The Albany Correspondent: Senate Democratic Leader John L. Sampson Weighs in on Republican Proposed District Lines By CARLOS GONZALEZ

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ALBANY, NY – January 26, 2012 — The New York State Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment released it's proposed lines for the New York State Senate and Assembly today.

Please review the proposed maps here:

Though we have not had a chance to completely analyze the plan, it appears that the Assembly lines do not have any major surprises, as many legislators always expect some shifting.  However, that's not the case with the Senate.  Though proposed districts have a majority of Democrats, all Senate seats in Westchester County are certainly up for grabs and position the GOP to be more competitive in each seat.

Senate Democratic Leader John L. Sampson upon studying the proposed lines said, “Eighteen months ago, Senate Republicans unanimously pledged to enact redistricting reform.  Today, we see the culmination of their broken promise – a partisan scheme designed to keep them in power.”

Continuing, Sampson said, “This Republican proposal contains none of the criteria reformers sought and none of the reforms the Governor included in his proposed legislation.  The Republican-proposed districts are not compact, vary widely in population, and divide communities of interest in blatantly political ways.”

“Worse,” Senator Sampson pointed out, “the Republican scheme ignores the testimony and submissions of scores of witnesses who participated in the hearing process, comes after months of foot-dragging on the reallocation of prisoners, and includes an unconstitutional 63rd senate seat – proving again the process itself has been and will continue to be nothing more than farce.”

“More Republican broken promises,” emphasized Senator Sampson, “compounded by a broken partisan process will only yield a broken product.  There is still time to implement a better, fairer way to redistrict New York, where voters will get to pick their elected officials, not the other way around."

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eHeziThe Albany Correspondent: Senate Democratic Leader John L. Sampson Weighs in on Republican Proposed District Lines By CARLOS GONZALEZ

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  1. Sen Sampson along with Sem M Smith are under investigation for the scam they tried to pull with the racino out in Qns-tried to steer the deal to the brotha’s . Sen Smith is also under federal investigation for the misappropriation of taxpayer funds to non-profits.

  2. Supreme Court just recently in a Texas case where a federal judge acted as judicial activist & was smacked down by the Sup Ct who said that redistricting is the responsibility of the legislature and not some activist judge.

  3. Yonkers gets split up with Northeast Yonkers going in the district of retiring Senator Suzi Oppenheimer and Andrea getting an even more Democratic seat (so that more Republicans go in the open seat). Yonkers will loose Jeff Klein who was useless to Yonkers anyway. Let the court draw fair lines.

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