Special Meeting of the Yonkers City Council – December 28, 2011

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Yonkers_City_HallA Committee Of The Whole Meeting Will Be Held Prior To This Special Council Meeting At 5:30 P.M.

We, The Undersigned Members Of The City Council, Pursuant To Rule 1.2 Of The City Council Rules, Do Hereby Call A Special Meeting Of The City Council, To Be Held On Wednesday, December 28, 2011 At 6:00 P.M. In The City Council Chambers, Fourth Floor, City Hall, Yonkers, New York  For The Following Purpose; To Discuss And Take Action On:

1.       General Ordinance Amending Chapter 43 Of The Zoning Code Of The City Of Yonkers In Regard To The Rezoning Of  Downtown Yonkers.

2.      A General Ordinance Amending Chapter 47 Of The

Code Of The City Of Yonkers, Entitled “Outdoor

Signs”, Commonly Known As The Sign Code In

Regard To A New Section Permitting Projecting

Signs In Certain Areas Of The City.

3.      Resolution Of The City Council Adopting Downtown Yonkers’ Rezoning Findings Statement.


Council President Lesnick

Majority Leader Mcdow

Minority Leader Murtagh

Councilmember Gronowski

Councilmember Shepherd

Councilmember Larkin


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eHeziSpecial Meeting of the Yonkers City Council – December 28, 2011

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  1. Weeeelll, you really missed the drama. Pat McDow desperately tried to slam, shame, and embarrass Chuck Lesnick ONE MORE TIME! She was all in a twist to really mess him up. Didn’t work. She just ended up looking like the miserable angry woman that she is, yet tries to have us all believe she is inspired. No, she’s on the take take take. Lost her way in the halls of power. So her last momments in the council chambers were a sad spectacle.

  2. Yes Levy is/was and he is a turncoat. It simply means he is not trustworthy to handle sensitive issues.
    All the appointments today had the fat greasy hand of Brother Nick in them. They were purely political and had nothing to do with Yonkers. The Police and Fire choices may have been good, but these were all about power and politics, and not about serving the people of Yonkers. They were the type of choices that everyone was afraid of.

  3. If you think this cast of characters is bad -just wait till the new ones come in January-then you will have the true meaning of a circus.

  4. This is disgraceful, during the Christmas, New Year season. They should not be allowed hold one meeting after the election is over. This is more pandering to Amicone. This whole council is a joke, cannot wait for the next bunch of losers to sit on their fat rear ends and do the same.
    Spano is nowhere on this as if it works he’ll own it like all politicians, if it fails he’ll just blame the clown. They are so predictable, but why do we continually vote for the same assholes?

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