Yonkers Mayor Spano Announces New Take-Home Car and Healthcare Policies

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Part of Yonkers' Comprehensive Asset Reduction Schedule (Cars)

Policies to Save Yonkers Over $100,000 in Take-Home Miles and Up to $150,000 in Annual Healthcare Spending

YONKERS, NY — February 1, 2012 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s efforts to cut costs for the city, as he promised in the days of his campaign effort were realized today upon his announcing his updated policies on city-owned take-home cars and city employee healthcare benefits. The new policies are part of the administration's Comprehensive Asset Reduction Schedule (CARS), in which city resources and expenses are being evaluated in order to reduce city spending.

"While we look at the City's current budget, we are constantly evaluating all of the city's resources and look for ways to eliminate wasteful spending," said Mayor Spano. "Although these initial policies are not budget busters, it sends a message to Yonkers taxpayers that cost-cutting is a shared sacrifice for us all and we all must be held accountable for city expenses."

Today marked the city-issued deadline in which all departments were asked to return non-emergency take-home cars. As a result, 40 of the 93 cars of the city's fleet were returned today, which will save the city over 100,000 miles in take-home usage. As part of the first phase of this policy, only those department heads, deputy commissioners, commissioners and mayoral staff who are required to be on call on a 24- hour basis as specified by the Mayor's office will be assigned take-home vehicles.

The Mayor also stated that all city-owned cars will now be marked with official City of Yonkers seals and official license plates. Later this year, approximately 50 city vehicles from the city's fleet will be auctioned or traded-in. Over time, the city will swap out the current fleet of cars for more energy efficient vehicles, providing extra savings. Additional take-home cars will be phased out over time.

Mayor Spano today also announced the city's revised policy for city healthcare benefits, which will save the city up to $150,000 annually in coverage. Effective immediately, all unrepresented employees, including all top officials in the mayor's office, will be required to contribute to their city funded healthcare insurance at the rate of 20% for an individual plan and 10% for a family plan

The Spano administration plans to announce further cuts attributed to its Comprehensive Asset Reduction Schedule (CARS) in the coming months.

SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin
Communications Director, Office of the Mayor


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eHeziYonkers Mayor Spano Announces New Take-Home Car and Healthcare Policies

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  1. Why does the mayors staff and aides need take home cars as well?
    Glad to see that some of those Republican principles stuck with you, Mayor!

  2. How does the mayor getting rid of city cars make so much news. Cars are such a small budget item in a 500 mill plus budget…like paying $40k for a toyota carolla, but hey you’re getting 0% financing. What’s been much more cost saving to us citizens is the warm winter. No plowing is saving millions in the dpw budget.

  3. so here we have the first real attempt to reign in
    the skyrocketing costs of local government and still
    there are those of you who simply bear a grudge that
    a “spano” is mayor…and for 8 years too!

  4. you are a pompous negative monday morning quarter back nobody wants to hear your shit & if we wanted to we would fart asshole !!!!!!!

  5. The YPD and YFD have the take home cars
    in their contracts. The mayor would have
    to negotiate that out of the new contracts
    in order to take away the cars. This was a
    judicial ruling from two years ago.

  6. All I know is that this issue has been raised by taxpayers for over ten years, back to the Spencer days. Fill Amicone called it “a drop in the bucket” and dismissed us. There may be more places to cut, but Mayor Spano has taken a step in the right direction and done the right thing. Thank you, Mayor. Glad to see that some of those Republican principles stuck with you! Too bad Amicone and company were too busy living the high life and giving away taxpayer money to their friends.

  7. I agree that the cars should not go home, and I like the idea of a car pool, but the article didnt state that. And, why does the mayors staff and aides need take home cars as well. Does the mayor still get driven around in his gas guzzling SUV, complete with his police officer bodyguard/driver? Change should start at the top.

  8. Taxed out- have you ever heard of a car pool? The cars aren’t being taken away for good they just stopped the take home policy. Why should a building inspector be given a car to take home. If an employee needs a car it will be issued to them thru a car pool.

  9. How are the employees who lost their cars going to do the jobs they were hired for?Im not talking about desk jobs, but take for example a building inspector, how is he supposed to go out and do inspections? Walk, take a bus?

  10. So there are 40 cars that average 2,500 miles per year each (100,000 miles)? That is about 10 miles a day. Where are these cars going? Dobbs Ferry? The numbers don’t make sense. If they were serious about fixing this problem they would get rid of ALL of the cars other than obvious city vehicles like police cars, fire trucks, garbage trucks, etc. The problem with these people is they can’t see the forest for the trees.

  11. Just how many vehicles in the police department still go home every night? Just think, every Det. Sgt, Lt, and EVERY captain has a take home car. Most Never respond back after hours. The YPD has ample personnel on duty at any given time, and can stabilize any situation. If a special officer or supervisor needs to come back after hours, let them come in with their own personal vehicle and pick up a city car and go to the scene. How many DPW pickup trucks still go up the taconic to Putnam and Dutchess? This is all a scam and nothing will change.

  12. hahaha…..when will they auction off bagpipe boy’s brand spanking new Navigator?? I heard they had to pry him away from that thing crying!! hahahahaha

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