Annabi / Jereis Trial Mired in Inferences Lacking Consensus By HEZI ARIS

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Discovery Brings About Request for Dismissal of Trial

Conspiracy Allegations Questioned for Seemingly a Lack of Proof

NEW YORK, NY and YONKERS, NY – A tax preparer, Mr Walid Farhad, who testified last Friday at the behest of the government also underwent cross examination. When the court concluded its finds for the day, it was expected to have the tax preparer return today. Instead, two letters, from different doctors beseeched the court to not demand the triple by-pass survivor of last June or July not need to return to conclude the cross examination under the command of William Aronwald, legal counsel for former Yonkers City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi. After an engaging discussion, the Hon. Colleen McMahon, District Judge, decided to attend the tax preparer’s Danbury, Connecticut, beside to conclude the cross examination. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Perry Carbone and Jason Halperin assured the judge a videographer and court reporter would be present at 10:00 a.m.; by the time she will have arrived at the witness’ home. Once concluded, the entourage will depart Danbury for the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse in Manhattan. The government is expected to rest after the concluding testimony afforded by tax preparer Farhad.

The discourse and concern over Mr Farhad’s state of health, when concluded before Mr Farhad’s two medical advocates, the Hon. McMahon, and legal counsel, was patiently mitigated among all parties concerned. Legal counsel for defendants Jereis and Annabi, Anthony Siana, Esq., and William Aronwald, Esq., respectively, found the prosecution’s star witness, Anthony Mangone, to have allegedly perjured himself by stating that he, Mr Mangone, had received $30,000 in cash from Antonio Milio, founder of the real estate and development firm, Milio Management, for the purpose of giving it to Mr Jereis, who in turn it was suggested would turn the cash over to Ms Annabi, thereby cajoling her to vote in approval over the Longfellow Project.

When U.S. Attorney’s Halperin and Carbone turned over copies of Mr Antonio Milio’s, and his adult son, Franco Milio’s passports, it was learned that both Antonio and Franco Milio were vacationing in Mexico, from September 24th to October 1st, exactly the period during which Mr Mangone asserts he received a total of $40,000 in cash from Mr Antonio Milio.

Mr Mangone is said my Mssrs. Carbone and Halperin to believe that was the  time period during which he received the cash from Mr Antonio Milio. Mr Carbone believes it is not crucial to their case whether the date is specific or simply sufficient by being to the best recollection of Mr Mangone.

Mr Siana, Esq., requested a mistrial; Judge McMahon placed the request in abeyance, pending further study, specifically, a re-reading by the Hon. McMahon of the transcript so as to ascertain the exact language used by Mr Mangone in his testimony before her court last week. The government asserts Mr Mangone’s recollection was simply that, a recollection, to his best ability, and did not require greater specificity. Dendendant’s legal counsel was adamantly in disagreement.

The government’s hand was further weakened by the telling of FBI Agent Dennehy upon his stating, “I relied on Mr Mangone’s testimony!”

This, despite Mr Mangone’s reputation placed in question earlier that same morning.

It was after lunch that Hon. McMahon, inquired as to the evidence anticipated to be brought before her courtroom that would bind the charge of “bribery,” rather than what has until now been seemingly gifts, that is, “items transferred to an individual, directly or indirectly, with no return” demanded.

The legal banter found Hon. McMahon understanding the government position regarding the “circumstantial” Longfellow Project. The Judge was however, “having trouble with the other theory,” that is, “conspiracy,” as she has gleaned no evidence toward that end and wanted to learn of the government’s prospects for proving their case.

The government has until today conjectured that since 2002, when there was not even a glimmer of thought of a Ridge Hill development project, or one for the Longellow project, that Mr Jereis had plied Ms Annabi with gifts, “markers,” if you will, noted Judge McMahon, in anticipation of a time, whould it ever reveal itself, when Mr jereis could count on getting a vote from Ms Annabi for whatever project ot issue arose, and that she would comply. Judge McMahon hase yet to recognize, “What is the evidence?” She has repeatedly stated, “conspiracy,” which is the charge brought by the government, “needs  connection.” She asks, “Where did this understanding ever come about?

The government suggest they need not prove more than the behavior pattern is sufficient to prove their case.”

Judge McMahon is still in search of “any evidence of a meeting of the minds.” The government contends, “Concealment plus payment equals a bribe.”

Mr Siano suggests most vehemently that without Mr Mangone, there is no Longfellow case. Mr Mangone scammed the Milio’s. 

We’ll learn more on Wednesday, March 14th.


eHeziAnnabi / Jereis Trial Mired in Inferences Lacking Consensus By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Bravo political hack hater!!
    Well said.
    The PILOTs given these developers are mind numbing, they should NEVER exceed a 5 year window.
    These developers took few risks, as the taxpayer absorb and supplement these projects, our government representatives gave away the bankbook. Now they are blaming the very unions that keep our City safe and the mutually agreed upon benefit packages for the sorry state of affairs.

  2. the golf cart… on golden wheels… has indeed presented himself and he’s a defensive motherfucker for the status quo.
    the arguments are seriously flawed.
    “the government’s theory of the case itself is not based on traditional criminal law concepts of
    mens rea and actus reus”
    I know how to read and i know what the Constitution says. I also have a clear sense of the duties those elected to office are responsible for.
    maybe you are speaking to a collapse of the legal enterprise you engaged one day a long time ago.
    Goldman Sachs comes to mind.
    Maybe its time to stand up and actually say something is wrong?
    “the administration is interested in development
    so am I”..I’ll bet you are.
    so are a lot of people..just not in the way you invision it…with your fucking cronies and pals.
    indeed you have been a huge advocate of it all along..including ridge hill.
    Ridge Hill was a Yonkers giveaway….property alone was worth nearly $1 Billion dollars.
    For Yonkers they produced very nearly exactly: zero.
    thanks for your advocacy
    SFC is a hostage taking situation for the past 7 years (?…I’ve lost count)
    but as i recall you also supported it.
    perhaps i’m wrong here.
    and you are welcome to state so.
    “well you are certainly right about one thing…we
    are broke..but the municipal unions still want what
    they want…so when you ask yourself who is making
    off with the taxpayers dollars you need to look no
    farther than the deals made with the unions over the years…we are talking hundreds of millions…”
    yes indeed and the scumbag politicians you have endorsed thru many of those years are the ones who supported this.
    finally: go fuck yourself
    you speak out of both sides at the same time
    jump on your golf cart and go.
    have fun.
    I for one: am completely sick of hearing your bullshit (and anything that sounds like it) and the motherfucking politicians you have supported.

  3. And we attract corporate welfare developers that don’t pay their fair share. It’s time for the 99% to take back this country from the greedy 1 percenters.

  4. New York is a welfare state. That is what broke NY. We attract people because our social benefits are higher than anywhere, that is what broke NY.

  5. So your opinion is biased if you were against Ridge Hill but not if you for it. That is illogical intellectual CRAP.
    As to lower property taxes, name one year, just one in the last 20 where taxes were lowered in Yonkers because of the development?
    You cannot collect taxes, if you have given the store away year in year out to greedy developers.

  6. I have a feeling michael will not disappoint…
    bringing in richard ravitch is a smart move…ravitch
    was the key to getting new york city through the
    fiscal crisis it faced 40 years ago…the last few mayors did not do what they should have in terms of
    controlling the cost of government and saying no
    to the union demands…yonkers along with lots of other
    municipalities are paying for it unfortunately..
    michael understands that the problem needs to be solved

  7. And it’s a shame, since New York’s raw potential and PARTICULARLY the wonderful potential of cities like Yonkers remain untapped.
    I love this city; its neighborhoods, its proximity to everywhere and its potential for economic growth. If someone ever turns around the school system, it will overnight become THE destination point in the Northeast — hands down.
    But we’re broke, the State government is broke — and failed tax policies along with uncooperative unions have broken our economic back.
    If Cuomo was truly forward thinking, he would take a chance on Yonkers as an economic and educational staging ground for innovation. However, who can trust giving a blank check to this city? It’s a real shame.
    I would gamble on Yonkers, even with Mikey in city hall.

  8. well you are certainly right about one thing…we
    are broke..but the municipal unions still want what
    they want…so when you ask yourself who is making
    off with the taxpayers dollars you need to look no
    farther than the deals made with the unions over the years…we are talking hundreds of millions…

  9. You see, Hezi, very few of us have lived through a true political scandal/indictment where an entire generation’s network of powerbrokers were humbled. And, as a reporter, you will discover how sources and commenters vanish as this investigation thickens.
    How business was previously done is over. How politics was previously covered won’t work anymore. There’s no spin or shine that can be put on this. The irony, as laughable as this may sound, is that Andrew Cuomo in Albany and a number of throwback Republicans in Westchester from previous regimes will get caught holding the ball on these scandals.
    Forget everything you have previously learned, folks. Don’t rely on the usual suspects for help. It’s over.
    You might have a problem with how the Feds handled this trial but look a bit deeper. New York as a state is a joke, bureaucratically and economically. We’re the backward state now. We had 47 electoral votes in 1970. We have 29 now. Our way of doing business doesn’t work and we need to stop deluding ourselves with the rationale that we are doing things right.
    Count on the Feds expanding investigations; more arrests, wider indictments, more exposed trials — and the kind of scandals that wipe this political era off the map.
    We’re not important. We probably never were.

  10. Nick and Mike Spano have a bunch surrounding them who prefer to break the law rather than compete openly and honestly in fair elections. This approach to politics had bled over to their approach to doing business — but it’s how business has been done in Yonkers for generations.
    So who do we blame?
    I take exception to a Sheldon Silver captain, Assemblyman Joe Lentol from Brooklyn, being anywhere near Yonkers. I also have a problem with State Senator Tom Libous criminally muscling in on some Westchester action, as if this is his political realm to extort things.
    Who do we blame?
    If you ask me, a lot of Yonkers politicians — including Nick and Mike Spano — should grow a set of balls and tell these outsiders to get the fuck out of our county.

  11. the administration is interested in development
    so am I are a lot of people developement means
    a broadening of the tax base and more jobs for the
    residents of the city…but if the developer is willing
    to do just about anything to get his project done then
    the way to stop it is to penalize the developer if
    a bribe can be proven…the mayor is not intersted in
    bribery…he is interested in bragging about how he
    can attract new busineses..and developers who know they
    will be held up…are not likely to come to any city
    you keep trying to suggest that phil amicone has some
    responsibility…was there any other developers interested in ridge hill? or in downtown yonkers?
    no there were not stop blaming the poltiics
    and deal with the fact that development is the blood
    of lower property taxes….and ask yourself one question were you for or against ridge hill…if you
    were opposed than you opinion is biased

  12. excuse me folks, but it all starts with the CITY ADMINISTRATION, who in the first instance, is the entity which brings the developer to the table. But, I don’t see any of the previous administration in chains.

  13. the US attorney may know things we don’t…but that
    doesn’t mean he can prove a case…the way to stop
    behavior that allows developers to hire this one and
    that one to influence council votes is to pass a state
    law that prohibits a developer from profiting if a
    project that wins approval is the result of any
    money or anything of value changing hands between
    anyone and a member of the city council….period
    then you eliminate the incentive for looking the other
    way or encouraging bribe receiving…In this case the US attorney is stretching to prove that a bribe took
    place..i personally believe that the judge will throw
    out the rige hill bribery count and the tax counts..if she believes they were gifts and not graft

  14. All this case does is reinforce the need for term limits and transparency in government. You have to accept the fact that most (not all) of the elected officials in Yonkers are crooks. It is not a question of if they steal, it is a question about how much they steal.
    This one got caught. She needs to understand: don’t do the crime unless you are willing to do the time.
    I seriously doubt that the US Attorney would bring the case unless there was some merit.

  15. the government’s theory of the case itself is not based on traditional criminal law concepts of
    mens rea and actus reus…you cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt a bribe without
    1. showing a quid pro quo for the actual change of vote 2. showing the parties intended to
    be influenced by the exchange of something valuable..this was the problem with the indictment
    in the first was creative but that’s not sufficient in the criminal law…and mr arronwald
    should simply ask this one question..if annabi was bought and paid for l.why oppose the
    project in the first place and hold out until the very end when the developer sweetened the pot
    for the city.if jeries owned the vote she should have been onboard from the get go…the lockwood
    bribe is a totally different situation…its money for a vote…but where is the proof that annabi
    received the money?….and one other thing mr arronwald needs to ask the jury to consider
    who got the benefit of the change in vote…jeries? certainly not if he paid 174,000 and got 15,000
    in consulting it was the developer who got the benefit…but the developer got a pass

  16. oh don’t you worry, some pedantic sweet guy, probably driving a golf cart will come buy and explain everything.
    maybe he’ll even invite you for dinner at ridge hill

  17. Politicians: the salesman of this elusive thing called Hope:
    I’m waiting for the day one of you motherfuckers signs a contract to do what you say.
    You bastards.

  18. My God you really miss the point.
    You fail to realize nothing is going to change here.
    These motherfuckers stole it all.
    That is why you have no posters…other than the ones who ride golf carts….
    you refuse to understand Annabi is an excuse for it all… a lot of smoke and mirrors..

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