Joe and Josephine Citizen: My Endorsement of the Candidacy of Newt Gingrich By CARL PALADINO

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Hey America.  Do you feel confused;  an uneasiness in your gut?  You can’t put your finger on why but for the first time in your life you actually fear the future. 


It’s good you are upset.  It’s called opportunity.  Engage!  Speak!  Don’t trust that someone else will do it.  In 21st century politics you are played by the pros.  That’s why they make the big bucks.  It’s a science.  You are being socialized– stripped of your dignity and security.  The middle class is being marginalized.   Wealthy power brokers complicit with Barak Obama are redistributing the wealth you earned.  The sub-prime crises and the Fed’s printing of money to buy our own bonds and pay our deficit has been a major redistribution of your wealth. 

Your parents and teachers taught that if you played by the rules and worked hard the end reward would be financial security for your family.  You did that but now they are changing the rules.  Your house is worth less than the mortgage.  You struggled to send your daughter to college and have huge loans to repay but she can’t get an electrical engineering job at the local GE plant because Jeffrey Immelt decided to move the jobs to China.  Your neighbor has been on extended unemployment for two years.  He says he hasn’t found the right position yet.  He’s a healthy guy but he’s not motivated to go to work.  He gets to spend a lot of time with his wife and kids.  You’re working two jobs and your wife and kids barely know you.  He gets food stamps, Medicaid and a free cell phone and you have trouble making your co-pays.  

Remember when the price of gas tripled in one year and Bush told us to buy peddle cars because the Chinese had put more cars on the road.  We found later that two American Hedge funds with the money of our largest banking institutions had cornered the market.   Why can’t we trust the word and motivation of our President?

Leaders tell us to fear China.  Why?  What are the Chinese going to do if, to protect and restore American jobs, we put tariffs on the goods they sell us?  Are they going to stop letting Wal-Mart buy from them?  Come on!

The point is that our problems are not with the Chinese or any other foreigners.  Our problems are with the unending greed and avarice of American big business immortals.  Immelt says GE is now a global company and his loyalty to the US is colored but loopholes allowed GE to pay no taxes on $5 billion in earnings last year and it holds billions offshore so it doesn’t have to pay taxes on it.   GE  enjoys all the comforts and protection of the US without obligation to contribute to the cause or protect it’s people’s jobs.

What’s wrong with this picture? 

The United States is having an identity crisis.  The people want new leadership and direction.  Does Obama v Romney really give the people a choice?

Mitt is the status quo establishment candidate walked so far by the press which toys with us that Obama most fears Mitt Romney, the weakest of the candidates who was never properly vetted with the same vengeance as the other candidates.  The liberal elites in the press hate when the candidates point out Mitt’s shortcomings because they want to destroy him in the final with greater impact.   Mitt can’t debate, has no Washington experience, circumvents the tax laws by keeping his capital off shore and is not only shallow on the issues but has waffled and flip flopped on every issue from tax returns to gun control.  He is trying to be whatever it takes to be president not really knowing why. He has no comprehension of the mission.

Bain Capital is a poster child for the bad side of Wall street whose wealthy establishment moguls own both Obama and Romney.

Mitt has maxed out with the rank and file at about 25% (the press neglected to emphasize that democrats also voted in New Hampshire) composed of establishment parasites and uninformed followers who want to bet on a winner and who listen to self- interested old school party leadership who struggle to hang on to power and their place at the public trough. They know no other life and haven’t figured out yet that they are no longer relevant.  

The republican rank and file sent a clear message when they elected an array of tea party oriented congressmen in 2010.  There will be many more elected in the House this year to replace those who still don’t get it.

Anti-status quo, anti-establishment rank and file republicans are fed up with the glutinous feeding frenzy of Wall Street and the Washington 2 step which has deprived them of any ability to define the future for their children or have any comfort that the rules they have been playing by will still be the rules tomorrow.   They want a strong leader with real values and the experience and intestinal fortitude to implement change and run a government responsive to the people it serves and respectful of the producers.

Everyone has flaws.  Everyone has made mistakes.  Put up a target and the frenzy of the adolescent  press, looking for a scoop to put a notch in their gun, begins.  An editor can change a story simply by assigning the right vulture to select the sound bite of the day and write the story.

Unelectable Santorum and Paul appear lost on an ego fulfillment with no recognition of the damage they are doing to their believers and their ideals.  They preach absolute principle when the country so badly first needs a change in direction.  If they really wanted to help their followers they would coalesce around Newt,  put Mitt and the old guard to bed and stabilize the republican party as the party that will serve and protect the American people.

Newt Gingrich is an intelligent, decisive and bold leader of men with solid well thought out values.  He respects the producers and tells it like it is.  He has the wisdom of the great men of our history.  He is the only candidate who can claim to have balanced the federal budget and he has the intestinal fortitude and knowledge of the workings of Washington that will insure the implementation of the will of the American people.

Carl Paladino is an American businessman, founder and chairman of Buffalo-based Ellicott Development Company, a real estate development company. Paladino earned statewide and national prominence in garnering a win over frontrunner Rick Lazio in the Republican primary, but finished second to Democrat Andrew Cuomo. Direct email to:


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eHeziJoe and Josephine Citizen: My Endorsement of the Candidacy of Newt Gingrich By CARL PALADINO

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