Father and Son Melio Plead Guilty to Tax Evasion Charges By HEZI ARIS

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YONKERS, NY — Antonio (father) and Franco (son) Milio, of Milio Management, have admitted to tax evasion charges to a sum alleged to exceed $2 million.

Cable News 12 Westchester was first to divulge this turn of events. The Milio brothers have claimed to have “bribed” former Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Sandy Annabi to earn her support for a senior housing development project that was to evolve out of the long abandoned Longfellow Junior High Scholl site on Seymour Road and Ashburton Avenue.

The Milio brothers had intended to witnesses against Ms Annabi in The United States v. Sandy Annabi case. A hearing before presiding Judge McMahon opens tomorrow, February 14, in United States Federal Court located in Manhattan.


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eHeziFather and Son Melio Plead Guilty to Tax Evasion Charges By HEZI ARIS

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  1. hello…scores of political hacks on city payrolls, year after year, amounts to millions of dollars compared to the relatively paltry sum that all the defenendants of this case combined are accused of taking –

  2. because none of what you are describing rises to
    the level of criminal activity unfortunately…kind
    of like the pension scam where employees retire on
    twice their salaries..that hundreds of millions not

  3. let me ask you something…a rhetorical question..how come the media only gets excited by supposed clandestine, back-room alleged corruption, when the real meat-and-potatoes corruption goes on every day in not only Yonkers government, but in every branch of government, i.e. the creation of taxpayer-funded, bogus no-show jobs which cost the taxpayer millions of dollars each year? Not sexy enough? Too blatant for you to take note of? Morons all.

  4. Milio brothers turning bldgs into section 8 is what the Goldbergs and Finkelsteins did to da bronx a generation ago and their kids all live in Scarsdale now! Maybe in a few years we’ll name a hospital ward after the “Milio brothers” for a generous dobnation?

  5. Why don’t the dig a little deeper w these Milio brothers For the last 20 years they have given buildings all over Yonkers for pennies on the dollar and than turned them into section 8 housing. Hezi I implore you to dig deeper on these 2. This is not their first time doing this. They own over 1000 apts I’n Yonkers. Please check.

  6. that’s why they say that bribery involving zone changes and other things that elected officials can do
    is a victimless crime…the developer isn’t going to
    complain because he gets the zone change…the public
    official isn;t going to complain because he gets the
    payoff..but the big question in all of these cases is
    how can you let a developer who pays the bribe then
    reap the gain of the completed project in terms of millions of dollars down the road…if you allow the
    developers to walk you are simply encouraging the same
    conduct in the future

  7. how can you possibly testify against this woman when, along along, these two guys claimed all along that she was at least two degrees removed from their $30K bribe. These guys should have been charged with bribery from the get…this was no sting operation, wherein marked money etc. was used. They simply paid for something they thought they would get, and then cried foul. The ball of corruption starts with the bribe by developers et al. And then it goes from there. To give these guys a pass legally is an abomination.

  8. the tougher case to prove is the ridge hill casse.
    if you read the indictment and the US attorneys
    theory of the case there is no contemporaneous quid pro quo alleged that got annabi to change her vote
    what is alleged is a course of conduct dating back
    many years that made annabi sort of owe the person
    giving her the benefits, i presume in this case jeries
    whatever he wanted on a zone change..that’s really hard
    to prove as a bribe…there could be lots of other reason someone was paying for her lifestye including
    personal ones….

  9. Milio admitted giving money to Mangone intented to bribe Annabi but the money may or may not have found its way to Jeries but nevrt to Annabi. One can not be guilty of recieving a bribe if they never got the money or new that they were being bribed.

  10. Spano out as Genting lobbyist. He had been retained at $25,000 monthly by Genting, the developer and operator of the giant racino at Aqueduct.

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