Mayor Spano and Inspector General Schorr Announce New Online Site for Anonymous Tips

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YONKERS, NY – January 30, 2012 — As part of an on-going effort to better detect and deter fraud, waste and abuse in government, Mayor Mike Spano and Inspector General (IG) Dan Schorr have launched  a new online site today,, for Yonkers residents to anonymously post any information and tips as it relates to the city government.



“This is an important resource that enables residents to provide information to the Inspector General should they become aware of any wasteful or abusive conduct that undermines the integrity of government,” advised Mayor Spano.

In the past, the Inspector General’s office asserts it has received phone calls, emails or letters from residents providing information that has led to some important investigations. IG Schorr was not specific. It is claimed the new page will act as an avenue for the IG’s office to learn of any suspicious activity.

“The focus of the Department is to foster honest and efficient governmental administration,” said Inspector General Schorr. “This new online initiative will help achieve that objective and better serve the people of Yonkers.”


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eHeziMayor Spano and Inspector General Schorr Announce New Online Site for Anonymous Tips

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  1. stop posting as multiple people
    first it is annoying
    second it is imbecilic.
    third: tell us what you know about exposing yourself to any administration in Yonkers.

  2. frankly I believe its an excellent idea…Schor is
    a republican, mike is a democrat..they are working
    together to week out corruption in the it
    seems to me anyone who has any information should be
    accessing the tip line…if people before were doing
    it anyway via letter or email..this should encourage
    more of it…those who are skeptical are skeptical
    of anything government ever does

  3. Mike should just ask Zehy’s wife, his receptionist, about where the skeletons are buried.
    Or he could ask brother Nick over Sunday dinner
    This is a weak effort to make themselves look like law and order people

  4. Who cares what these two Bozo’s
    say, all I know is that I got my monthly
    visitor last night, THE PENSION FAIRY
    Thank You very much see you next month!

  5. Why didn’t they just use this website? All you people just sit around throwing poop against the wall seeing which will finally stick and the running with it.

  6. Dan Look in to how much has gone to Bernice from the COY for her programs and how much in her pocket! Don’t you think her constituents should know?

  7. This is a joke. Anyone posting on the Yonkers page will have their IP address recorded. If their want to backtrace the address they can do it.
    Don’t do it on your home or work computer!

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