Mayor Mike Spano Calls Upon Westchester County Executive Astorino to Intervene on Behalf of Public and Student Interest

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YONKERS, NY – February 29, 2012 – As threats of a transit worker strike loom over commuters, Mayor Mike Spano yesterday called on Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino to intervene with on-going contract negotiations between Transit Workers Union Local 100 and Liberty Lines, the private bus company which operates the County’s bus network. Mayor Spano and Yonkers Superintendent Bernard Pierorazio sent a letter* to Astorino expressing their concern and urging immediate action to help prevent a massive strike from taking effect.

“Thousands of Yonkers high school students utilize Student MetroCards offered by the Yonkers Public School District,” said Mayor Spano. “A strike would greatly inhibit the ability of those students who rely on Bee-Line bus service for transportation to attend school.”

The drivers and mechanics of the County’s bus system voted Sunday to allow negotiators to call a strike if talks with Liberty Lines don’t improve by the time their contract expires on Wednesday. As the expiring contract now enters its final hours, Mayor Spano says immediate action must be taken to help facilitate progress.

Mayor Spano said, “Due to the significant impact this dispute could have on our students, as well as many other residents who rely on the County’s public transportation system, I urged the County Executive to steadily work to bring both parties to the table to work out a fair and timely agreement before their midnight deadline for a potential strike becomes a reality.”

Download the letter addressing County Executive Rob Astorino by Yonkers Mayor Spano-022812-Bee-Line Bus

eHeziMayor Mike Spano Calls Upon Westchester County Executive Astorino to Intervene on Behalf of Public and Student Interest

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  1. to M-29:
    You really should give a fvck
    because the “Pension “Fairy”, Andy, may kick your teeth out one day and there won’t be a dime under the pillow sweetheart.

  2. I personally believe Students would learn more from Occupy Wall Street then riding a Liberty bus across the political dumping ground known as Yonkers.
    day by day this gets more humorous
    ……and seriously more concerning.

  3. Who gives a fvck about
    any of this garbage? All I
    know is, I got a visitor last night!
    Yes a monthly visitor, aka, THE
    PENSION FAIRY, she kissed my bank
    account while I was fast asleep! Thank
    you tax payers, I will expect the same
    next month!!!!!!. Be careful I hear it is snowing
    in NY. Not here in Fla. 80 degrees, sunny. See you

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