Iowa Caucuses Are the Focus of a PBS NewsHour Special Report

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30 minute special broadcast airs Tuesday, January 3 at 11 pm ET

Coverage of January 10 New Hampshire Primary will Also Include a 30-minute Special Broadcast

The PBS NEWSHOUR will provide extensive coverage of the 2012 Iowa Caucuses, including a 30-minute special broadcast airing Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 11 pm ET (check local listings.)  With Senior Correspondent Judy Woodruff (pictured) reporting on the early results  from the Iowa Convention Center in Des Moines and  political columnists Mark Shields and David Brooks providing analysis, the PBS NEWSHOUR is ready to report on every aspect of  the first electoral event of the GOP primary race and its implications for the 2012 presidential elections.

The NEWSHOUR’s coverage of the Iowa Caucuses will begin during the regular evening broadcast (check local listings) which will be co-anchored by Senior Correspondent Gwen Ifill in the Newshour studio and Judy Woodruff in Iowa.    Des Moines Register Pollster J. Ann Selzer will be on hand to preview the caucuses, and a panel of electoral historians will discuss the role of the Iowa Caucuses in previous elections. Shields and Brooks will provide some political context for the event, along with Rothenberg Political Report editor Stu Rothenberg and  NEWSHOUR political editor Christina Bellantoni.

At 11 p.m. the NEWSHOUR’s special broadcast will air, featuring Woodruff’s reporting and interviews from Iowa and analysis of the latest results and what they might mean from  Shields and Brooks, Rothenberg and Bellantoni.

Along with  broadcast coverage, the  PBS NEWSHOUR will also cover the Iowa Caucuses extensively throughout the day online at - including live streaming video of the candidate speeches, constant updates to the Newshour Vote2012 interactive electoral map, and more.  

For all NEWSHOUR politics coverage, visit our politics page:

The PBS NEWSHOUR will air a similar 30 minute special on January 10, providing comprehensive coverage of the New Hampshire Primaries.  Gwen Ifill will report from New Hampshire.  More detailed information will follow in a later date.


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eHeziIowa Caucuses Are the Focus of a PBS NewsHour Special Report

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  1. not if romney gets the nomination…it will be close
    but florida will go to romney so will ohio….if
    anyone else gets it or if paul goes the third party
    route Obama wins

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