Senator Stewart-Cousins Seeks Input on Budget

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ALBANY, NY — Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D/I/WF – 35th District) is asking New Yorkers to weigh in on Governor Cuomo's 2012 Budget Proposal. For the second year in a row, she has launched a section on her website that allows constituents to send comments, questions or concerns directly to her email address. The Senator says public input is especially important during the budget process and has pledged to take each comment she receives into consideration during the upcoming hearings, negotiations and votes.



"Governor Cuomo's budget tackles a broad range of critical issues facing our state, from education reform to economic development and investment in infrastructure. These are the right discussions to have, and this is the right time to have them.  But as we hash out the details here in Albany, I want to make sure the people of Westchester and New York have ample opportunities to weigh in," said Senator Stewart-Cousins.

The webform can be accessed on the Senator's website by clicking the link entitled, "Send Your Feedback on the 2012-2013 Executive Budget," located on the left panel. Constituents who wish to send comments will be asked to provide their name, email address and zip code as well. All comments are forwarded directly to Senator Stewart-Cousins' Senate email address for review. Here is a link to the webform.

"My door is always open, and my constituents are always welcome to call, write, email or stop by my office. I just want to give the people of Westchester as much of an opportunity as possible to share their opinion about the budget."

The governor's budget proposal can be viewed here.


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eHeziSenator Stewart-Cousins Seeks Input on Budget

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  1. Hey let me put this press release out and pretend that I matter in Albany. I’ll pretend to actually read your suggestions and then try really really hard to make you believe that I am actually doing anything for you. Sincerely poopie pants.

  2. isnt it time that senator cousins delivered something? anything? for her district. We need to hear that she is actually our voice! Please help us senator!!!!

  3. The pension reform Bullsh*t does
    not effect me, I am happily retired,
    but I have to wonder if the pension
    reform includes the filthy, thieving,
    conniving politicians pensions that they
    STEAL from the taxpayers? That seems to
    be missing from the budget! Just asking!

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