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Politics that Melts in Your Mouth Not in Your Hands  

A three-way campaign effort coalescing on the presently vacant 93rd Assembly District was a situation unexpected. Shelley Mayer, has been working various political circles for support. She came out of the gate last week armed with having garnered the endorsement of the Democratic, Independence, and Working Families parties. Mayer was known to have made the rounds among the king and queen makers. She earned support from disparate quarters with the blessing of many, even before the then New York State Assemblyman Mike Spano would come to win the Office of Mayor of the City of Yonkers.  Until that momentous Election Day, November 8, 2011, a cautionary, yellow light was subliminally flashing a cadence of intermittent warnings to maintain the campaign effort below the radar screen.  For all intent and purpose it did.  Even after the euphoria of then Mayor-elect Mike Spano’s win moved one octave lower, jubilation did not outwardly reveal itself among the ancillary political contests down the line. The most important of which is to succeed Mike Spano to the Office of New York State Assembly serving the 93rd District.

Shelley Mayer’s head start was sanctioned to be part of a continuing non-aggression pact. Yonkers City Republican Committee Chairman John Jacono would willingly submit to complying with the non-aggression pact. A muse was found for him. She is Donna Nolan. Belying his title, Chairman Jacono is the puppet, not the puppeteer.

Donna Nolan with the assistance of Assemblyman Mike Spano championed legislation that would have New York State afford health care compensation for Ground Zero workers. The bill was named in honor of her husband, Jimmy Nolan, who became ill while volunteering as a carpenter at Ground Zero for over two years.

John Jacono had seemingly dismissed Donna Nolan’s interest in filling the remaining months of the 93rd A.D.  The ruse was played; she won the support of the Yonkers GOP last week.

Interestingly, John Jacono, having been asked to give Westchester County Conservative Party Chairman Hugh Fox Jr., a heads up regarding the GOP’s intended candidate, kept delaying his response until the day the Republicans met to cast their vote for a candidate. The fix was in. Donna Nolan got their nod. It was a deception well played. The stratagem had nine candidates come before the Republicans before they settled on Donna Nolan. 

Hugh Fox, Jr. could smell the con game afoot and would not permit himself to submit to the “set-up.” Rather than submit to the ploy of supporting a “non-candidate” candidate, Yonkers City Conservative Party Chairwoman Vincenza Restiano stepped up to the plate to become a temporary stand-in until the Committee of Vacancy of the Yonkers Conservatives could find a credible candidate. The Westchester Guardian / Yonkers Tribune have learned that this is not to be. Vincenza Restiano will have removed herself as a viable candidate by Monday, January 23, 2012, the final day by which affidavits must be filed with the Westchester County Board of Elections. If a replacement is not found, the Conservatives will maintain a neutral posture and not endorse any candidate. 

By holding Conservative Chairman Hugh Fox, Jr. at bay, attempting to trick him into believing that whatever the Republicans do demands an automatic reaction of support by the Conservative Party, has instead earned Hugh Fox, Jr.’s putting a kabosh to the scam.

We are now left with two people who would vye to represent the constituents who comprise the 93rd Assembly District. But hold on. The reality is there is really only one who seeks the office of New York State Assemblywoman. Her name is Shelley Mayer. There is a lot of baggage attached to her name and resume.  But she is the only one permitted to be viable.

The Republicans, under the baton of John Jacono’s puppet master, has brought a “candidate” with little name recognition, a wanting resume, and worst of all, an inability to mount a credible, that is, a financially sound ability to last through the short election process that will conclude on the Special Election called by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo for March 20, 2012. In other words, Donna Nolan, is an empty suit. She doesn’t have a prayer. The New York State Republican Committee will not underwrite her campaign effort; neither will Westchester County Republican Chairman Doug Colety. Not a cent from John Jacono. Donna Nolan is a babe lost in the political woods without a flashlight. Yikes!

The Conservatives, under the aegis of Hugh Fox, Jr., will not submit to the non-aggression pact that he has seen employed over the many years he has been part of the political landscape. He will not be endorsing the Republican candidate. The Conservative Party’s move will not wag the dog; it will make a point, that is, that the Westchester County Conservative Party will not submit to Republican directives.

Delineated above is the show.  The drama makes it difficult to comprehend. Even so, the following is the translation.

Westchester County Independence Party Chairman Dr. Giulio Cavallo was the first to endorse Shelley Mayer, securing a ride for him on a sure-fire winner; Dr. Giulio Cavallo has suffered some major losses of late. Endorsing Shelley Mayer affords Dr. Giulio Cavallo bragging rights with the New York State Democrats from whom the good doctor has found employment.

By designating Donna Nolan at the last moment to be the Republican designee, insures the Republicans a financially weak candidate, and a Spano aligned candidate that is meant to dissuade the Conservatives, Hugh Fox, Jr., in particular, from endorsing Donna Nolan. The chessboard was set. The Conservatives have been outmaneuvered.  Nick Spano is the power behind the “play.” Dr. Giulio Cavallo is neutered and devoid of options. Hugh Fox, Jr., feisty and belligerent that he is, is not compliant with the tawdry, non-aggression pact scene before him, may still have one play left, but it is a long shot. He will need to find a viable candidate to replace both Vincenza Restiano, and Donna Nolan right from under the game plan put into play by John Jacono at the behest of Nick Spano. All the while, the Democrats are happy. As this reporter announced on the BlogTalk Radio show, Westchester on the Level, the day before the Democrats would come to endorse Shelley Mayer’s designation as their endorsed candidate, Shelley Mayer is Yonkers next New York State Assemblywoman representing the 93rd A.D.

The People have been disenfranchised from the process. Dr. Giulio Cavallo’s Independence Party and Hugh Fox, Jr.’s Conservative Party have each been respectively gelded. Nick Spano is the 'montreur de marionettes,' that is, the marionette master 

Mount Vernon, is analogous to what is transpiring in Yonkers today in a political sense. Mount Vernon is a one-party city. The Democrats control Mount Vernon. Yonkers can now also be considered a one party town. It is not the Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Independence, or Working Families Party. It is the Nick Spano Party.

Upon reflection, as defined in the play Coriolanus, Shakespeare foresaw the rise of “spin” and the harlot ways of political popularity. Coriolanus would surely endorse, “There is no such thing as society” – the play’s wise counsel answers, “What is the city but the people?” It is that line that no longer echoes in our hearts or mind. For that we must ask, “Why not?”


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eHeziHezitorial Analysis: M & N – Mayer & Nolan By HEZI ARIS

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  1. So protecting Fox by censoring comments about him is alright but the very next post accusing Jacono of fraud goes unfettered?
    Let’s get some consistency Hezi.
    Obvious double standard for your boy Fox.

  2. Nick is protecting his brother and the city of Yonkers. Nick and mike both recognize the importance of having a majority member in the assembly. Good work!

  3. You forget that Jacono was Amicone handpick for chairman. Spano’s guy was pushed out and Jacono took his place. Know your history. If you want the job, let’s hear your voice.
    Jacono is taking blame for Donna Nolan. Meanwhile, every other republican was hiding from Jacono. Blame the likes of Ramondelli, Anthony Merante, Joe Crotty, etc…

  4. Hugh Fox is a dirt bag. He has…
    EDITOR’S NOTE: The assertions alleged herein are unproven and have been deleted by the editor. SHould there be a desire by the person making the allegations to afford the Yonkers Tribune with proof of the allegations, we will submit to the proof. Until then, do not attempt to post these type of unproven allegations meant to seemingly besmirch somewhat with insinuation and conduct unproven. Kindly, Hezi

  5. 1. Who should replace Jacono? Jim Castro-Blanco or Justin Tubiolo? Do some homework. Nobody wants the job.
    In the future, please offer solutions instead of complaining. Grow up.

  6. 1. Jacono’s time is up, he must be removed as soon as possible.
    2. Before the November election the Citizens of Yonkers were warned about what was coming. It was not a matter if Mike Spano was a good or bad guy. It was all about Don Nick and what it would mean when he took over the city. We are seeing the start of it now. It does not matter if in the end the Spano dictatorship is benign or bad for the city, one party dictatorships are bad period. Mount Vernon is a perfect example. It has steadily descended into a hell of dishonesty and governmental indifference even greater than Yonkers. The only real difference is that it is a party dictatorship. In Yonkers we not have a family running the City.
    Nick Spano will do whatever he wants, and there is nothing you or I can do about it.

  7. Don’t hate the player.
    Hate the game, if you must.
    Politics is competitive. When Nick lost his seat in the senate, fools said he was finished. Ha! You cannot keep a good man down.

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