Educator Nader Sayegh to Chair Yonkers Charter Revision Commission Among Notables By HEZI ARIS

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Yonkers City HallYONKERS, NY — January 7, 2012 — The Yonkers Tribune has learned that the Yonkers Charter Revision Commission was formulated within the last weeks of 2011. One of the first to be sworn in were former New York State Assemblyman Lou Mosiello, and former Deputy Commissioner of Westcehster County Board of Elections Melissa Nacerino, and wife to Mayor Mike Spano's Chief of Staff Steve Levy. Yonkers Charter Revision Chairman designate is Nader Sayegh, revealed the former principal of the Yonkers Public School District.

Rounding out the individuals associated with one-time Yonkers Mayor-elect Mike Spano's Transition Team, and by his own telling not permitted a paid position within his administration, are the following:

Symra Brandon, chairwoman of the Yonkers Democratic Committee;

Kevin Cacace, president of the Yonkers Chamber of Commerce;

Dennis Galego, resident of Bryn Mawr, Yonkers, NY; 

Pauline Galvin, lawyer and former chairwoman of the Yonkers Democratic Committee;

John Jacono, chairman of the Yonkers Republican City Committee, and broker for Prudential Rand Commercial Services; and 

Judy Ramos Meier, lawyer, shared offices with Pauline Galvin;

Only Mosiello and Nacerino were sworn in by Mayor Mike Spano after midnight in his parents home. The balance of the august group who will preside over the Yonkers Charter Revision Commission were sworn-in after the public swearing-in ceremony held in the early afternoon hours of January 1, 2012.

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eHeziEducator Nader Sayegh to Chair Yonkers Charter Revision Commission Among Notables By HEZI ARIS

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  1. if you will recall nader sayegy was unceremoniously
    dumped as independence party chair..that fight went
    on for quite some time with cavalo coming out on top
    so he is hardly the defacto chair of the Ind party
    in yonkers..if he was calvi would not have gotten the
    line…Kevin cacace by the way is not involved in
    cablevision; have the wrong brother…and the brother you are referring to left cablevision over
    20 years ago to start his own company…PaulineGalvin
    is an attorney and former yonkers democratic chairman
    so what…it seems to me that things are changing and
    they are changing for the better

  2. Good old Yonkers. Just when we thought it was safe we find ourselves with a new friends and family club being formed.
    First the resurrection of the has-beens: Numero Uno – Lou Mosiello of the million dollar no-show job buy out so Mike could get his Assembly seat back; Nadar Sayegh, whose been around the block so many times and has served so many different masters that you need a score card – also considered the defacto Independence Party leader in Yonkers despite Doc Cavallo and his mayoral candidate Carlo Calvi; Symra Brandon – need I say more; Pauline Galvin, one-time Democratic leader and bff of Sandy Annabi; John Jacono who owed his livelihood to Nick Spano for years and current Republican turncoat; Kevin Cacace, shill for Martinelli with major cablevision connections (Nick lobbyist for Cablevision). Now the others: Dennis Galego – longtime gofer for Spano family; Melissa Nacerino- as already told, wife of Chief of Staff Steve Levy, and Judy Ramos Meir – wife of DPW Commissioner Tommy Meir. Do I hear conflict of interest on these last two? Hey Hezi, where’s the expose’ on this? What do they say? The more things change the more they stay the same.

  3. Smells more and more like the same old regime.
    This commission is anti-democratic and should be done away with. It actually creates a defacto dictatorship in the form of the strong mayor form of government.

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