Yonkers Mayor-elect Mike Spano Appoints First Deputy Chief Gardner to Police Commissioner By HEZI ARIS

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Gardner_CharlesYONKERS, NY — The august chambers of the Yonkers City Council was chosen to be the venue within which Yonkers Mayor-elect Mike Spano would make public his appointment of First Deputy Chief Charles Gardner to that of Police Commissioner. Spano said, Chuck Gardner will be an outstanding Police Commissioner for the City of Yonkers (CoY). He started as a Police Officer and worked his way through the ranks to the number two position. He has the right mix of experience and vision to move the police department forward to meet the future needs of the City.”

Mayor-elect Spano advised that he had asked Gardner to refocus the department on community policing, on matching its resources to combat current crime trends, and keeping the department updated with current technology. Spano stressed that, “Our goal is to provide every Yonkers resident with the assurance that they are safe in their homes and on the streets, and to send the message that Yonkers is a great place to live, work, or run a business.”

With his wife, daughter, and son, a fellow Police Officer by his side, all beaming with pride, said, “I want to thank Mayor-elect Spano for the confidence he has placed in me. We truly have the greatest police department in the State of New York, and I look forward to working with the dedicated men and women who serve this city to provide the best possible quality of life for those who live and work here.”

First Deputy Chief Gardner will accede to his appointed office as Yonkers Police Commissioner on January 1, 2012.

With CLSA President Tom Phelan, and PBA President Keith Olson, among other Police Officers, family, friends, associates, and dignitaries, the fact that lame-duck Mayor Phil Amicone refused to permit the proceedings to be televised on Channel 78 did not dampen the welcome appointment.

Congratulations Charles Gardner!


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eHeziYonkers Mayor-elect Mike Spano Appoints First Deputy Chief Gardner to Police Commissioner By HEZI ARIS

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  1. I believe the new police commish helped the FBI and State Organized Crime Task Force investigate corruption some years ago. I believe he was in charge of the special investigations unit then. Anybody remember?

  2. Wow 2 more weeks of these assholes. Things will in fact change and for once not just for a handful of sellouts that where skirts and golf with eh

  3. you guys really suck, everybody knows who you are ashholes to the end. everybody figured when they didnt get what they want they would act this way. January 1 cant come soon enough to get this place back in order….

  4. Internal Affairs has a great Captain and
    A great LT. The SGTS. are young in terms
    of time on the job, so maybe they do not belong
    there at this time , but overall they are OK.

  5. I heard Commisioner Gardner is going to weed out all the dirty sellout bosses who have been making over 200,000 a year. what a bunch of low life self serving pricks

  6. Ok – We now have a New Police Commissioner. Will we now get a New DPW Commissioner (Better not be that JERK who heads the DPW Union) and a New YFD Commissioner (Fatzy Fitzpatrick?)

  7. Good pick by Mayor -elect Spano.
    First order of business is let’s get rid
    of these silly name tags, This YPD not
    NYPD. Send Bag pipe boy, Pat Mac, packing
    to let’s say central booking, where he will still
    have a desk job, which he craves, but now he
    could show off his skirt to the prisoners!

  8. I heard the bagpipe boys will get taken care of….a new detail watching to make sure no one pisses in the new daylighted river!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!! cya paddy boy!!!!

  9. Congrats to chucky gardner and his family! All the spanos mentioned above would be great for those positions. They will replace the lowlives from the amackassin club, can’t wait til jan. 1st.
    P.s. witnessed someone pissing in the new daylight saw mill river in the ghetto, glad we spent millions for a toilet bowl for the sharing community, another good job by phil.

  10. Congatulations chief. I have never heard anyone ever say a bad word about him. He will bring back morale in the YPD. As far as Amiclown goes, he should stick his head into one of larkin plaza sewers, and inhale.

  11. Congratulations Commissioner Gardner! You will do a great job! And so will………….
    1st Deputy Mayor. Nick Spano
    2nd Deputy Mayor. John Spano
    3rd Deputy Mayor Lenny Spano
    4th Deputy Mayor. Tony Spano
    5th Deputy Mayor. Gerard Spano
    6th Deputy Mayor. Joey Spano
    7th Deputy Mayor. Vinny Spano
    And an awesome administration it is……. I am soooo excited!!! : )

  12. Typical petty move by Amicone to not allow it to be televised. A little, little man till the end. Congrats to Commissioner Gardner.

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