fashion a budget, or annual estimate that is timely, realistic and workable for the people of this City and its employees.  To fail to do so is a dereliction of your duty and responsibility as elected officials and members of the Board of Estimate and Contract.  Additionally, your inaction further stigmatizes the City as inept and insensitive to the needs of the people that elected you.  It further impacts our ability as a City to be taken seriously.  The public inside and outside will judge this inaction as an abomination of the public trust of your office.”

Mayor-elect Davis correctly notes, “As an incoming Mayor who has not had the influence or input over the governance and spending of the City for last four years, I am most disturbed that I could be greeted with the results of your failure to perform your fiduciary duty.”

In closing, Mayor-elect Davis asks, “I beseech you to lay aside politics or any personal vendettas and put the needs of the people of our City first.  If I can be of any assistance I stand ready and willing to do so.  


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eHeziMount Vernon Mayor-elect Davis Notes Illegal Inaction by Present Board of Estimate & Contract

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