Yonkers Human Resources Commissioner Brian Lucyk Steps Down By HEZI ARIS

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Yonkers City SealYONKERS, NY — Januaury 10, 2012 — Yonkers Tribune has learned of and confirmed that Brian Lucyk, Yonkers Human Resources Commissioner was let go yesterday, Monday, January 9, 2012. His successor has yet to be named.


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eHeziYonkers Human Resources Commissioner Brian Lucyk Steps Down By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Lucyk and Serpico are both S-bags. Wish I knew the day they were leaving I would have been there to spit on them and hope they got frisky. Real lowlife dirt bags.
    What about Peterson and Lopez. If Spano keeps them then you know nothing has changed.

  2. This mayor has only been in office for a week now and all he has done is fill jobs. Many of these jobs are patronage jobs and need to be eliminated, if we are to get our fiscal house in order. I think he has brought his Albany mentality to the office of mayor. I would think that any intelligent mgr. would make an assessment of each dept. before loading up with patronage. He. talked of “shared sacrifice” in his inaugural address, but it looks like the only sharing is going to be you and your neighbors.

  3. The woman is a despicable person. She flacks for people who think it’s just fine to stick a needle into a baby’s head and suck out the brains and then go to a mass in their backyard for St. Gerard. She masquerades as a Con. She is lower than whale sh** and that’s at the bottom of the ocean.

  4. Enough with the name calling. Gail has worked in various layers of government on constituent services issues which makes her qualified to serve in this position. If you were interested in a position within the administration you should have submitted your resume. Maybe you did and didn’t receive any consideration. Sour grapes?

  5. Sorry, you are a certifiable moron. What’s with the Gail Burns is a “great person”? George Washington was a great person. General George Patton was a great person. Gail Burns is not a great person. She is a despicable parasite.

  6. Excuse me! Are you on drugs? That bag lady Burns and Hugo Chavez is cleaning house? The only thing getting cleaned here are the taxpayers.

  7. Good job Mike! No offense to Brian as I do not know him buut you need a clean slate…..Out with the old in with the new…. Cleaning house and holding true to what you promised…

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