The Westchester Guardian – January 26, 2012 Edition

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eHeziThe Westchester Guardian – January 26, 2012 Edition

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  1. I have been too busy… but you are correct and I must focus more attention on this concern. I will do just that.
    Thank you.

  2. I have listened to your radio show afew times and I noticed how outraged you were about the schools losing the 3.5 million in funds. Why haven’t you written about this in your paper? Parents need to be informed since the JN does such a poor job on educational news. Historically our schools are in the worse shape both educationally and financially. Our leadership can not get the teachers to compromise and the school leadership has been given zero direction. Our BOE trustees continues to be clueless and show a disregard for progress within our schools. They blame the mayor, the state, the parents, and the teachers. Let’s put the lame where it should be………the superintendent and all his incompetent associates. We are regressing and drowning and this BOE thinks Pierorazio is the Suptintendent of the Year with 16 failing schools.

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