Westchester Legislators Sworn-in and Begin New Two-Year Session

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The 2012-2013 Westchester County Board of Legislators: Front row: John Testa, Alfreda Williams, Bernice Spreckman, Sheila Marcotte, Judy Myers, Virginia Perez, Bill Ryan, Catherine Borgia and Michael Kaplowitz. Back row: Michael Smith, Gordon Burrows, Jim Maisano, Ken Jenkins, Peter Harckham, MaryJane Shimsky, Lyndon Williams and David Gelfarb. Photo by Tom Staudter and courtesy of the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

Jenkins and Williams Re-Elected to Leadership Posts

WHITE PLAINS, NY – January 10, 2012 –The Westchester County Board of Legislators (WCBoL), including four new members, were sworn into office at a special ceremony tonight during its 2012 organizational meeting to mark the beginning of the 2012-2013 county legislative session. The ceremony, conducted in the WCBoL Chambers, was presided over by Westchester County Clerk Timothy C. Idoni and drew a standing room only crowd of family members, friends and supporters.

The Westchester legislators also re-elected Legislator Ken Jenkins (D-Yonkers) as WCBoL Chairman and Legislator Lyndon Williams (D-Mount Vernon) as WCBoL Vice Chairman during the ceremony after Administrative Judge Alan Scheinkman from the Ninth Judicial District had administered the oath of office to the legislators. The oaths of office for the two BOL leaders were administered by Supreme Court Justice Sam D. Walker from the Ninth Judicial District.

Tina Seckerson was also re-elected Clerk of the WCBoL. 

The new members of the WCBoL are: Michael J. Smith (R-Valhalla), representing District 3 (Mount Pleasant, Pleasantville and North Castle); David B. Gelfarb (R-Rye), representing District 6 (Harrison, Rye Brook and Port Chester); Catherine Borgia (D-Ossining), representing District 9 (Croton-on-Hudson, Cortlandt, Ossining and Briarcliff Manor); and Virginia Perez (D-Yonkers), representing District 17 (Yonkers).

In his remarks following his oath of office, Chairman Jenkins remarked upon the successes of the previous legislative session, and said: “Working for the people of Westchester means understanding the values that we share, and staying focused on the priorities that are right for all of our residents. Working together, this Board will confidently meet the challenges ahead.”

Vice Chair Williams thanked Chairman Jenkins and his fellow legislators for their efforts over the past two years, and also acknowledged the sacrifices made by families of the legislators, adding: “One thing the legislators here tonight, and those who have served before us here, can all agree on, though, is that being a legislator requires the highest level of purpose and accountability possible.”

The next regular meeting of the WCBoL is on Monday, January 23. Between now and then, legislators will be assigned to the eleven standing committees of the BOL and chairpersons for each of the committees will be announced.

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eHeziWestchester Legislators Sworn-in and Begin New Two-Year Session

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  1. Get rid of the old fossil!! She can’t remember anything other than cashing her paycheck and spending the many thousands of dollars she got for “doing things for her senoirs” Bullsh#t!! She did it for the bucks! Greedy little hag!

  2. Westchester needs to do what Connecticut did years and years ago. Get rid of County government. It is duplicative and a waste of money. NY could do just as well with local and state government. There is no need for county government.

  3. anybody is better looking than alvarado.. but it is typical of the crop of politicians that the voters of south yonkers send to office, ones that can’t even balance their own checkbook

  4. Isn’t this type of deception on the part of Perez a violation of some election law or ethics code? Surely she had to know when she was running that she was in financial dire straits? If she can deceive the public on that level that should be grounds for a recall.

  5. Ms Perez can’t even manage her own finances and she is being entrusted to craft a budget for Westchester County-simply amazing-she is also going to stiff the taxpayers’ of Yonkers for the tune of $23,000 plus which was loaned to her by the Yonkers Community Development Agency. She also led the people in her district to believe that she was gainfully employed in the hotel industry when the fact of the matter was that she had been collecting unemployemnt checks for who knows how long.

  6. What a waste of taxpayer money. What do they do? Duplication of services means twice the fleecing.
    And what about this guy Burrows. How does he get re-elected? A 50 year old guy snorting coke while driving up the NYS Thruway and gets away with it. Come on now.

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