Former Senator Nick Spano to Plead Guilty on Tax Evasion Charge By HEZI ARIS

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Westchester On the Level Radio Program Pre-empted in Order to Attend the Court Hearing

Sources have advised the Yonkers Tribune / The Westchester Guardian that upon Mr Nick Spano's appearance at the Federal District Court in White Plains Friday, February 10, 2012, Mr Spano intends to plead guilty for failing to report income of approximately $38,000 that accrued between the years 2000 and 2008. Nick Spano could face a maximum 18 months prison sentence.

It is understood that Nick Spano will admit to failing to report approximate $38,000 income earned from a real estate transaction, allegedly claiming deductions that did not take place with regard to a corporation he owned, and for not reporting a $2,000 rental payment seemingly not noted from one tenant in a Yonkers building he owned.


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eHeziFormer Senator Nick Spano to Plead Guilty on Tax Evasion Charge By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Hey genius, what is a “lie of omission”? Like when you said said “I truly regret making statements about Sheriff Smith that were untrue and failing to disclose that I was working as a paid consultant for one of the Sheriff’s opponents,” Failing to disclose? You knew you were working for the other candidate and omitted that.
    Lying by omission:
    Also known as a continuing misrepresentation, a lie by omission occurs when an important fact is left out in order to foster a misconception. Lying by omission includes failures to correct pre-existing misconceptions. When the seller of a car declares it has been serviced regularly but does not tell that a fault was reported at the last service, the seller lies by omission. Or you are working for one candidate and go on television and speak as if you’re not. Hey Mike who said the following? anon said…
    and your point is..what “statements” that were untrue
    does not mean they were intentional lies..and and you don’t understand the distinction go back to school
    but I did apologize and after 20 plus years of doing
    the show one apology ain’t bad….

  2. Yes I was working for the other candidate…and I should have disclosed it ….but that still does not
    make what was said ” a lie” rather than a misstatement
    of fact…end of discussion…and remember cable vision
    did not pay me so the entire issue of disclosure is
    a question of policy not anything else…but you wouldn’t get that either…and one final comment..
    news 12 was asked to retract the statement ..they
    refused and didn’t ask me until after the lawsuit
    was that means that had news 12 done
    its due diligence I would have been more than happy
    to retract the statement basically immediately..
    their failure to communicate to me that the sheriff made the request was unilateral on their part and
    unprofessional…once a request is made it is not
    up to the broadcast outlet to refuse it ..rather it
    is their responsibiltiy to ask the author of the statement (me) whether or not it was you
    can guess who dropped the ball at cable..but it wasnt
    me I didnt learn that the sheriff made the retraction
    request until jan of 2011…the statement was made on
    tv in november of 2009….hows that for something
    the public doesn’t know about….

  3. you aren’t looking at the facts you are interpreting
    the facts the way you want to…are you telling me
    that every time a mistatement is made its “a lie”
    because if you are you need to re examine your analytical ability..a lie is something you say that
    you know is totally untrue when you say it…a misstatement is when you make a statement that contains
    inaccuracies that you may have believed to have been
    true when you said them but turn out not to be either
    in whole or in part…so you are indeed the one spinning because it suits your purpose…why not
    be objective and accept that sometimes things are said
    in good faith and they are simply wrong

  4. my interpretation is the only interpretion of the
    english language…there is nothing to decide you
    simply don’t want to hear any explanation because
    you have prejudged the situation without any familiarity with it at all….too bad do you always
    think like that?

  5. and your point is..what “statements” that were untrue
    does not mean they were intentional lies..and and you don’t understand the distinction go back to school
    but I did apologize and after 20 plus years of doing
    the show one apology ain’t bad…

  6. OK you are a misstater. I’m sorry where I come from we call it a lie. But I guess when you don’t tell the truth in politics and as a lwyer it’ a “mis statement”. You have got to be kidding. How can you write something so ridiculous? You are amazing. I”ll post a link to an article where you admit to it and I don’ recall you saying you “mis stated”.

  7. no you are dead wrong…as a matter of law when a person makes a false statment or an exagerated statement in a political campaign it is not a lie unless you know what you are saying is totally untrue
    and unless there is no reasonable basis for making the
    statement…so that a mis statment or an inaccurate
    statement may indeed by untrue but certainly not a lie
    use a little common sense and stop throwing epithets
    around when you are totally unfamiliar with backround

  8. I don’t lie ..period…but for all you know it alls
    that thought nick was going to “sing like a bird”
    the US attorney confirmed in court and on the record
    that nick spano will not be called as a witness in
    the ridge hill trial…so much for your rank specuation
    about what you don’t know

  9. your name calling is simply an indication of your
    lack of class…you can make all your points without
    getting into the gutter…as for what you think is chilling when you make a false statement and you do it
    because you are malicious the internet doesn’t protect
    you…read the law…or are you the guy that couldn’t
    pass the bar..when you say my lawfirm kicked me out
    you are making a false and scurilous charge with no
    basis in are just running your mouth…as i am
    sure all of the other posters can easily see…stop hiding your identity for the rest of the poster and stop using the constitution as a shield to lie

  10. Defamation and slander laws and the internet are clear. Trying to chill one’s right to free speech by threats is also actionable. I look forward to suing both you and anyone who aids you in denying my constitutional rights in the process. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
    Your pals Nick Spano and Al Pirro are convicted felons. And scum. Those who defend them also defend their illegal activities. They are also scum, in my humble opinion. It looks like the shoe fits here.

  11. Hey Edelman. The truth hurts you butt licking miscreant. I’ll see you in court.
    And if you’re so close to the feds, as you always imply, how come you didn’t know about that your buddy Nick was a crook you useless, spineless butt licking worm?
    So when your good buddy Al Pirro gets indicted next, you can defend him too. You are human excrement. I’m sure the feds are watching this site. Who knows. Maybe they are watching you too? Keep defending these crooks. Because that’s who you are.

  12. you should look up the following
    have a nice night my wife is making a filleti di
    pomodoro….molto bene….

  13. Despite all your acolades on the benevolent Nick Spano at the end of day Mr. Spano is a convicted FELON & used his public position for his private gain and that as you put it is the incontrovertable fact.

  14. the reason for mentioning pataki was simply to illustrate that when there was a republican governor
    spano was able to deliver a lot for the city..
    it had nothing to do with name dropping..if in fact
    you have been there and done that you would remember
    what nick actually accomplished during his time
    in the senate partially because of his close relationship to the governor…and you will also note
    that my posts never attack anyone they are based on
    my own opinions as to current events…it would be
    really nice if some of you recognized that there are others who can’t articulate anything other than
    vitriolic ad hominem attacks on me personally as one
    of the previous posters has done..specifically saying
    that I lost a law suit..WRONG..and that my lawfirm
    has given me the “kiss off” guess that’s why i am
    in court five days a week handling cases…and then
    there are the posters that demand I stay out of yonkers
    who the hell do you guys think you are..yonkers is
    25% of the county…what happens in yonkers concerns the rest of us..its like if you don’t live in Iraq
    you can’t have an opinion on the war…so this site
    is filled with those who personal grudges and vindictiveness is evident..and even though you can identify my posts you do not have the guts to sign your
    own…nick spano will be back just as soon as he pays
    his legal debt and although it might not be what you
    think should be the result you have absolutely nothing
    to say about it…because if his clients want him to
    continue to represent him he will have every right under the law to do so…

  15. But you have lied yourself before, haven’t you anon? What about the Putnam Sheriff’s race a few years ago? Cricket, cricket, cricket…………………

  16. Anon … you dropped Pataki’s name. You practically wrapped the former New York State Governor’s name around Nick Spano like a bullet proof vest. That’s what terrorists do.
    That’s really been the game all along, hide behind Pataki and others like cowards and political terrorists.
    But to listen to a number of you snipe at each other, like children, it’s almost as if the whole gang around Nick Spano is a case of arrested development.
    This is too pathetic for words; as funny as it is really sad.
    P.S. — It’s also pretty obvious that a few of you learned too many bad habits from your dads and uncles (been there, done that, had the t-shirt on the hill long before most of you were sucking on your milk bottles).

  17. to Nick’s fan club: no need to lie on this site…it
    isn’t becoming of you…both of your statements are totally inaccurate..and in fact your statement about
    my law firm is actionable…i intend to ask the site
    for your ip address…you can say whatever you want
    about my opinions politically but you can’t make a malicious and false statement about my legal work..
    see you in court

  18. Edelman, now that you have been sued and lost, Tony Sayegh has taken your job at News 12, and your firm has given you the kiss off, you seem to have plenty of time to stick your tongue up Nick’s rear end.
    But I will be the one to defend the Italian Exec, not you. Got it?

  19. Can anyone say what town Mike Edelman lives in? This phony fake has been representing himself as a Republican and even a Yonkersite for years. You Edelman are such a weasel. You were a poser on News 12 for years. I’ll bet you insulate yourself from the sh-t of the YO in some small town like, I don’t know, Hastings. Stay out of Yonkers you little Weasel !

  20. Nick Spano would never sing. He is a man of principle and a man of his word.
    Like the time he told Mike Long, Chair of the NYS Conservative Party, that he would vote no on the partial birth abortion legislation in return for the conservative party endorsement. Once he received it, he called Mikle Long to tell him that he couldn’t go through with their deal. He said he had to vote for the partial birth abortion bill because it would hurt him politically if he didn’t.
    A man of that type of character would never rat on his friends. You go Nick. We are behind you.

  21. To the idiot above – if vinny spano was worried about his comment going public – he wldnt have put it on a public facebook page jerk off.

  22. for those of you who want to turn this one count
    of tax evasion into a gigantic conspiracy that implicates both parties people in long island and all
    the rest you need to understand that the federal governement does not enter in plea negotiations until
    such time as they are ready to conclude their investigation and their documents always leave open
    as they should the option to charge for other wrongdoing not related to the existing charge..but the
    point is that if after 6 years of looking at virtually
    everything that nick spano did the result is a one
    count indictment with a one count guilty plea it is
    not exactly what all the predictors who hate the spanos
    were predicting because they had individual political
    grudges that they were hoping would be “revealed”.but
    all of that didn’t happen..and dropping names like
    tom doherty jim cavenaugh and george pataki only indicates how long standing and deep your vendettas
    are…Nick spano as a state senator did more for the city of yonkers than any other state representative has
    ever done..and that is an incontrovertable fact

  23. Hey Vinny:
    You want to use Facebook as your propaganda machine?
    that’s cool.
    What would you think if it went public?
    No problem…..screen shot already taken.

  24. Here is a new one. Read the Federal Information, and the plea letter. The documents that underpin his guilty plea. It is clear that while Nick pled giuilty and is in fact guilty of the Tax related offfense(s) there still exists the distinct likelyhood for additional charges, The letter states that in return for his plea “the defendant will not be further prosecuted by this office……with any crimes related to his scheme to impair and impede the IRS………it does not bar the use of this conduct as a predicate act or as the basis for a sentencing enhancement in a SUBSEQUENT PROSECUTION including but NOT LIMITED TO a prosecution pursuant to 18U.S.C. Sec. 1961 et seg.” That is a RICO indictment Yes folks. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act There very well may be more to come. Helps to read the documents.

  25. Puh-leeeessse give it a rest Edelman. You are making it worse. People see right through your damage control bs spin. Let’s get something straight, over the years Nick Spano and all 1000 plus family members have personally benefiting enormously particularly during the pataki years. God Bless him that he just got away with tax evasion, for now. His creativity in name choices for his fake businesses were oprahish! ONAPS CONSULTING CORP, ONAPS REALTY, INC.,ONAPS REALTY, LLC, ONAPS TRUCKING CORP, H.V.M. CORP AND THERE IS MORE.

  26. Aris’ new game. Taking out things he doesn’t like.
    Editor’s Note: Not ONE item has been deleted. There is no point in making this falsehood up. Shame on you.
    Kindly, Hezi

  27. “Come On Already” makes a most important point.
    This is not a club I’d want to be a member. Albany is a cesspool. Anyone who cares about Yonkers and Westchester County and New York State should be spending less time defending the indefensible.
    While State Senator, Nick Spano was chairman of the New York Senate’s Committee on Investigations. This means Nick Spano was the gatekeeper for ethics. Now look at the long list of State Senators who have been indicted — who should have been shown the door on Nick’s watch.
    Democrats and Republicans traded favors for protection. The problem is that Nick Spano traded Yonkers funding for favors from Long Island and Upstate New York. Some of the “shoes” about to drop will undoubtedly be connected to that trail of favors.
    The Feds are here. What they miss this time, they won’t miss next time. Meanwhile, it seems as though Spano, Inc. is more consumed with saving their shallow egos than saving Yonkers.
    Get a drop everybody. This could all get much worse in coming days and I agree with Ms. Where’s The Sex that both sides of the aisle are likely getting indicted.

  28. Yeah, you are right about the person who is posting using sexual metaphors, that it’s a way of showing these “players” all lack something genuine in their lives that they don’t have to pay for. Yes, maybe it is a she who’s posting “where’s the sex” comments.

  29. If you eliminate lobbyists, and make it illegal for a politician to accept any kind of payments except his paycheck, there would not be any corrupt politians as they would have nothing to gain. If you remove the temptation you wont have the oportunity. Maybe then you would have prople run for office to do whats right for the public they represent instead of themselves.

  30. And by the way, who is that lady who is standing next to Spano during the press conference with his lawyer in front of the courthouse?

  31. Hiding behind Pataki now?
    Okay. Let’s get a few things straight. If you want to bring Pataki into this debate, you’re opening up a can of worms.
    No. Let’s put this another way. Neither George Pataki nor Nick Spano succeeded in saving Yonkers. Actually, Nick Spano is a reminder of how much George Pataki failed.
    So if you want to use the Pataki defense, are you suggesting that New York State Governor George Pataki is responsible for ALL of Nick Spano’s corruption?
    This fish is rotten from the head and you either are telling us the Nick Spano ruled the Pataki administration like a mob boss or someone within the Pataki administration barked orders to Nick Spano.
    I guess this means Jim Cavanaugh was the real boss of New York all along, right? Maybe Cavanaugh and Tom Doherty ran every county in New York State, right? Maybe every bit of graft and corruption flowed through Nick Spano from Yonkers to Doherty/Cavanaugh (who then probably handed off a percentage to Al D’Amato and Al Pirro).
    Is that what you’re saying Mike Edelman? Or are you the shadow boss of Westchester and maybe the Feds should be knocking on your door?
    As for the fellow posting with sexual metaphors, maybe he is really a she and the point she is making is that all these Napoleons have been compensating for a lack of something?
    And you know what, I think she’s right.

  32. On, who wants to be a “player” when it’s a game of thieves? And as for the person who ranted about Greece being more important than what’s up in a home town, that was a sorry try to diminish the concern for local issues. Try to distract from the local matters with another “pooh pooh” post and see where that gets you. I may not agree with all the posts here, but at least people are engaged with their situation and don’t have their heads in the sand. The person who posts using sexual metaphors is going to far with all that, but some of the predictions for unravelling alliances is interesting indeed. You wonder if the FEDS have lots of phones tapped for what’s happening now, as people run for cover.

  33. hey buddy, read the whole mess, its not just about not paying his taxes, there is a whole lot more that you neglect to mention, read and educate yourself, then talk. this whole thing is NOT just about tax avoidance. You are either a family or friend member who benefited from him. And it’s not about lawn signs, read between the lines if you’re so smart.

  34. nick spano has been over the years personally responsible for yonkers benefiting enormously particularly during the pataki years….every city in
    the country has their political players and those that
    sit on the sidelines with envy…nick’s failure to pay this particular income tax amount is not an indication that he has done anything other than what millions of others do every single day and never get
    charged with a crime…in fact they simply have to pay
    the tax underpayment back with interest and penalties.
    no one is justifying nick’s failure to pay in toto..including nick but that does not diminish nor does it negate all of the benefits that you as a yonkers resident got over the years from nick’s work
    in albany on your behalf…the fact that many of the
    posters on this site want to forget about all those
    benies they got is typical of those who begrudge political success to those who have earned it…nick
    will pay his dues and answer for his tax avoidance..
    and after that he will still be nick and you will still
    be counting lawn signs..have a nice evening

  35. your ignorance is what is stunning, if you are a yonkers resident. as for the trivial, it is not, it just shows how N.Spano is involved in everything, big and small, trivial or not, these are the facts and you are lost.

  36. Maybe we can chew gum and walk at the same time. As was asked by another poster,why do you spend so much time on this blog? Why don’t you find some blog that deals with more worldly issues if you are such a savant.

  37. what I am saying is that your concern for who
    is putting up lawn signs and why is pedestrian in
    light of the larger problems we face at all levels
    of government your concern with the trivial is stunning

  38. You are so right! Now just wait for a blast from Lions,Tigers. That person can’t see past first base. This is just the first chapter in the book.

  39. You are so right! Now just wait for a blast from Lions,Tigers. That person can’t see past first base. This is just the first chapter in the book.

  40. You are so right! Now just wait for a blast from Lions,Tigers. That person can’t see past first base. This is just the first chapter in the book.

  41. To all the Spano loyalists who keep spinning the “all the good he has done over the years” mantra-the bottom line is that he betrayed the office he was elected to and the people of Yonkers-wonder if all you loyalists are going to visit him in federal prison?

  42. Alright. Enough play time.
    All roads lead to Al D’Amato, to start, and U.S. Gillibrand’s father the lobbyist (who showed up at the diner the day of the confrontation with Cavallo). Then we have Larry Schwartz, whose been brokering deals for Andy Spano’s chums in the judiciary and with Andrew Cuomo (and before that Paterson and Spitzer).
    There’s the Lippmann/Silver angle. The Pirro angle. The Capelli angle. Finally, there’s the rotten State Senate Majority and a slew of deals for Long Island and Upstate New York.
    Could Nick Spano name some big players? That’s the understatement of the decade. He could take down 50 of the biggest elected and appointed officials in New York State, not to mention what he could do to some developers and business interests.
    So can everybody just stop posturing and admit to yourselves that the political earthquake has just begun. This was a tiny tremor.
    Fasten your seat belts, passengers. It’s going to be a rocky ride (and all the patronage babies feeding off this trough will really need to find a new hobby in a few weeks).
    P.S. — It’s as plausible that “enemies” of Nick could just as easily be as dirty and implicated as anyone in the Spano family, not to mention a laundry list of highly placed Republicans and Democrats.
    P.P.S. – Let’s not forget the way Jim Cavanaugh and company is criminally interfering with civil service in Westchester County and Yonkers City Hall.

  43. Oh and one other thing…carpet bagging Shelley Maher is getting a free ride thanks to…you guessed it, John Jacono following the orders of…you guessed it…Fat Nick Onaps…I mean Spano. That deal was made to take care of…as Jeanine Rose said, Nick’s “Baby Brother.” A curse on all their houses.

  44. you’re flabbergasted, i am flabbergasted. what the hell is your words about. you are going on about the world, economy and housing, well let me educate you. It’s about Yonkers. It starts in the cities, towns and villages. Yes I am very concerned about where I live. you should move to greece or get a job in the Obama admin. you don’t belong on a local level, get real, this is about my City, not the world, you fool.

  45. “All politics is local” Tip O’Neil
    You have one hell of a nerve! No one spends more time on this blog than you. You should change your moniker to “KNOW IT ALL.” Now go bother the people of Greece.

  46. The point is being made that the fat bast-rd never cared about principle, a party philosophy or anything else other than taking care of his fat a– and his family. Period!!! They are right about that Jacono guy.

  47. The whole world is falling apart..greece is in chaos
    the economy still stinks..housing is still sinking
    and you are worried about what the city republican
    leader in yonkers is doing ….and whether nick is or
    is not still a republican..and whose signs are up or
    down…I’m flabbergasted

  48. you’re absolutely right, Nick Spano did screw Michael Meyer, the Republican candidate by putting up Dem. signs on 221 Ridge Ave., which by the was is next to the NY boys club, for first Rotanelli, then for Sabatino in the 3 council district. Mike Meyer won on the Republican line vs. the Democratic line, he is very popular in that district and should not have lost that race And Nick is suppose to be a Republican. Now all the dots are connected and Nick screwed Mike Meyer.


  50. don’t know about brodsky’s teeth…maybe he has gum
    disease…didn’t really pay attention to his mouth
    but his points were well taken…the government wasted
    a lot of time and a lot of money to get back taxes that they could have gotten by simply conducting an audit..and that is a fact….

  51. I read all the comments above about Nick Spano and his Greed and Not paying taxes. The papers say he was on the take for years!!my Question to all of you (Spano Supporters as well) ..All the Years MIKE spent in albany . you mean to tell me HE was NOT on the Take also!!!
    Give me a break….
    The only way to get corruption out of Yonkers, is “DONT VOTE THESE CROOKS IN.
    I hope this makes MIKE a One term mayor…

  52. The Feds punted.
    Incompetence and corruption wins.
    Small penis politics. Political operatives shrug and say “Nick is my friend” while his swinging dick sings ratting out everybody else.
    You guys are such fools. The Feds fumble a weak case and Nick Spano likely gave up his own friends and family to save his ass.
    If you don’t GET IT now, you’re never going to.
    Nick is everybody’s friend. Yeah, RIGHT.
    Nick is a big brother. Yeah, RIGHT.
    The former State Senator might have immunity but his brother doesn’t nor does Jim Cavanaugh or anyone who came along for this corrupt ride. The word on the streets nine months ago was that Nick had given the Fed information on a MUCH bigger fish.
    Should be very interesting where the next shoe drops.

  53. One other thing- It’s obvious that the Spano Spin machine is working in overdrive and that you are the Yonkers Tribune cog. Keep up the good work, but you should know we see right through you. Puh-leese!

  54. Puh-Leese- Another life long politician arguing on behalf of a life long politician. Nick voted as a liberal, so why is it surprising that Brodsky would come to his aid. And besides, now that Mike is the darling of the Democratic party and a liberal himself, that is one weak point you are making. Yes, let’s trust another life long pol!
    P.S.: I know this has nothing to do with anything, but what is up with Brodsky’s teeth? Just saying.
    P.S.S.: Jacono Must Go is right. The feds should look into that weasel Jacono. He does take his orders from the fat, liberal, soon to be felon Nick Spano…or is it Nick “Onaps”. Just saying?

  55. even richard brodsky a died in the wool liberal democrat made the point that it is unfair to speculate on any other wrongdoing by nick spano since none was
    charged and none was proven other than the tax issue..
    if in fact there were any criminality to the albany
    contract issue the government would have charged an
    additional count..they did how much money
    did the government spend on this wasn’t
    thousands or tens of thousands..a six year probe had
    to involve millions…and that would be your tax dollars at work not fighting terrorism but hunting
    down a person who did not pay 45,000 in taxes…which
    had the IRS done its usual civil audit would have been
    repaid long ago with interest and is done
    is virtually every other case…had their been a criminal abuse of public office the government would have every right to pursue criminally the violator..they apparently found none…so all this speculation about what Nick was doing is just that as
    brodsky pointed out today on newsmakers..all this ridge
    hill nonsense and who is or who is not singing is also
    nonsense..the tax count is the singular issue and frankly its a complete waste of tax dollars when there
    are other priorities in terms of protecting the US against those who would harm us on our well
    as those who engage in organized crime in westchester

  56. ugh…not a saint by any means…just asking for perspective. By any chance, did any of you post when the taxpayer got stuck for amicone’s $400,000 punitive damage PERSONAL award which included legal fees we paid? Didn’t think so. Now THAT IS A CRIME, as are the creations of numerous political hack jobs through the years, which no one, for some strange reason, ever equates with corruption.

  57. I sure hope the feds are looking into the current chairman of the Republican party. Like the one beforE him (Jeris who is beginning his corruption trial this week) he is up Nick’s butt. He takes orders from Nick (lay down candidates to fullfill deals with dems) and I would bet he is less than clean. He has a real estate license on file with the soon to be convict. INVESTIGATE JACONO!!!
    Thank you.

  58. Thousands of jobs have been created by Ridge Hill. This is good sound investment, however, there were shortcuts that now impact the environment, causing flooding, not to mention the back room deals. Let’s create jobs without all this baggage and a mess to clean up.

  59. Mike gave his brother rent money as well for 221 Ridge Corporation. Greed! Tax free money. All in the family. Disgusting! There is more, just follow the money trail.
    YONKERS, NY 10703
    Member of Assembly 93

  60. Take a break people…. Whatever any of you think, the fact is plain and simple. Nick Spano is through, as a lobbyist, his clients are already interviewing other lobbyist, he is through as a politician, as he is now a convicted felon, who can no longer vote or be registered in any political party. Hope your future is not as nearly dim as his own. And take it to the bank, Nick’s scenerio will most definitely hurt Brother Mike’s next Mayoral run. These are the facts. He is a convict. Case closed…..

  61. the potential list of open questions and relationships goes on and on and on……but you won’t find a word of it here.
    the only thing you’ll find here are the loyalists preaching from the platform Aris provided.

  62. morever, Mr. Crooks…if you think that Mr. Capone’s murderous rampages are on a par with whatever Mr. Spano is accused of, you should be locked up somewhere where I would feel safe.

  63. no dumbass..I thought you might be capable of doing simple math…$200K in 1930’s currency amounts to more than TWO MILLION DOLLARS TODAY… that is the point I thought you might infer. My mistake.
    Never was an issue, for me, of its ever being OK to cheat. Just a matter of putting things into perspective. Two million dollars for Capone, relatively speaking, and $38K for Spano.

  64. So if there was no depression it would have been OK to cheat on his taxes? The depression didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. They knew the guy was a bad dude and they took him down on what would stick.
    Word to the wise, only cheat on your taxes when the economy is good.

  65. So if there was no depression it would have been OK to cheat on his taxes? The depression didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. They knew the guy was a bad dude and they took him down on what would stick.
    Word to the wise, only cheat on your taxes when the economy is good.

  66. So if there was no depression it would have been OK to cheat on his taxes? The depression didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. They knew the guy was a bad dude and they took him down on what would stick.
    Word to the wise, only cheat on your taxes when the economy is good.

  67. Tom Foolery, you hit then nail on the head! Mike Spano and Nick Spano will have to testify, and get a free stay out of jail pass. The Feds are the best! Congratulations!

  68. To Crooks and Liars and the poster who thinks the feds could have gotten more on Nick if they wanted…yeah, OK…first of all Capone owned almost a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS in taxes during the depression. Are you kidding me with this analogy?
    Second, If the feds are waiting for an even bigger fish, I guess they have Moby Dick in thier sites because this is the end of the road for them, in this particular case. As usual, trying to save their egg-covered faces.
    And, to the poster who alluded to the Amicone gift of the previous city council of his legal fees and punitive damages connected to his first amendment violations, THIS SHOULD BE THE TOPIC OF THE NEWS TODAY.

  69. Your take is nothing more than sour grapes-the chances that Eric Holder was involved in this case are extremely remote at best. Spano should man up & be a man instead of a pussy.

  70. Maybe the wheels of justice will someday snag Amicone but the fact is that N. Spano got caught and plead guilty-thats life not everything is fair in life-Spano is nothing more than a thief & deserves every day he spends in prison.

  71. Didn’t the press release say that Spano illegally set up a state grant for an insurance company and then profitted from it? That sounds like Jolly ‘ol Nick caught a big break. Tax fraud seems to be the least crime that he COULD have been charged with. The question is: why?
    Lookout Sandy. Lookout Zehy. Lookout Al. It looks like you’ve all been had by your buddy Nick.

  72. Hope their are stipulations in his lobbying efforts when he gets of jail about doing business with convicted felons and ex-cons. Spano is now a convicted dirtbag and perp.

  73. Nick has done a lot for whom- his cronies and stoogies-Yonkers has been shithole while he served in Albany and still is a shithole-how good a politician oould he have really been when he lost to an inompetent such as Stewart-Cousins-he was really good at wasting the taxpayers money-hope he enjoys his stay in the can or is going to do a Sen Liebel and tell the judge he will go to afghanistan and clear land mines. Spano when finishes his jail time can add ex-con along to ex -senator.

  74. you are tilting at windmills..keep fantasizing..
    if you think nick is out of business you are sadly
    mistaken…he will retain most of his lobbying clients
    and life will go on…

  75. Prediction: Nick probably whistled like a canary but it’s a good bet he was off-key.
    Anyone want to make a wager that what follows now is a perjury indictment?
    Nick’s legal counsel was a tad too defensive to believe that he got off THAT easily. Expect a dubious legal defense to keep Spano from being pulled into another indictment.
    By the way, only Spano’s attorney has stated that Nick has immunity from anything else. Have the Feds actually worded things to allow Senator Spano such immunity? I don’t think so.
    Finally, of course he gets his pension. But no more real estate license. No more insurance work. No more representing developers or any company pursing government contracts.
    And no more work for Yonkers Raceway, unless he really believes he can ever return as a lobbyist for anyone.
    Jim Cavanaugh just became a corrupt front for a mighty shady lobbying firm.

  76. Puh-leese! It’s so obvious that Cavanaugh, Edleman and all the rest of the Spanoites are circling the wagons as instructed by the “Spano Spin Machine.” Can anyone speak to why Zeah Jeris’ wife has a job with Mike Spano’s office? Health insurance for the soon to be convicted Zeah. A pension for felon Nick. Puh-leese.

  77. I’m tuning in late here but isn’t this just a case of a guy that didn’t pay his taxes? It sounds to me like they would have liked topin a lot of different things on him but this was all they found…

  78. Nick Spano while he sat on his high throne in Albany preached honesty, loyalty, respect for the law-he proclaimed his disgust for orruption, fraud and waste yet he surrounded himself with ommon low-lifes many who are about to be or already convicted felons-he took with care of his flunkies with patronage jobs while the people he allegedly served ould not get the time of day-Spano now has another form of identification which is NYSID/NYSIS-he is just another lowlife who defrauded the people of Yonkers-he trots out the ,but while I am sorry line which all the low lifes like him say when they get caught.

  79. And what I think will happen versus what I knew could happen would shut up most of you.
    This starts with the raceway. Empire City is a wagering operation. It’s within a realm of Federally and State monitored entities, possibly not directly, but Nick Spano is Yonkers Raceway’s lobbyist.
    Correction: Was Yonkers Raceway’s lobbyist.
    In terms of business, how is anyone going to build a casino in Yonkers with its chief lobbyist pleading guilty to a Federal crime. Game over. You want investigations? Nick Spano just handed every State and Federal investigator probable cause to investigate Yonkers for at least another seven years, perhaps indefinitely.
    Game over. Go home. Find a real job and stop relying on the mafia to feed your fat faces. Enough of the petty gumbah BULLSHIT. Maybe if Yonkers cleaned up its act a little it would get more respect from employers and the rest of the county. Wake up.
    This man put blinders on everyone and you all fed at his trough like loyal farm animals. You reap what you sow and it’s not finished.

  80. None of us really know what’s going on here, do we?
    Nick was a political bully who didn’t win a lot of races, rarely won himself by a comfortable margin and basically lost every other race with Jim Cavanaugh when they ran the County GOP.
    The real joke here has always been the incompetence, not the corruption. The whole Spano mania is comparable to penis envy. Over-rated. Get over yourselves. Yonkers schools still suck. That’s the fault of Mike and Nick. Maybe some of you are gluttons for punishment but please spare us the political penis worship of Nick Spano.
    I love the city of Yonkers but the political operation of the Spano family is retarded. It’s the Sopranos version of Deliverance. I’ve never seen so much backward thinking in my life. Can we change the channel now? Please? Someone new. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

  81. Mike Edelman should quit with his lousy spin on this. A Crook, is a crook, is a crook! The Trial that is set to begin on Febrary 14th will open up pandoras box. Let’s wait and see which Spano will be called to the stand. Did Mike not speak to the Feds? Preet Bharara is the best!

  82. How much does Tim Geithner owe? How much did Charlie Rangel not pay? It’s a pathetic joke that the feds spent tens of thousands of dollars in its 5 year investigation of a Nick Spano’s public/government dealings, and came up with NOTHING. Yes, Nick Spano has to pay taxes like the rest of us, and he should pay a fine on top, with interest. How would it make sense to incarcerate him at a cost to the taxpayers of more than the amount of taxes owed?
    I’d love to see how all these stone throwers would fare if the feds picked apart their tax records for the last decade. Does your favorite city council member or chief judge claim the personal use of the city car? Does your favorite city judge claim all the wedding payments they get? How about your favorite party leader and the slush funds? For that matter, show me an owner of a 2 family house in Yonkers that hasn’t missed $2,000 of rental income over the past 10 years, or had that extra $800 a month for that illegal basement apartment go unreported.
    We’ve got the US Attorney General chasing Nick Spano for $42k while he lets guns be sent to Mexico that kill our border agents. Nice priorities.
    Romney or Santorum in 2012.

  83. I was under the impression it was hundreds of thousands that he didn’t report, and that the tax on that income would have been the $40 thousand or so. It’s not $40 thousand income, it’s taxes on a much larger amount.

  84. Poor Nicky so busy emulating Mother Teresa that he forgot to pay his tax. He did so much for Yonkers, that’s why it’s a shining city on a hill. Yeah sure!!

  85. “Nick Spano enjoyed a distinguished 28-year career in the New York State Legislature.”
    He sold out his constituents time and again for his own personal advancement. Look at his votes over 20 years. He only worked for his constituents in his last term.

  86. Said Spano:
    “Today is obviously not a good day for me or my family, but I want to be honest and open about it. I did not pay all the income taxes that I should have. For this I am sorry and I take full responsibility.
    I’ve been very lucky to have the chance to help a lot of people during my life, whether it was the people of my Senate district, the developmentally disabled who counted on me to be their advocate, or the clients I have served since leaving the Senate. I apologize to anyone I have let down, and I look forward to making this right in the eyes of the court.”
    Said Levitt:
    “When he asked for our help Nick Spano was clear that he would take full responsibility for any wrongdoing, but that he would also fight any allegations that were untrue. Today he has done that by agreeing to a resolution with the U.S. Attorney that ends these matters by acknowledging a failure to properly report income. The amount of unpaid taxes is not insignificant, but it is also not the type of offense that normally brings this much attention. Nick Spano has a lifetime of serving the people. I hope that his record of service and accomplishments will be taken into account as people consider his failure to properly report his income.”
    Questions have been asked regarding language in the Information that suggest the government’s investigation extended beyond the underreporting of income. Levitt, Mr. Spano’s attorney, explained, “An information is a charging document that is not returned by a grand jury but rather is written by the United States Attorney’s Office, and the government has complete control over its content. Mr. Spano’s guilty plea, however, concerned only the charge that he underreported his income. The firm policy of the United States Attorney’s Office is to require that any plea agreement include a plea to the greatest offense the government believes it can sustain. After several frank discussions between the government and Mr. Spano’s counsel it was agreed that the appropriate disposition was a plea to a tax-related offense.
    Nick Spano enjoyed a distinguished 28-year career in the New York State Legislature. Senator Spano was first elected at the age of 25 to the State Assembly. In 1986, he was elected to the State Senate, where he served for 20 years. During his tenure, Spano rose to the senior ranks of the Legislature, serving as the Senior Assistant Majority Leader. He was particularly known for his advocacy on behalf of people with mental illness and developmental disabilities, and regularly fought for funding for those vulnerable populations in the face of proposed budget cuts. He was instrumental in obtaining funding for local schools, and was heavily involved in the rescue of the Westchester Medical Center during its financial crisis several years ago. As a senator , Spano was known for his close working relationships with members of the New York State Legislature on both sides of the aisle, in both houses

  87. Preet Bahara’s office does not make deals it does not
    have to make…they do not offer a plea to a tax charge if they have evidence of more serious crimes
    it is impossible to fight the government they have
    all the resources they want and can plague you for years examining every aspect of your life..if they had
    more they would have charged higher and with more counts..they didn’t..they didn’t have anything on ridge hill nothing on abuse of office.nothing on bribery or extortion, nothing on kickbacks from any
    private foundations..nothing at all..just a tax charge
    and although a tax charge isn’t a pleasant thing to plead to it is not a violation of public trust crime..
    now ask yourselves this question..of all the public sector workers you know do any of them have a cash business ..maybe painting homes, building things,
    wood working, etc…how much in taxes do you think
    is avoided each year by all of these people who are getting paid by the government and working off the books on their own time…45,000? that’s something
    to think about ..we have a cash economy and a real economy..the government is losing billions because of
    tax avoidance and its a hell of a lot more than 45,000
    over 8 years..if nick were not a former state senator
    a lobbyist and a public figure would there have been
    a criminal proceeding or would he have had to pay a civil penalty and all the taxes he owed…

  88. FYI I do work in the private sector, you however are probably a recent hire working for the County. I am also not a Spano.
    You are obviously quite naive if you think the Feds wouldnt have charged Nick with more if they had anything. He is the big fish they’ve been dying to catch. Nick sing?? not his style…. The Feds investigated him for a lonnnng time to find something and all they could come up with was this tax charge.
    Nick has done a lot for this city whether you approve of the Spanos or not and he and his family will continue to do so….
    Crawl back under your rock Hater!

  89. Puh-leese! Are you f-ing kidding me. He’s taking a deal like this because they had alot more on him than this tax issue. You can be sure that Fat Nick sang like a little girl. If he had been captain of the Costa Concordia, he would have taken one of the life boats dressed like a women. Delivered? Puh-leese! The only people he delivers to are his 200 family members, all on the government payroll. And I am sure that “Straggler” above is one of them. Can’t any of you leaches get a job in the private sector?
    No one is behind him except his family and closest friends who would be without jobs if it wasn’t for this self serving goat herder from Park-Hill!

  90. The difference between a priest, car salesman, politician, rabbi, NOTHING! They all preach one thing, do another. The only people to trust are those that want NOTHING from you!

  91. Just like a person that speeds and gets caught….how many times did that person speed and drive like an idiot before getting caught….countless times….same here all you Spano lovers give it up!

  92. Thank you for putting it so eloquently as tht is the total truth. They looked and looked for something to get him on. I know that 90% of the population have something in their past that they would prefer to leave there.
    He is a Spano, a former Senator, and a politically powerful person so they wanted the “big fish” on something and they got him.
    Nick and family, there are a lot of haters out there but for every one of them, there are 10 people who love you, admire you and appreciate what you have done.
    This to shall pass and Nick will back in fighting shape!!! Be strong!!

  93. Do you think that $38000 over 8 years of real estate transactions is alot of money?? Even the average blue collar worker probably claimed the same if not more on our taxes over the last 8 years. In non-profit donations alone that everyone has a right to claim that we all know DONT DONATE a dime probably comes out to a little less than what N. Spano did not claim. It is less than $5000 per year. Look at what Amicone dumped on the COY from the law suit which we will flip the bill and everyone knows that Amicone will not pay a dime of!!! $38,000 is an oversight!! Wake-up.

  94. I would like to ask any you haters out there how accurate your tax returns are? I’m sure the feds could find a few discrepancies on anyones returns if they want. This just proves that he wasn’t the “corrupt” person that some like to paint him as. Its sad that that the FBI wasted millions of dollars and thousands of man hours to find this. The IRS could have sent a letter stating the fine and taxes owed (like is done to normal people)and this would have been taken care of.

  95. you want my opinion it have to pay your
    taxes…no matter who you are and that includes tim
    geithner…but unlike mangone and the charges against
    annabi and jeries and vinny leibell.nick is not accused
    of betraying the public trust by abusing his office..
    or using his office as joe bruno did…nick is charged
    with underreporting his income and creating a deduction
    that did not exist…not a good thing..and he has to pay it all back plus a felony conviction..which demonstates that you can do a lot of things but not
    paying your taxes is not one of the things you can do…however in the final analysis, nick’s career has
    had far more plusses than’s a shame that
    it had to end with a criminal conviction…but he has
    indicated he acknowledges his error and is going to
    do whatever it takes to make good on it ..but he is not
    charged with public corruption and he is not charged
    with profiting from his office…period

  96. The feds give Sen. Spano a 5-year colonoscopy, and they come up with ZERO arising from his duties as a Senator. He is absolutely responsible to answer for the personal tax issue, but in baseball terms, this is the feds (and John Murtagh’s predictions) striking out and getting to first on a passed ball. Murtagh wants to talk trash on first base?!?! Game over, fool.
    Anybody else repays the taxes with a monetary penalty. A high profile person gets a conviction. That’s the way it is.
    Best wishes to Sen. Spano and his family.

  97. Nick didn’t deliver to Yonkers until his last term when he was running scared. He rose to the top of the GOP by voting with the upstate and L.I. senators.
    Look at the money per-pupil Yonkers gets compared to rich districts in L.I.
    Nick fooled you for 20 years and you still can’t open your eyes.

  98. When you take the oath as a public servant. Your life is in the public eye. Do the RIGHT thing or suffer the consequences. It is disgusting to think of people in powerful, life changing positions are so quick to forget this. Nick Spano should’ve been more thoughtful in his tax dealings because I’m sure he is prevy to tax lawyers and consultants that the average Joe can’t get. The question now is…what else is hidden?????

  99. One mistake DOES a criminal make. This is clearly Not ONE mistake a pattern over years and a total to plead to that has been negotiated taking in to account ALL the “good” he has done. He from now on will not be “Former Senator” he will be “Convicted Felon Nick Spano”

  100. Nicely put Just a straggler! Unfortunately people are quick to judge the Spano’s and would like to see them all “go down”, however they all seem to forget the good that they have done for the city of Yonkers throughout the years (to which I am sure that it has effected more people than not in a positive way). I am behind Nick all the way myself and hope that he will come back stronger then he was before. Good luck today!!

  101. You people are disgusting! Nick has done a lot for Yonkers and delivered when no-one else could. One mistake does not a criminal make. Nick, his family and his business will all be fine and he will keep serving the public in the manner you arely on. Good luck today Nick! We are all behind you!

  102. NYS recent list of shame Bruno, Liebel, now Nick. Politicians should NEVER be trusted!
    Well, timing is everything.
    I guess Murtagh would’ve liked this news made public a few months earlier. Hey Murtagh, we understand how you feel. Yonkers residents have felt political double-cross for years! Amicone leaving badly and now Mike beginning with this?

  103. On the assumption that Mike Spano is clean in all the sordid messes, how does Don Nick’s guilty plea affect him, if at all.
    I would love to hear what Edelman has to say about it.

  104. Forest Ratner’s hired gun abruptly departs. Mangone is testifying in four days.
    Did Nick sing?
    This sounds like the classic light sentence in exchange for evidence. Someone like a New York State Senator could provide enough information to indict hundreds of people, including half the State Senate Majority and dozens of party officials throughout Yonkers.
    What happens to Nick’s lobbying firm? This should finish them off. Maybe Jim Cavanaugh will finally stop interfering with Westchester County’s civil service examinations (wonder if the Feds are investigating that yet).
    By the way, does a Federal indictment of a lobbyist representing a wagering operation force the Obama administration to finally pay attention to Yonkers (or has the Department of Interior been paid off too)?

  105. Mike Spano better not even think of raising our taxes when his fat, tax cheating boss of a brother doesn’t pay his. BOYCOTT ANY TAX INCREASE by the Cheating Spano Administration, YONKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Where is “ANON?” All his posting on Nick Spano not getting indicted are all over, even on the now defunct Rising Times. Nick Spano will most likely be given probation. POS!

  107. ITS ABOUT TIME – Everyone has been waiting FOR YEARS for the hammer to drop on this crook.
    “Anything that feeds the stereotyped image of dishonest politics is unfortunate,” said former Yonkers City Councilman John Murtagh, a Republican who lost the city’s mayoral race last year to Nick Spano’s brother, former Assemblyman Michael Spano.
    “What we must remind ourselves and the public at times like this is that the majority of those in government are ordinary citizens trying to contribute to the good of their community, their state and the nation,” Murtagh said.
    Let’s see what else transpires in the next few weeks.

  108. Where was the Real Estate transaction? Did he pay the Yonkers transfer tax? Did he pay Yonkers City income tax on the under-reported income?

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