Bill Nuckel Declares Candidacy for 93rd Assembly District

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NUCKEL_BillYONKERS, NY – January 11, 2012 — Bill Nuckel, a lifelong Yonkers resident and former City Councilman, this morning announced his candidacy for the 93rd Assembly District recently vacated by Mike Spano who acceded to the office of Mayor o the City of Yonkers on January 1, 2012.

“It’s about representation,” advided Mr Nuckel. “This district needs to be represented. The Spano Administration needs a friend in Albany. Mayor Spano needs to know that when he calls, a ‘friend’ will be on the other end of the phone. Together we will work to ensure that Yonkers receives all it is entitled to and more.”

Mr Nuckel said, “I am a full time resident of Yonkers. I am not a career politician. I do not need a job. I do not need a pension. I understand the workings of government and have a genuine desire to serve Yonkers.   We need someone who knows and cares about Yonkers.”

Bill is a former manager for Verizon and a lifelong Democrat. He is an adjunct business professor for both Rockland Community College and Nyack College. In addition, Bill is a securities arbitrator for The Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which is the largest independent securities regulator in te U.S. whose chief role is to protect investors by maintaining the fairness of the U.S. capital markets.


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eHeziBill Nuckel Declares Candidacy for 93rd Assembly District

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  1. Have Bernice run. She can get lost on her way to Albany and we will finally be rid of her! Greedy and foolish and a waste of our time and taxes.

  2. Tell Macri to call Jacono ASAP. Yonkers republicans looking for volunteers. Nobody wants to run against Shelly.
    Murtaugh is joining Castro Blanco at county law dept. Amicone is Astorino’s new spine. Liam is waiting. Barbato is now a ‘democrat by paycheck.’ GOP has no bench.

  3. The Mouse could not win anything he sold his soul along time ago,he stepped aside because his numbers were BAD. He is now a recluse with no friends.

  4. However, if you re-listen, he was more concerned about his water bill and the correction being made. As for smearing councilmembers, there was only one (l) councilmember to smear, no other council member was as inept as Sabatino. And Sabatino’s comments were absolutely INappropriate. Go run your Board.

  5. anon2
    If you are going to smear councilmembers, at least be honest about it. I listened to the conversation about the water bills, and it was about the fact that the city sends out estimated bills, so most buildings, are significantly under billed. The new comissioner discusssed the Sugar House and that they are on estimated bills and likely owe the city a great deal of money.
    What Sabatino was talking about was the fact that coop buildings are not financially prepared to be hit with big back charges for water usage, and that the city should consider setting up a payment plan if needed.
    It is Yonkers fault that they do not take actual meter readings and building owners, residental or commercial should not be screwed due to the citys negligence. Sabitino’s comments were absolutely appropriate.

  6. HEY HEZI, how come no mention of last night’s Council Meet. to interview the new Commissioners. I watched and heard Sabatino tell the new Fire Commish. to call him during or soon after a fire in his 3rd District. I hope and pray Kielb calls him every single time there is a spark, in the middle of the night and all day long, that idiot would soon wish he never asked for those calls. Also, he asked the new Finance Commish. if he is going to fix the water bill at an apartment he owns an 1080 Warburton Ave. Is this character for real? What the hell have we elected in the 3rd council district, pay attention folks, you can’t make up this stuff. SABATINO is a major joke. This meeting was suppose to be an interview process, didn’t somebody tell him that. LET’S HEAR FROM YOU HEZI.

  7. How come in Yonkers folks like Nuckel always seem to pop up every couple of years. Sorta like Col. Meier. One tossed a few at the Crescent Club, and the other tossed a few at the club on Lake Ave on top of where the post office use to be. Are either of those places still in business?

  8. The fact that he was a city councilman disqualifies him from running for this office. We need new blood and new ideas and not more of the same.
    As for shelley, forget her. Too long on the inside and not able to make any real change.
    To the poster who asked which republican will run, you can bet your bottom dollar that the usual crew of hasbeens will be out and about.
    Maybe Mousiello can run for that seat again.
    “Welcome my son, welcome to the machine” Pink Floyd.

  9. anybody but shelley – shelley mayer is what is wrong with albany – her role as chief counsel to senate dems says enough- smith sampson and adquduct

  10. You are the real nucklehead, Shelley Mayer is a poor candidate and the Dems.know it. Horray for Bill Nuckel, he is a great candidate to represent us. I wish you GOOD LUCK Bill Nuckel, give them hell.

  11. This guy is a real “Nucklehead.” Doesn’t he realize that the super connected Shelley Mayer will almost definitely be chosen by the Democratic Party? The real question is, who will stand up for the GOP in this race?

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