Yonkers Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett’s Letter of Resignation

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HARTNETT_EdmundNovember 14, 2011

Dear Mayor Amicone,

         At this time, I respectfully tender this letter of resignation from my position as Police Commissioner of the City of Yonkers; effective midnight on December 31, 2011.  It is my desire to have my last day as Police Commissioner coincide with your last day in office.  You hired me in Nov 2006; it would be an honor and a privilege to leave with you.  After five plus years in this position, I leave with a deep sense of pride and a profound feeling of accomplishment. 

         First, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to lead this agency.  Your support of the efforts of this department has never wavered over the years.  In spite of crippling budget issues and the various pressures of your office, you always made the safety and security of the public your first priority.       

         Next, I am grateful to the officers, supervisors and civilians of the Yonkers Police Department.  As stated, they continue to provide high quality police service to the residents of Yonkers.  In spite of the many challenges over the past several years, the men and women of the Yonkers Police Department have served admirably.  I am very proud of them.  In my opinion, the YPD is the best police department in Westchester County and one of the finest in the United States.  Being Police Commissioner of the City of Yonkers has been the highlight of my 32 years in law enforcement.

         In addition, I thank the residents of Yonkers for working with me in partnership for the past five years.  From the beginning, the various communities in Yonkers have worked with us to reduce crime and improve the quality of life.  The police cannot do their job to optimum levels without the support of the community.  And the police in every jurisdiction can never forget that their primary allegiance is to the public.  Working with and for the people of Yonkers has been especially rewarding to me.

         Also, I congratulate Mayor-elect Spano and wish him the best of luck in leading this great city for the next four years.  I will work diligently with him and his team to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

         In conclusion, it has been my good fortune to work for you.  Your vision and leadership have moved Yonkers forward.  In spite of onerous budget conditions, there is tangible evidence of your positive impact all over the city.  Your dream of Yonkers as a Destination City is coming to fruition.  Thank you for including me as part of your team.  I commend you on your many years of outstanding service to the people of Yonkers and I am certain that you will do very well in all your future endeavors.  I wish you and your family all the best and Godspeed. 




Edmund Hartnett

Police Commissioner

City of Yonkers


cc:  Mayor-elect Michael Spano

       Deputy Mayor William Regan

       Chief of Staff Lisa Mrijaj   


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eHeziYonkers Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett’s Letter of Resignation

Comments 92

  1. He means the kook aid drinking EH lovin Lt in Iab that guy never missed a good round of EH ass kissing golf!!!! He and the spokesman should get a cozy lovebig and drive off into the sunset!!!!

  2. Mike has an amazing transition team!
    1st Deputy Mayor. Nick Spano
    2nd Deputy Mayor. John spano
    3rd Deputy Mayor. Lenny Spano
    4th Deputy Mayor. Tony Spano
    5th Deputy Mayor. Gerard Spano
    6th Deputy Mayor. Joey Spano
    7th Deputy Mayor. Vinny Spano
    It’s going to be great!

  3. Hopefully the new PC will right a terrible
    wrong that EH did by sending a certain female
    “cop” to SIU so she could get her gold shield
    in 18 months, being she couldn’t make the DD
    list on her own. She needs to be transferred
    asap to patrol.

  4. I think he means the commissioner’s
    secretary , The ” DET.LT.” who used to
    be in IAD, but wishes he was back there
    so he could really f*ck with the men.

  5. If you look at the “career” of
    The “det” Lt. in the PC office
    Aka Bagpipe boy, he’s lived a charmed life.
    traffic as a P.O., Det SGT in IAD, Det SGT.
    in the PC office and now a Det Lt in the PC
    office. Now that CONstat tracks collars, look
    him up for his activity. But I hear he tosses a
    real good salad. Unfortunatly this job is small
    enough and everybody knows everybody that
    the new PC will leave that total zero,rat bastard,
    cheese eater and of course salad tosser in his cushy
    hide under his desk, blow job spot, because let’s face
    it what else could he do?

  6. Wow you are really a suck ass calling yourself suckup!!!! You and that guy in IAD can both leave with EH………..Take that guy in the 2nd with ya……..

  7. Gotta love the EH rats scurrying around looking for new ass to kiss!!!! hahahaha!! u kiss asses better get that last round of ass licking golf in !! the ride will be over soon….hahahahahaha

  8. I heard some of the guys interviewing for the PCs spot are absolutely the greatest, best, most unbelievable Lts around. Just ask them.

  9. Hopefully Cave is the next PC, then maybe he can figure out why there are 8 guys working inside ESU and only 4 working the road. Bring back the 3rd truck.

  10. Is it true that EH is having miniature photos of himself mounted to the rear of every marked car, sort of a reminder to everyone of the great work he did here.

  11. Bagpipe boy is a stand up guy he wants to take care of his brother inlaw who golfs with EH wht a joke the police department is turn in the skirts boys it is not going to help

  12. By the way, on another note,
    ALL YPD pensions have been
    finalized and guess what? EVERYTHING
    counts. So to all the boys, keep working
    and banging out all the OT you could.
    And to all the haters, you should have
    studied harder.

  13. hey Mr Hartnett, go suck on a tail pipe and use your empty time to find better plugs for your empty head!! and take that wart face piece of poo amiphony with you, maybe you two can masturbate each other January 1st!!! bye loser!!! Can;t wait for a real administration in Yonkers!!

  14. Rumor has it, YFD Chief Fitzpatrick is going to be named as the New YPD Commissioner. He wants this job so that he can eat his way to retirement

  15. I’ve got a news flash for you muttonhead. The world isn’t made up of cops and “foiafighters.” Some of us have to toil in the vineyards of the real world to keep you civil service stupids off the welfare rolls.

  16. I agree. I always thought it was terrible when some young folks referred to cops as “Pigs” but it looks like they got that right.

  17. After reading through all of these post, I have great respect for Commissioner Hartnett. Trying to herd in this pile of trash and try to get a days work out of them had to take tremendous management skills. And NO, I am not a fire fighter, just a citizen who lives here and has to pay the salaries for this pile of human trash. I am certainly glad that most of you don’t live here. The communities where you do reside have my deepest sympathy.

  18. Unprofessional? The only one who has been unprofessional over the past 5 years has been Hartnett. His do as I say not as I do policies have enraged the rank and file and now you see the result. He has acted one way in public and another behind closed doors. He has wasted thousands of taxpayers dollars using certain units as his “personal” police department. He has made scenes at HQ because people have not said hello to him or people have looked at him the wrong way. He has enacted a directive preventing the PD from setting up DWI checkpoints in order to protect those who drive drunk (Particularly in areas where his friends do so). He has reacted to critcism like a child. the list goes on and on… Is this the behavior of a professional?

  19. The language from our law enforcement “professionals” is UNprofessional, and casts the good officers of the YPD in a negative light.
    Express your opinion, but grow up.

  20. John Fleming you got what you deserved. BULLY LOSER! HAAAAAAAAAAAA! Go back to riverdale and cry yourself a river near a bridge and jump. SLIMY POS! GOOD RIDDANCE COCK SUCKER MF!

  21. You were forced out dont act like you werent good riddance. Take your friends with you Fleming and the rest of the YPD sellouts. You can sit in the cls office all u want but it is not going to help you…..

  22. Buffalo foifighters were calling in sick when they were not in order to cause OT systematically. They also admitted to selling and buying OT shifts from eachother

  23. It’s scary to think that most of the people posting on this thread are allowed to carry a gun. It makes it pretty obvious why most people have no respect for the police anymore.

  24. don’t worry, come Jan 1st you wont be waiting any more. we may be gloating now but we are surely not stupid. one thing you kiss asses and EH have displayed is vindictiveness. so we shal meet again come the new year bagbipe boy.

  25. hahaha….looks like we hit suckups’ nerve!! hahaha….whats the matter? feelin a little paranoid? you kiss ass…threw many good people under the bus to get yourselves ahead since he came along..in due time my friend, we have the next 8 years!!!! hahahaha…he who laughs last, laughs best my friend!!!! GOOD GOD I AM LOVING THESE LITTLE RATS SHAKING AND SCURRYING AROUND!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  26. To Peepeehed and Philly Blunt; we’re not going anywhere. Since you tough Guys know who we are, why identify yourselves to us kiss asses. We’ll be waiting and waiting and wating……..

  27. PLEEAASSEE!!! take your circle of kiss ass, blowj*** kool aid drinking self serving douchb*** with you!! they have nowwhere to run and hide now!…they’ve already begun the process of kissing the nearest asses! they think nobody knows but It is so obvious…you might as well take them with you!!!……

  28. When the Feds have to come and take 65 violent thugs,walking free amongst the civilized population, off the streets,you do not have a safe city or the man capable to lead the Police.

  29. Feeling of accomplishment? What?
    Hey, what did you accomplish?
    your management skills suck, you
    continually made horrible management
    calls, you stifle employee production,which
    is a huge reason morale is in the sh*tter.
    Under your control the once great YPD is a mediocre
    department! Now take your name tags , your 1-800
    RAT line, your mutual respect campaign, and your
    blackberries and get out of town!!

  30. Calvi pointed a finger at him as a lousy commissioner. Wait until the story hits about the outrageous overtime he permitted during his occupancy in Yonkers.
    He was short on ability and temprement. Amazing that people like Amicone and Murtagh could even consider a guy like this for commish.
    Also amazing that Mikey calls him a fantastic commissioner in today’s JN.
    Yonkers will be much better off after Dec 31st for his resignation alone

  31. Wow! all the tuff guys are out tonight. Show some class, don’t act like another department. He is history, pretty soon just a bad memory, no need for parting shots. He knows he came with no friends and is leaving without any

  32. So, in this Dix opinion which department is the best in the Country? The rank and file cannot wait till you leave this City and I would be careful to abide by the letter of the law while visiting. Look forward to never seeing you again, better yet why don’t you show up to a gathering after you leave. I’m sure you’d be welcome with open arms… P.S. Make sure not to stare at him as he leaves…

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