YWCA Yonkers Receives $40,000 in Grant Funds to Train Low-Income Women for Green Jobs

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YWCAYONKERS, NYYWCA Yonkers has received a $40,000 Department of Labor grant for their Green / Clean Energy Occupational Training program to train 20 unemployed and underemployed low-income minority women in the Yonkers’ Westchester’s (YW) New Way Workforce program.  The funds are part Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Strategic Plan and Regional Project Awards, which were recently announced.

“This is a wonderful example of the YWCA’s mission for women’s economic empowerment at work,” said Yejide Okunribido, Esq., Executive Director, YWCA Yonkers.  “With this funding we can help women in Yonkers get the skills they need to become or remain self-sufficient by helping them consider careers in the new green economy and preparing them to succeed in this field. The YWCA Yonkers is very excited to be part of moving the Hudson Valley’s economy forward.” 

Working in collaboration with the Yonkers Workforce Development Office and other community agencies, the program will promote self-sufficiency for unemployed, low-income, minority women in Yonkers by training them for positions in the high-growth high-wage green energy industry. The program will also offer job readiness training and critical support services that will at conclusion, make successful participants more readily employable. The program is scheduled for implementation in 2012 and women from Yonkers and Westchester County are encouraged to apply.

The $40,000 grant coincides with the YW’s announcement that the 32 YWs in the northeast region of the country have joined to launch a 2012 Public Policy Agenda, which will focus on pressing issues affecting women and people of color during the upcoming election year. This is the first time the YWCAs in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts have united and publicly come forward with an advocacy agenda that they will collectively and individually tackle during next year’s legislative sessions and as the 2012 elections heat up. Additionally, The YWCA recently advocated for the restoration of the Displaced Homemaker Funds within the New York State Department of Labor. The funds were restored to $2.5 million, which will be used to provide displaced homemakers with job readiness and vocational training, job placement, crisis intervention, counseling, and referral to legal/health/financial services.

The YWCA is the voice for every woman.  For over a century, the YWCA has spoken out and taken action on behalf of women and girls. The YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Over 2 million people participate each year in YWCA programs at more than 1300 locations across the U.S. Worldwide, YWCA serves more than 25 million women and girls in 125 countries.

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eHeziYWCA Yonkers Receives $40,000 in Grant Funds to Train Low-Income Women for Green Jobs

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  1. I am offended, this money should have gone to the one armed unemployed middle-incomed circus clowns. Any why do they have to call it “Green” jobs? It’s very insensitive to Martians. They should start calling them” A mixture of blue and yellow” jobs,far less offensive in my book. If this doesn’t change we should all occupy chicken island! What say you!,,,,,,,
    Good Grief

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