Breaking News: Tragedy Deflects Republican Candidate Donna Nolan from Actively Seeking the 93rd Assembly District Vacancy By HEZI ARIS

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 Donna Nolan – picture by and courtesy of News 12 Westchester.

YONKERS, NY — January 25, 2012 — Reliable sources have advised the Yonkers Tribune / The Westchester Guardian that Donna Nolan, Republican endorsed candidate seeking to complete the final months of the office vacated by Mike Spano in order to accede to the office of Mayor of the City of Yonkers will not actively seek to represent the 93rd Assembly District. The last minute turn of events came about upon the tragedy that has befallen the family; Donna Nolan’s fallen has suffered a stroke. Ms Nolan has chosen to focus her attention upon the arduous task of assisting her father in the recovery process that is demanded of any patient in the rehabilitation process. Yonkersites will empathize with Ms Nolan.

Ms Nolan’s name will remain on the ballot called by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo for the Special Election designated by him to take place on March 20, 2012.

Yonkers City Conservative Committee Chairwoman Vincenza Restiano, held onto the slot designated for the Conservative Party candidate as best she could but a candidate could not be found to replace her stand-in gesture. Ms Restiano’s name was officially removed from contention in the filing that needed to be concluded before 5:00p.m. on Monday, January 23, 2012. The Conservative Party has endorsed no other candidate, choosing instead to remain neutral in the campaign effort for the 93rd Assembly District.

Ms Nolan's active withdrawal from her acknowledged campaign effort leaves Shelley Mayer, the Democrat, Working Families, Independence Parties candidate the only candidate actively seeking the office to represent the 93rd Assembly District. 

It seems Yonkers has a new Assemblywoman in the name of Shelley Mayer. Yonkers Tribune / The Westchester Guardian wish her success in her endeavor to represent the 93rd Assembly District.

We wish Ms Nolan the strength and patience to endure the challenges that face her and her family in the recovery process of her father.

"My thoughts and prayers are with Donna and her family," said Shelley Mayer, upon hearing of the family tragedy. 

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eHeziBreaking News: Tragedy Deflects Republican Candidate Donna Nolan from Actively Seeking the 93rd Assembly District Vacancy By HEZI ARIS

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  1. The Yonkers Republican party has become the stepchild of the Democratice party which is the younger child of the Spano party. What a discrace that the party didn’t put up a viable candidate to run for a seat that could have been won. Jacono is a pathetic disgrace.

  2. To the Nolan Family, I wish your father a speedy recovery. Your family has endured enough hardship. Some people forget its not all about politics. Good luck!

  3. Memo to Spano, Incorporated:
    Even if the federal corruption trial wasn’t about to begin, the Assembly campaign shows a disgraceful lack of subtlety on your part.
    You must at least pretend to allow the Republicans and Conservatives to compete for this seat.
    Engineering a Jacono sellout and a Restiano capitulation is fine and dandy. Just let it look real.
    A Nauseous Public

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