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  1. so how did restaurant week turn out assholes?
    was profit up?
    did the downtown thrive?
    or was this another hair-brain scheme by an idiot hired by Yonkers POLS/Developers?
    I could personally say the Fai Gras was great
    And downtown sucked.

  2. Well Tax Dollars and Truth to Power, I guess I was thinking in the present. Your memories are long.
    Thank God.
    For that matter, The Hyatt Assn. pretended to be shocked by the wheelings and dealings of Ridge Hill as well, promised to back the opponents and now the Tubiolo’s have politically appointed jobs as well.

  3. The guy is a sell out. The citizens of Yonkers are often criticized for not participating in civic life. In the case of Ridge Hill the people came out and showed concern about commercial creep into their neighborhoods. This guy made himself spokesperson for their cause then used it to get on the payroll. He is lower than whale Sh** and that’s at the bottom of the ocean.

  4. Sansone is not compensated by the City of Yonkers.The BID is funded by the merchants and property owners in the area, and it is they who compensate the Exec. Director. He does his job. Why all the venom??

  5. There is nothing said about Sansone that is not TRUE. He is being paid by the taxpayers of Yonkers and that makes him fair game. I just hope that Spano dumps him (in the river). Now go ahead and ban me and you’ll be down to 5 bloggers.

  6. not sure what i missed but i will say this.
    The BID has a million dollar budget and an Executive Director who hides in plain sight earning an easy 6 figure salary…..
    the BID is not much more than a tool for the very developers who control it…and use taxpayer money at that. Their promotion of the downtown is consistently selective.
    I find it odd that Hezi sits in silence about the BID.

  7. Dear Muzzled:
    What is it you don’t get. This is an advertisement for the purpose of promoting the downtown district. Your issues with the BID’s executive director are your persoanl gripes. Blame him all you want in another venue. If you are looking to place responsibility, look no further than Mayor Amicone’s cousin Jim Pinto who has lied to Yonkers about many issues, specifically about the $300,000 grant that had instead turned out to be a loan payable to the Lower Manhattan Development Agency, among other deals kept in hiding.
    If there is blame to go around, blame those who pull the strings and not those caught in their vise.
    As for First Amendment rights, I have not taken them away from anyone, nor abridged anyone speaking their mind.
    If you should care to write a letter to the editor, no problem.
    As for the link and whatever other convenient nuance suits you to maintain your third posting on this same issue, among others. Desist or like Amicone, you will lose privileges in posting altogether.
    The issue is Yonkers. The city, its rowth and effort to do so in a credible way. This is a credible attempt at promoting the city, and the downtown. If you have issues, as I suggested, write a letter o the editor, speak before the Yonkers City Council, take it up with Mayor Mike Span, but don’t dare drag the Yonkers Tribune in the your dumpster. I won’t be going there.
    Heiz, If you don’t want comments, you should put this on as a public service announcement. Since you are inviting comments by putting a link on, you should not be removing them. I guess you took the Amicone course on the 1st amendment.

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