Investigative Report: The Grinch Who Stole Thanksgiving 2011 is Alleged to Be Lorraine Lopez By HEZI ARIS

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Thanksgiving Day DistributionLorraine Lopez (left) and former Mayor Phil Amicone (right) during a past Thanksgiving Day distribution drive.>>>

YONKERS, NY – February 6, 2012 — Lorraine Lopez worked as the food drive coordinator at the Yonkers Office of Constituent Services. It was claimed that under her aegis and effort over 3,000 Thanksgiving meals were provided in 2010.  The financial stress felt throughout the country also revealed itself in Yonkers. Donations were down, hunger continued to grip those who could not easily fend off the higher costs for food. The Thanksgiving table promised a beautiful table bedecked with trimming laid out about a roasted turkey placed in the middle of a table with family and friends about it, enjoying the meal and the company. 2011 would conjure images that would sate the stomach and quiet its growl of hunger pangs. And yet, despite the charitable donations and the empathy of many, the needy would not be served in 2011. They would be collectively dismissed by the now former Phil Amicone Administration; it seems Lorraine Lopez, in her presumed effort to comply with her yearly task, did not. The fact is that she solicited and received a donation of $8,000.00 from one donor. But rather than using it to serve those in need, Ms Lopez is said to have cashed the check, as permitted by a protocol set up by former Mayor Phil Amicone, through the Yonkers Parking Violations Bureau.


It was only when the donor inquired as to how many turkeys were purchased for the $8,000.00 donation he magnanimously gave, that the ruse was allegedly revealed.

Yonkers Tribune (YT) and The Westchester Guardian (WG) inquired of two prospective donors if they were the donors. One advised he had not made the donation whereas another spoke for her boss and was adamant that, “It’s not him.” The issue is not who the donor was or is. At issue is the protocol devised and encouraged by former Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone that devised an almost foolproof mechanism to skirt internal and external scrutiny. It seems the Amicone Administration had devised a money laundering operation that had taken place under the watch of Yonkers Inspector General Dan Schorr, as well as the auditors hired to be watchful of such conduct.

Lest there be some among our readers who will suggest to blame anyone of the departments who failed to find an avenue to reveal this alleged treachery, please recognize that the conduct was condoned by and under the time of the Amicone Administration with the said knowledge and approval of then Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone.

Also, it is curious that while many would unlikely have figured out the alleged scam and scheme, there were also none that the YT / WG were advised gave notice that the Thanksgiving Turkey drive was a non-event. Again, those that may have been in the know were scared of the retribution so often conducted by the Amicone Administration by its many minions who are still to be found walking the hallways of City Hall and its ancillary government offices.

Another situation that demands the attention of Inspector General Dan Schorr whose lackluster performance continues to be wanting. If anything, this allegation must be investigated by the office of the Westchester County District Attorney.

Now you know the entire story.

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eHeziInvestigative Report: The Grinch Who Stole Thanksgiving 2011 is Alleged to Be Lorraine Lopez By HEZI ARIS

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  1. So I’m the brother whom I made the reply on my sister Lorraine, Right now I am being threaten by my brother Hector and Susan Rivera on my comments on Lorraine, also from lorraine who is also threaten to smack my face because of my comment. So, why the threats? I think they are ball in denile and that is why they hate me. I know how the people who voted for her feel, and I uesd to be homeless myself , so I do know how you nall feel. She has no right taking from the poor’ and I will continue to express my opinion no matter how much they threaten me.

  2. You are absolutly right. I am one of her brothers and I will say that she is a revengeful and evil person. I witness her doing drugs. She was never sobor. She has been getting hi for a long time. I have mentioned it to a few members of the faMILY And they are all in denile. She never cared for the homeless, or people in recovery, she looks down at them. She conned her way to the top, and got away with it.

  3. It is being said that this isn’t the first time this happened. Apparently, there may be other incidents of “skimming” funds meant for others who are in dire situations. But she was clever in making things hard to prove and if you asked what happened to the funds, she’d have a HUGE tantrum and throw you out of her office etc. Her rage was well known. Kathy Moran and others on that floor where she “worked” were dreading her behavior and expected something to be done about it, but nothing ever was. Finally she is getting nailed. Good. No one wants to get mixed up with her and her ilk. Coming forward with information is to be targetted by her family and others beholden to them, and whomever is loyal in the past administration to this kind of thing. It’s just awful.
    She is full of revenge if you so much as politely question what funds were used for.

  4. The lopez family are a bunch of low life dirtbags. Lorraine is a joke and hopefully will be feeling the wrath of the federal government very soon

  5. What about when she was buying turkeys at Shop Rite a few years back and tried to hide a couple of DVD players under the turkeys and then when security caught her she called YPD Chief Tommy Sullvan, he squashed the whole mess? For realz!

  6. Did you hear on the news? She thought she was owed a stipend, that’s why she took the money! She was making $130,000 and she thinks she needs a stipend. She’s a disgusting human being!

  7. The same Judge Cerrato whose daughter is married to the son of Amicone’s stooge Kathy Moran? The Judge Cerrato whose son Stephen gets court appointments in Yonkers, and ran as an independent against Republican primary winner Mike Breen while the judge made lawyers contribute to his son’s campaign? The same Judge Cerrato that had a fundraiser after the election to line his own personal pockets? I hope she gets Daly.

  8. Is this the same animal who bunched a Yonkers Police officer and broke his tooth?
    Why would anyone steal from the poor? Tracing the Turkey funds should not be hard to do. Hopefully this will all get wrapped up in time for Christmas.
    Here is a Lorraine joke -corny but fitting
    Lorraine Lopez stopped by the local church to speak to her Pastor. She told the Pastor “I stole a turkey this morning on my way home from work”.
    The Pastor told her “That was a terrible thing to do”.
    Lorraine replied “Yes, I know that now, do you want it?”
    The Pastor replied “No, take it back and give it to the man that you stole it from.”
    Lorraine replied “I tried to give it back but he refused it”.
    The Pastor told Lorraine “In that case you keep the turkey”. Lorraine thanked the Pastor and went on her way.
    When the Pastor arrived home later that day he discovered that his turkey had been stolen!
    You cannot make this crap up!

  9. let’s not forget.. PROSTITUTE, GANG MEMBER, DRUGADDICT!! and this is what Spencer & Amicone put in office to represent the hispanics! they’re pieces of garbage!!!!

  10. Lorraine and her sister Betsy are both dirtbaGS.Betsy sold heroin to an undercover police officer a few months ago. This family has been on the streets of Yonkers for years doing nothing but negative things. I dont care how many turkeys she hands out on thanksgiving.Amicone should be ashamed of having Lorraine on his payroll.

  11. Hezi
    There is one flaw in your diatribe.
    No matter how many internal controls there are, or are not, if a city official receives funds and steals them, they go to jail. The fact that the Amicone Administration was sloppy in no way excuses or explains her behavior.
    If found guilty in court she was a thief. Period.
    How can anyone steal from the poor? Especially when earning $130k a year? I do not understand that. I hope she gets Judge Cerrato.

  12. Leopards don’t change their spots. You can’t make a silk purse from a pigs ear. How could you steal money earmarked to make holders special for people less fortunate then you. wow!

  13. I am shocked that something like this would happen under Phil’s watchful eye, absolutely shocked. She seemed like such a trustworthy crackhead.

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