Conservative Party Promotes Vincenza Restiano for NYS Assembly; Republicans Donna Nolan

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YONKERS, NY — Yonkers Conservative Vincenza Restiano (pictured right) has won the endorsement of her party in her campaign effort to succeed to the office of New York State Assemblywoman representing the 93rd A.D. The Republicans afforded their support to Donna Nolan for the same office. 


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eHeziConservative Party Promotes Vincenza Restiano for NYS Assembly; Republicans Donna Nolan

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  1. Hugh Fox once again shows his true colors, and he did it quite publicly. He screws the republican candidate for the state assembly, playing the master double agent once again.
    Fox is making a living out of making the politically blind Astorino look like a fool – once again. And Astorino doesn’t dare take him on out of fear that he’ll lose the conservative line in 2013. Ah, the tail wagging the dog.
    The question that Astorino should be asking himself is: if Fox makes a deal with the dems for an assembly seat, is he also capable of making a deal with the dems for the much more powerful county exec seat? There’s a real big payday for Hughie if he pulls this one off. All he has to do is keep the unsuspecting Astorino on the hook until next year.
    What to do. Oh, what to do.
    The County Exec hasn’t a clue. lol.

  2. Jacono is a Spano stooge, when are the Yonkers Republicans going to realize. Shelley Mayer is the handpicked person of Speaker Silver. Does anybody think that the Spano’s had everything to do with her nomination and i’m sure Jacono wasn’t looking too hard for an oppenent.

  3. Restiano? AGAIN? That nasty old prune? She is not a conservative, she is a bigot. She cost the Republicans the Mayors race with her narrow mindedness. Does she really think she has a chance? I know, this is all about games, but come on, this is such BS.
    Prune, its time to go away, no one wants you. You have no dignity.

  4. Way to go Jacono! You couldn’t even get (or try to get) the conservatives to endorse the Republican candidate to off-set the Ind and WF Parties. You have successfully dismantled the Republican party! Doing just as instructed by the real mayor of Yonkers, Nick Spano. You pathetic disgrace. Can someone comment on a real estate “license” Jacono has parked with Mayor Nick Spano’s office? Where is the outrage in the Republican Party?

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