BREAKING NEWS: Jereis and Annabi Found Guilty by HEZI ARIS

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Annabi_SandyNEW YORK, NY — March 29, 2012 — The jury presiding over the corruption and bribery charges agains former Yonkers City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi and former Yonkers GOP Chairman Zehy Jereis found the respective defendants guilty on all counts made against them. Lawyers for the defendants are expected to file motions of dismissal by May 4, 2012.

The morning gave no evidence of the jury finishing its deliverberation. The expectation was for a verdict to be presented on Friday. And then, Court Clerk James O’Neill heard a few knocks made to be heard on the door separating the jury deliberation room and the court. Someon was heard to blurt out, “Lunch!” It was 11:30 a.m. After unlocking the door, Mr O’Neill would return to the courtroom proper and advise that the communication presented to him by the jury made note that the deliberation process had ended. No one in the courtroom was prepared for the finality that was to come about.
Within less than five minutes, those with interest in the case would fill the courtroom. Relief and trepidation had enveloped the courtroom. The Hon. Colleen McMahon, District Judge, had entered the courtroom. It was she that officially advised the jury had completed their deliberation.
The jury entered the courtroom while those in attendance stood in deference to the respect afforded them their role, Judge McMahon was the only one seated. The jury tooktheir seats, they were followed by those in attendance.
The jury foreman was asked to stand and to attest that the jury had ended its deliberation and arrived at a unanimous verdict. They had.
Judge McMahon asked what “Overt Acts” had they found?
With regard to the following acts, the following were said to be found:
The jury found Sandy Annabi and Zehy Jereis guilty of Count One based on Overt Acts…
R: On or about June 9, 2006, Annabi and Jereis met No. 2 (Forest City Ratner) at a restaurant; and
P: On or about July 25, 2006, Annabi sent an e-mail to her adminustrative assistant (Debbie Kayal) directing her not to put the Longfellow legislation on the list yet and to call “Z” (jereis) and let him know that the Longfellow legislation had to be revised; and
I: On or about March 29, 2005, May 12, 2006, May 15, 2007, and May 14, 2008, Annabi submitted financial disclosure statements to the City of Yonkers that failed to disclose her receipt of financial benefits from Jereis, Mangone, and others.
The reader should note that there were rationale noting scenarios listed as “A” to “Z,” and even had space for other “overt Acts.” Only R, P, and I were noted, and specifically in that order.
Count Two: Conspiracy to deprive the City of Yonkers and its citizens of Sandy Annabi’s ‘Honest Services’ – Annabi – GUILTY; Jereis – NOT APPLICABLE
Count Three: Receiving corrupt payments – Longfellow.
Annabi – Guilty; Jereis – Guilty
Count Four: Making Corrupt payments- Specific opportunities…
Annabi – Guilty
Count Five – Making corrupt payments – Specific opportunities…
Jereis – Guilty
Count Six – Extortion under color of Official Right – Longfellow…
Annabi – Guilty; Jerreis – Guilty
Count Seven – False statement to a bank – Patton Drive…
Annabi – Guilty
Count Eight – False statement to a bank – Bacon Place
Annabi – Guilty
Count Nine – False statement to a bank – Rumsey Road
Annabi – Guilty
Count Ten = Subscribing to afalse tax return – 2005
Annabi – Guilty
Count 11 – Subscribing to false tax return – 2006
Annabi – Guilty
Court Clerk O’Neill found the ommission of a signature on the”Verdict Form,” to which Judge McMahon specically polled each juror to ascertain whether they had indeed concurred in unanimaity with all the jurors. They each affirmed they were in agreement.
Judge McMahon thanked the jurors for their effort.
A call to have the verdict dismissed was placed into motion. The call to dismiss will have to be present to the court by May 4, 2012. Sentencing is to take place in June 2012.
United States Attorney Preet Bharara said the following, “Today’s convictions of Sandy Annabi and Zehy Jereis on all counts are a victory for the citizens of Yonkers who – like all Americans – deserve fair and honest government, and not government driven by bribes and riven with backroom deals. These guilty verdicts are yet another clarion call to corrupt public officials and those who contemplate buying their influence, that we will do everything within our power to root out, prosecute and punish this conduct. It is conduct that erodes the public’s trust and confidence in government and poisons the legislative process.”
William Aronwold, legal counsel for Sandy Annabi said he cannot see how the ruling could stand. Mr Aronwold contends the government had not proven its case.

eHeziBREAKING NEWS: Jereis and Annabi Found Guilty by HEZI ARIS

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  1. I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well.

  2. I was an alternate juror on this case. We listened carefully to everything, and my fellow jurors were very smart and careful folk. Although I did not deliberate, I heard the whole trial and am confident and comfortable with their verdict. 5 weeks of testimony with 30+ witnesses (fought on cross the entire way) is a lot to digest. They did a great job.

  3. Thats wasn’t the jury decision It ‘s the Governments. I hope the judge sees that or contact some kind of investigation in the jury decisions or bring them back and asked them why,,,,,,,,,,, the judge knows ther were no case…… I guess the gov what’s it a guilty verdict& thats what they got…….

  4. are you people really that stupid……..Jeries still has a lot of shit on Nick and Mike, so they made a deal…..keep your mouth shut ( he knows even if he spills all he knows he will syill wind up doing some time…) and we will keep your wife on the Books for 100k a year bullshit job in City Hall while you are away…..its not that his wife has a job, its that she working in mikes office…………. THE FUCKING GUY TESTIFIED AGAINST HER HUSBAND AND HELPED PUT HIM IN JAIL…..MIKE KNEW HE WAS ON THE PROSECUTORS WITNESS LIST WHEN HE HIRED HER…………. ???????????????? SOMEONE PLEAES CALL THE FEDS…….

  5. “more of the mystery”…well if you look at what
    happened you have to be scratching your head
    1. if Jeries owned annabi’s vote why did she
    oppose the project when he first asked her to
    vote for it…
    2. who pays 195,000 to get a 60,000 consulting gig
    of which a total of 15,000 was paid
    3. in a bribe situation usually the person getting
    the largest benefit pays the bribe….who got the
    most benefit..not jeries….
    4. why did both people working for the developer suddenly leave on the eve of trial
    5. why did a developer pay millions to “lobbysists”
    if zhey owned the vote…
    the judge has already indicated that she is skeptical
    of any conspiracy on the ridge hill bribery part of
    the case…and there is no direct testimony that
    annabi received anything in the milio part of the
    case….the judge could easily throw those portions
    of the case out and let the rest stand…

  6. Friday, March 30, 2012 – Atlantic Yards Report
    Local fallout regarding Yonkers trial: newspaper laments corruption, columnist argues that, in the end, Ridge Hill is good for Yonkers
    The Journal News has a good package of articles and commentary (and video) responding to yesterday’s convictions, on all counts, of former City Council Member Sandy Annabi and her political mentor, Zehy Jereis.
    The editorial, Annabi trial ends, but corruption will linger, stated:
    The smitten-cousin defense, novel and intriguing as it was, ultimately was no match for common sense, or the Rolex watch, car payments, airfare, cash or other valuables that moved between former Yonkers Councilwoman Sandy Annabi and her distant cousin, one-time Yonkers Republican Party Chairman Zehy Jereis, convicted Thursday of all charges in their federal corruption trial.
    There was some plausibility to that defense, actually, given that Jereis also went through a dramatic personal makeover, including a 150-pound weight loss, which he said was motivated by his desire for Annabi.
    Then again, as prosecutors pointed out, the checks to Annabi came from a joint account Jereis shared with his wife, while he and Annabi talked 81 times on “job fair day” and only four times on Valentine’s Day.
    Very confusing. Could it be that Jereis had the hots for Annabi and also wanted to influence her, and/or she treated him as a “sugar daddy” but also took his political advice? If so, that’s still basis for guilt, prosecutors said, since friendship doesn’t get you off the hook.
    More investigations
    The Journal News saw the prosecutions part of a long history, and predicted more:
    So went another chapter in the annals of public corruption in New York and the Lower Hudson Valley. It is an old and tedious story. In February, former longtime state Sen. Nicholas Spano, a Yonkers Republican, pleaded guilty to tax evasion, in a case where public corruption also figured prominently.
    …Spano’s undoing closely follows that of former state Sen. Vincent Leibell, for long the most powerful Republican in Putnam County.
    As noted yesterday, prosecutors said the investigation is continuing.
    Turning point?
    In a reaction article headlined ‘Slam dunk’ verdict called ‘turning point’ for Yonkers, the newspaper got that headline quote from Mayor Mike Spano, bother of Nick:
    “This says, very clearly and very loudly, ‘If you are elected, you are entrusted with public dollars — and if you are in any way complicit in taking illegal gifts, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Spano said.
    The city is improving its ethics code, but Spano is not immune to whispers. A Republican turned Democrat, he hired Jereis’s wife at City Hall. And, in anonymous comments at the Yonkers Tribune, some went after him, with one warning:
    Mike Spano will not finish a four year term.
    Before it’s over, both Zehy and Sandy will bury him in order to cut a deal.
    A defense of Ridge Hill
    Photo copyright Jonathan Barkey
    Journal News columnist Phil Reisman suggested, On Ridge Hill, Annabi’s vote was right for Yonkers:
    Because of Ridge Hill, Yonkers presents a direct challenge to White Plains as the county’s dominant retail center.
    Built by the mega-development firm Forest City Ratner, Ridge Hill was not without tremendous controversy, as everything in Yonkers always is.
    But you could make the reasonable argument that Ridge Hill is the best thing to happen to Yonkers since Neil Simon wrote a play about getting lost there.
    Reisman has a point–Ridge Hill is nice and shiny in a city that, overall, is not–but he sounds not unlike some Barclays Center defenders: who cares if it’s a sweetheart deal for the developer, since it produces some good for the community?
    A former Council Member, Dee Barbato, testified that the annual payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs) negotiated by Forest City Ratner were less than half those paid by a shopping center one-third the size. The additional $10.8 million Annabi negotiated was just a one-shot.
    Lingering questions: Forest City
    Reisman wrote:
    There are a lot of fishy things about this case, a host of unanswered questions. One of them is why nobody at Forest City was ever implicated in the Ridge Hill part of the bribery scheme. We may never know the answer to that question.
    Because it was never quite a bribe, just “corrupt payments.” Forest City reps said they never knew Jereis was influencing Annabi.
    Photo copyright Jonathan Barkey
    Still, when Forest City government relations chief Bruce Bender was asked if they promised Jereis a job before Annabi’s vote, he said, “It was inconclusive, but we certainly left the impression we were probably going to do it.”
    That’s fishy, indeed. And, as I wrote, while Forest City may say the trial wasn’t about them, it was, at least in part.
    Lingering questions: reversal
    Reisman suggested that “[s]ome people who have watched the trial closely believe the jury was confused by the complexity of the charges” and that Annabi and Jereis may see their corruption convictions overturned:
    Indeed, Annabi may only go to jail for mortgage fraud — an offense that could be tagged to half the underwater homeowners in America and the crooked bankers who enabled them.
    Actually, Annabi also was convicted of tax fraud, claiming a $50,000 loss on a loan to her father that prosecutors contended, and jurors agreed, was bogus.
    Reisman’s right that there’s a fighting chance of reversal.
    But there’s also a chance that, if the verdict stands, Annabi and Jereis will cooperate to reduce their sentences, and more of the mystery of Ridge Hill will be uncovered.

  7. ed viv said…
    i hear mike spano is very proud of himself for testifying against his TWO friends sandy and zehy; zehy, long time friend who helped mike and nick on their campaigns for years – even zehy being the bag man for nick – carrying the $10k to pay off a nick opponent to get out of the race and then rigging election ballots; AND sandy, who put republican nick spano’s pictures on her reelection campaign pieces when nick was running against her fellow democrat stewart cousins. Sandy and Zehy put their necks out for the spanos and mike calls the guilty verdict against his two friends a ‘slam dunk by the prosecuters.’ What a pal. RAT

  8. edelman hasn’t been involved in yonkers politics
    in 30 years…what a crock of crap…but he was
    the first to publicly call for the removal of jeries
    as yonkers city chairman….and that is fact

  9. There is a small faction of the Republican Party in Yonkers, that has fought tooth and nail against the Spano/Jereis/mangone/Pirro control of the party and the City for many years.
    Mike Edelman was never part of that, now vindicated, group. In fact Edelman is part of the Spano, etc group – no matter what, including Mikey’s switch to the Dem party.
    Those who are owned by Spano and Jereis include Jacono, Tubiolo, Esposito, Sershen, Barbato, Martinelli, Mclaughlin, Burrows and others.
    These are the same people who gave Murtagh the nomination, at convention and in the primary, to run against Mikey, knowing he could not win. By the way, Murtagh can also claim to be a Spano man, having supported Mikey against Amicone 8 years ago and having been born into politics as a Spano creation.
    So let’s not let Mike E grasp at straws, now that his entire life in politics is slipping away. It is perjury for him to claim, now, that he’s not bben an ardent supporter of corrupt felons like Spano, Pirro, etc.
    It will all, eventually, come out in the wash.
    In the meantime, thank people like Lawler, Benyo, Calvi, Raimondelli and some others for throwing Zehy Jereis out of the republican party. No thanks go to Edelman.
    It really comes down to the good guys versus the bad guys. You know who’s who. Shame, shame, and more shame on the bad guys.
    Forget party politics, these Spano bad guys have sold the City out over and over again. They have ruined it at the behest of a bunch of dumb greedy crooks.
    Is it true that bird of a feather flock together ?

  10. What does his wife have to do with it. He was on trial not her! Do you know any criminal activity she does? So if my wife commits a crime I should be fired from my job?

  11. commenting on the law is not the same as rooting for
    an aquittal of jeries and annabi…they have had
    their trial and they have both been convicted..I am
    no fan of either of them…and never have been and they know it…but that is a separate issue as to what
    the law requires in determining guilt..and for those
    of you who can’t make the distinction tough

  12. This is also interesting because i don’t see anyone commenting off topic you pedantic prick.
    If Jeri’s wife is working in Spano’s front office you bet it should be news
    and the editor of this Journal should be publishing it.
    If its true and he doesn’t publish it- I’m going to hold his feet and yours to the fire before the DA.
    Keep posting.

  13. This is all very interesting.
    I don’t see anyone posting here named Edelman.
    are you saying there is a political operative on this website?
    I’m appalled.
    Don’t you think he should use his real name?
    If I’m not mistaken Edelman is the snooze 12 apologist for Amicone?
    So which poster is he?

  14. the Edelman bashing is as refreshing as calling Nick Spano fat, Carlo Calvi a midget, Mike Spano dumb and pointing out John Murtaugh’s oversized head.
    Enough already. It’s overplayed.

  15. Really? Really? Sooooo…you condone curruption. You obviously are cut out of the Spano cloath as was Mangone, Jeris and his soon to be going to jail cousin. Hey, doesn’t Jeris’ wife work at the front desk for the current Mayor, Mike Spano in city hall? Where is the outrage. Where is the reporting of this oh not so important fact?

  16. hey mike edelman was the only one calling for the
    removal of jeries when he was the city chairman
    or don’t you remember selective memory is realy

  17. Philly,
    Mike E may be undergoing the same thing that the Jet Blue Captain recently suffered in that flight from Vegas to NY.
    In light of the “reality” of what happened today, his denials are bizzare if not phsycotic.
    Perhaps, when, his pals, Nick, Mickey and Al are put away, he’ll be told about it in his place of convalesence.
    One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest ???

  18. philly are a jerk…plain and simple…
    wait until the judge decides the motions to direct
    a verdict..the law is the law

  19. Does this come as a surprise to you people? Her family has an arrest record that dates back to the 80’s beginning with her father who served time for drug trafficing. Even the mother was involved.
    Her brother Sam that was seen in the courtroom today was also a former member of the Arabian Knights Posse Gang.

  20. Talk about a**holes, most of the people in Yonkers don’t even know who the mayor is. BTW, aren’t you related two the two most famous grifters in Yonkers. Can’t sell “one of the most beautiful homes in Yonkers.” Ha, ha, ha.
    Like those sirens blaring all night and that beautiful school just across the way…what a loser you are doughboy

  21. i hear dee barbato is very proud of herself for calling them in on her friend sandy. Not the first time she turned on her friends. rat.

  22. The Hezitorial: Prosecution Rests Without Going the Distance in Yonkers Corruption and Bribery Case By HEZI ARIS
    Here’s another late to the dance Hezitorial.
    Guess they went far enough, eh Hezi?
    Where am I to get my local news?
    Hezi is no longer viable.
    Snooze 12 would have you think all charges were going to be thrown out.
    Were their reporters actually in the courtroom?
    Are we to rely on Lisa Reyes’ interpretation of courtroom testimony?
    Was Hezi ever in the courtroom?
    Where was Hezi’s info coming from?
    Must I go back to the Journal News?
    News 12 .. Mickey Mouse TV
    Yonkers Tribune … Mickey Mouse blog

  23. The Judge personally thanked and shook the hands of the jurors.
    Sure she thinks that they acted contrary to the weight of the evidence.
    Mike E is soon to be finished too.

  24. unless you are an attorney with inside information
    about what the government does or doesn’t have I suggest you refrain from making the statements you
    make about the existance of evidence that has never
    been revealed….and since you are not an attorney
    you may not understand what the obligation of a Judge
    in the US district court is…and that is to insure
    that when a jury reaches a verdict if the verdict is
    against the weight of the evidence she has the ability
    and the obligation to direct an aquittal..i certainly
    don’t have any problem with the prosecution of municipal corruption in fact if you check the case law(if you know how) you will find that the standard for
    conflict of interest by municipal workers was benchmarked in a case that I prosecuted 35 years ago
    the government is entitled to mount a circumstantial
    case..but those circumstances must only point to one
    conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt..a difficult concept no doubt for you to fathom…however in a circumstantial case when there are two possible outcomes and one points to non guilt..any jury
    that disregards that possibility is subject to a
    directed verdict so before you spout off about how
    corrupt the politics is in the county and the city
    let’s wait until the motions are made and the judge
    makes a ruling…as for any other evidence I don’t
    see any other indictments do you?

  25. its sad to see so many assholes on one site spano is one of the best mayors this city has seen his aproval ratings are through the roof much better then the i’m a clown adm

  26. Poor poor doughboy Doughboy is that short for bag man? Poor little Spanoite Boo fu#*^ng Hoo!! That makes three! Three down and 267 to go!

  27. Congratulations to Mr. Bhara and his team. The people are tired of corrupt politicians and their operatives picking the pockets of the citizens.
    Now, can we get Forest Ratner to pay full taxes instead of a PILOT, or at least reduce the term of the PILOT to five years from ground breaking. This development and it’s “new” type of zoning should do the right thing for Yonkers. We cannot depend only on tax revenue and low paying, no benefit jobs. We need for these developers to pay their share of real taxes, just like everyone else.
    They cheated to pass this development so their tax breaks should be null and void.

  28. Mike Spano will not finish a four year term.
    Before it’s over, both Zehy and Sandy will bury him in order to cut a deal.

  29. You still don’t get it …
    … Federal prosecutors have wiretaps and surveillance on most of the key principles in Westchester politics. Are you just going to imagine or “spin” away the guilt and crimes here? Worse, you keep doing it anonymously.
    We don’t know yet what else the Feds know — and what other trials might be forthcoming. This is just the beginning. There isn’t a bunker deep or deceitful enough for the criminals in New York politics to hide. Despite how little it seemingly reaped in terms of measurable prosecutions, it’s a good bet that the Governor of New York State will now be publicly compelled to expand investigations.
    Stop spinning this.
    The politics in this county is a corrupt waste of time. We failed for years to clean house. This is about all of us, including myself (as much as I tried to make a noise with others), failing to stop a lot of evil for too many years.
    No more rationalizing it. This is a backward political environment we’re dealing with — and it’s no wonder so much else takes so long.
    Guilty. On all counts. And they’re lucky that perjury wasn’t added to the charges.

  30. It is done.
    “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
    — Winston Churchill
    Since the summer of 1992, myself and many others have pleaded with law enforcement to stop the deceitful madness in this city. Not even the tragic death of former Yonkers Mayor Nick Wasicsko or the murder of Jeff Balancio’s son could rouse the interest of Federal, State, County and City law enforcement officials to do the right thing.
    It all took too long and there’s a lot more evil under the fingernails yet to be uncovered.
    It’s a start. It’s about time. I’m not sure if it’s too little, too late. It can’t bring back some people but maybe it’s a wake up call. I sure hope so.
    The rest will on a lot of good people to start doing the right thing … though I’m not holding my breath.
    The past, indeed, is prologue.

  31. Can’t wait to see the SpaNO pr team IN City Haul go into full gear, with more of their bs stories.
    The big question here is who’s next?

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