Mangone Allegations Exact Bravado Devoid of Proof By HEZI ARIS

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The government’s star witness in the alleged federal corruption trial of former Yonkers City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi and former Yonkers GOP Chairman Zehy Jereis  continued on Monday, March 5, 2012, along a paradigm commandeered by the defendants' legal counsel from last Thursday, March 1, 2012, at which Anthony Mangone’s (LEFT) testimony seemed full of bluster, self-importance, pathologic in his personal relationships, and headstrong in his disdain for friends, associates, and partners alike. Mr Mangone, by his own words and expression, concocted a tale of plausible conduct and self-importance, that was deficient in provable “facts,” yet could be surmised as seemingly credible in its accusation of every protagonist he mentioned; only Mr Mangone was left blameless. 

Mr Jereis’ counsel, Anthony Siano, proved Mr Mangone’s gambling problem to have consumed many of his years in “living large,” to the tune of accumulating debt of over $300,000 in casino “chips” and “loses.” To ameliorate his obsessive compulsive gambling disorder, long satiated by his visiting and playing at casinos in Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Uncasville, CT, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City, Mr Mangone incorporated the many ploys he learned over his almost two-decades long stint as a political gofer and desperate wannabee. 35 years of potential jail time may be Mr Mangone’s payoff.

His needing to satisfy gambling debt had Mr Mangone connive and contrive strategies to keep him one step ahead of societal norms. When losses would eventually accrue to unmanageable levels, he penetrated client escrow accounts, which are specifically “verboten!”

Mr Mangone advised that it was Nick Spano (CENTER) who told him about the practice of passing chips from one casino to another to get cash.

Mr Mangone said, “[then Senator Nick] Spano passed money to him through Donna Mangone, Mr Mangone’s wife, from 2002-2003, when Donna Mangone worked on the Friends of Nick Spano campaign effort, and receiving $27,000 to work on the campaign.

Mr Mangone also claims to have paid 10’s of thousands of bribes regarding the Longfellow Project.

Mr Mangone admits to being cajoled to hire Senator Joe Libous’s (RIGHT) son Matt, a lawyer, for $50,000 per annum. Within days, Mr Mangone stipulates Senator Libous called to advise Mr Mangone that the salary should be upped to $100,000 per annum and also include the balance of a lease of a Landrover for his son Matt. Less than a week later, Mr Mangone asserts Sen. Libous called to suggest the remuneration favoring his son Matt must be $150,000 per annum and the Landrover lease.

It was at the final demand that Mr Mangone balked advising that the firm could not afford such an outlay because Matt Libous, Esq., was not bringing any business into the firm.

Mr Mangone asserts Sen. Libous advised Mr Mangone to bill a shell or dummy corporation for $50,000. The corporation they are alleged to have billed was called HIFFA. HIFFA was said to have received money from third parties. HIFFA was billed for amounts that comprised $50,000 of Mr Matt Libous’ salary. The bills submitted to HIFFA have not been revealed nor verified to be legitimate.

Mr Mangone attested to having broken attorney client privilege by admitting it was he who advised the government Milio Management, under the milieu nurtured by co-founder Antonio Milio, and his son, Franco Milio, who, when becoming part of the firm was demanded to similarly conduct himself fraudulently. Mr Mangone admitted he advised the FBI that the Milio’s had not been paying taxes; neither City of Yonkers, New York State, or Federal taxes, among other employee related taxes, FICA, Social Security, and advised further that the Milio’s promoted job openings to those who were not documented as legal. Mr Mangone was NEVER exonerated from conforming to the tenets of attorney client privilege.

Mr Mangone divulged that it was he who labeled the Milio family, “cheap bastards,” and it was Mr Mangone that advised the FBI that the Milio’s were” cleaning up the cash.”

Mr Mangone relates how during one real estate transaction he was handling for the Milio’s, the Milio’s, cash rich, had a preference to close on a commercial purchase with a seller who would not close on a cash basis. The seller demanded check payment. The Milio’s sidestepped the issue by depositing cash payment to a third party to meet the final monetary figure for the closing transaction. That third party wired the amount needed to complete the purchase transaction with the seller to Mr Mangone’s client escrow account. When the bank wire was acknowledged, Mr Mangone issued a check to the seller of the property and thereby concluded a “deal” in which cash was “laundered.”

Mr Mangone advised in testimony that the Milio’s had used him and the “escrow account” “dozens of times” over many years to launder funds.

Mr Mangone also related the story regarding the anticipated departure of Mr Anthony Servino to return to the Office of the Westchester County District Attorney. When Mr Mangone joined the firm of Servino & Santangelo, it was known as Servino, Santangelo & Randazzo. The firm would continue to evolve to be known as Servino, Santangelo, Randazzo & Mangone. When Mr Servino departed the firm, the name was changed to Santangelo, Randazzo & Mangone. Mssrs Mangone and Santangelo kept Mr Servino ignorant of the expected income that could have resulted in increased profits to be equally shared among the partners. To avoid sharing more than they wanted to, Mssrs Mangone and Santangelo agreed to be silent of the expected income, to commandeer checks that were expected for work performed to NOT be deposited until after Mr Servino’s departure from the firm for a position elsewhere. This was the conduct of Mr Mangone after 6 years as a partner to Mr Servino.

Mr Mangone was shown to have lied in grand jury testimonies oftentimes in his career. Mr Mangone would at times mention some members of the Melio family giving him specific amounts of cash, but the amount of cash fluctuated from $10,000 to $20,000, to $30,000 and even $40,000. He vacillated between amounts he stipulated, was uncertain upon which days, sometimes even on which months money transfers took place. He was even confused from whom he received cash, whether there were witnesses to the said transactions or not, and similarly had equal difficulty on attributing his conduct when in the presence of other people allegedly delivering cash.

He attempted to play the U.S. Attorney’s Office by suggesting he would tell them the “truth,” but admitted that be “lied” oftentimes.

Mr Mangone related instances in which he left out pertinent information in his “re-telling” of circumstances. He left out former NYS Senator Nick Spano’s name from being present at Reno’s Restaurant, admitting that he did so to protect then Senator Nick Spano over an alleged voter falsification scheme.

Many times, Mr Mangone advised that in reading FBI information culled from his testimony, that the FBI did not articulate in writing form that which took place. Mr Mangone stipulated “the FBI lied!”

Mr Mangone would tell of circumstances in which he stipulated that a particular individual was in attendance at a gathering yet it could not be corroborated by any other source. Did the FBI lie? Mr Mangone has mentally submitted to the personal demons of his delusions suggesting uniquivecally that "the FBI did lie!"

Mr Mangone divulged that a Milio relative advised him that Mr Jereis and Ms Annabi were intimate with one another. Mr Mangane claims Mr Dominic Maiano told him (Mr. Mangane) that “Jereis was sleeping with Annabi.” It is presently conjecture as no evidence has been submitted proving it to be the case.

Further Ms Annabi and Mr Jereis are not cousins.

Mr Mangone spoke often of attempting to find an avenue of communication with then Councilwoman Sandy Annabi, yet Mr Mangone also admits to not going to her directly; seeking the assistance of Mr Jereis, and not ever approaching Mr Mangone’s wife’s sister, Debbie Kayal, Ms Annabi’s then Legislative Aide. Mr Mangone should like the jury to believe his description of Ms Kayal as a secretary, is accurate; claiming no knowledge of her title or her job responsibilities.

Mr Mangone professes to presently be engaged as a restauranteur. The first name of the restaurant was inaudible, the second part of the name was Trattoria. The restaurant is a licensed establishment, that is, it serves alcohol, but the question begging to be asked is how could he have received a license to operate an establishment serving liquor with his record, vis-à-vis the law? He further advised that he operates a firm engaged in commercial interior designs. The firm is known as Aspen Design. 

After the conclusion of Mr Mangone’s testimony, an FBI specialist in communications analysis took the stand. This agent was tasked o follow the telephone calls initiated by Sandy Annabi,Zehy Jereis, Anthony Mangone, and another individual who presently escapes my recollection. When testimony by this agent continues Tuesday, it would be pertinent and appropriate to learn if communication by cell phone transpired between by Mr Mangone, when he attended a gathering among associates at a restaurant that conducted business as Trattoria, in White Plains, New York, yet defunct today, with Mr Jereis, who Mr Mangone stipulates stopped before the restaurant, advised Mr Mangone of his presence, and of Mr Mangone exiting the restaurant, entering Mr Jereis’ car and allegedly giving him $10,000 in cash.

At the speed by which Hon. Colleen McMahon, District Judge is moving, it seems U.S. Attorneys Jason Halperin and Anthony Carbone will rest their case within two weeks’ time.


eHeziMangone Allegations Exact Bravado Devoid of Proof By HEZI ARIS

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  1. hahaha…….so far no one has bothered to mentioned how corrupt this whole shit is
    that’s funny in itself.
    If you’re not LAUGHING YOU ARE PART OF IT.
    and we are going to catch you…!
    You Cutie Sweetheart!!!….!

  2. so far you have mentioned derogatorily…cuomo
    jonathan lippman chief judge of the court of appears
    Larry Schwartz, janet difiore, her husband george
    pataki etc…but factually you have alleged absolutely
    nada…except to intimate that whatever you think is
    going on is worse than watergate and that everyone
    is either covering it up or afraid to launch an
    investigation..surely you don’t expect anyone to
    believe you while at the same time you claim to
    be a friend of difiore’s..some friend..

  3. The “great lie” is never repeated more often and more self-righteously by those who are evil than when those who are good are closer to the truth.
    We have no vendetta. Most of us have been good friends with Janet DiFiore over the years. Sadly, most of us know better.
    I think that if New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn’t show Larry Schwartz the door very soon, this could all escalate into a woeful scandal against the Executive Chamber in Albany for looking the other way.
    But Pataki looked the other way too, so maybe such stupidity comes with the job of being governor.
    DiFiore can’t remain on the State Ethics Commission, not unless she wants to grow a set of balls and actually conduct the greatest investigation in the history of American politics. What we have here is worse than Chicago, worse than Watergate and bad enough to undermine what remaining economic value New York still has.
    Unless Cuomo and/or DiFiore speak up, what credibility in any venue that the Empire State have left?

  4. the argument that difiore is a bogus democrate underscores that your entire series of allegations
    are biased based on your political preference..she
    was elected on the democratic line..usually da’s are
    not ideological because it is irrelevant to the way
    crime is prosecuted as former da of manhattan frank
    hogan said..there is no republican nor democratic way
    to fight crimed…why don’t you spell out rather than
    insinuate indirectly why you think difiore has a conflict…she was not involved with libous or libous’
    son or mangone or anyone else at the how
    does she get dragged into this….other than the fact
    that you have a vendetta against her…and as for
    all the “big fish” you mention…the government doesn’t
    wait for a trial to reveal targets and subjects they
    know the testimony of their witnesses in advance so
    if they were going after alphonse ..a very big fish indeed he would have already been charged…but clearly
    they have their targets and you can watch the trial
    and see whether or not they prevail but as for all
    this conspiracy stuff…its totally incredible!

  5. There it is:
    “In deed, why isn’t Eric Schneiderman investigating. Could it be that the disclosures about Servino implicate Janet DiFiore whose been treated like some “holy cow” by both Lippman and Cuomo with her totally inappropriate Ethics Commission appointment. Fact is she’s a bogus Democrat and a very corrupt district attorney. She wields unjustified political influence by way of her husband, a partner in the influential DPW law firm.”
    This house of cards is coming down real soon.

  6. My amateur hunch is that Federal prosecutors either leapfrogged over Nick Spano to a bigger target (Libous and Lentol are political Moby Dicks) — or someone corruptly kept prosecutors on some level from pursuing an adequate charge against the State Senator.
    Let’s cut to the chase here, Mike. This is not limited political calculus — and it’s clear to me where they are headed.
    They’re looking for Al D’Amato’s head or Larry Schwartz or possibly even someone within the Westchester County District Attorney’s office. IF the FBI lied, this is a Federal conspiracy and it is an Oval Office level crime in Eric Holder’s lap. That’s Kirsten Gillibrand, her father the bi-partisan lobbyist and — AGAIN — D’Amato (and possibly Pataki administration operatives).
    Joe Lentol? That’s Brooklyn and Manhattan. That’s Sheldon Silver. That’s EVERY member of the Assembly who sucks on on the Speaker’s teats (and some of Westchester’s delegation have CLOSE ties to Brooklyn and the gaming industry).
    Nick Spano is small potatoes. He didn’t protect Yonkers (I’m not sure Phil Amicone protected Yonkers either, by the way).
    Finally, Libous is THE State Senate Majority. He’s Upstate New York. There’s a whole house of cards here about to cave-in, even without indictments. There may already be grounds for an Ethics Commission to call for Mr. Libous and Mr. Lentol to vacate their legislative seats.
    When this is all over, we’re going to be asking: Who was Nick Spano?
    Oh … and Senator Leibell? Maybe those close to him in Northern Westchester can explain how they missed his mistakes, starting with a LOT of high level Republicans since 1994.
    The Feds are after a big fish. There will be other trials, more indictments and I’m sure we’re all going to be subject to surveillance for a long time. Hey … they might even ask you to testify, Mr. Edelman, so you won’t feel left out.

  7. Give Anthony Mangone some credit. He’s been an “uncooperative” witness most of his life to more crimes than most of us could fantasize about.
    And now he’s cooperating, and probably sparing us all 30-40 years more of grief. He’s doing the right thing. Right now, he’s a hero in my book. Despite all the times the two of us wanted to strangle each other, I genuinely admire his courage and I wish him well.
    Could the FBI have lied? Absolutely (and I’m sure there are a few Federal prosecutors who lied to each other too). ANYONE with a glimpse into the past machinations of the Westchester County District Attorney’s office know there’s been PLENTY of looking the other way.
    So now finally Mangone makes sense and I applaud him.
    The guy has guts (sure, he is also scared shitless of 50 years in prison).
    He’s still more worthy of living on that hill than a lot of families who have been there for two generations. I hope a lot of fathers and uncles and cousins in Crestwood appreciate that at the end of the day. We all know this dark cloud started when Jeff Balancio’s son was murdered. It can never bring him back but maybe somehow this will finally send the right message to young people in Yonkers to stay out of trouble.
    Fare thee well, Anthony.

  8. Libous too?
    What’s a lawmaker from Binghamton doing sticking his nose in Yonkers?
    Well … What’s a lawmaker like Assemblyman Joe Lentol from Brooklyn doing here too?
    Yonkers was used by New York City and Upstate politicians. What was Nick Spano doing all those years, paying off his own gambling debts with favors to the Albany bosses?
    As sad as it is pathetic.
    I knew Nicky was corrupt. I never knew he was such a submissive political slave.

  9. Good! now we need a few restaurants seized as well.
    but if you’re holding you’re breath for the FED you will likely die.
    This looks like a shit show where no one gets hung and nothing changes because the real power players are not even on stage.
    And they certainly aren’t charged with any crime.
    This is In your Face Corruption.
    And Yonkers Will Loose Yet Again.
    We already have.

  10. Hasn’t worked for him in the past 6 years???? You must be kidding! Mangone was bailing his ass out in the Conservative mess with Andy Spano and Janet Difiore 2years ago. Mangone and Spano are joined at the hip. Mangone did nothing without Nicky knowing. They did everything together. Word has it they own property together and that will be seized by the FEDS.

  11. In the know?? Is this you lil Johnny murtagh? Anthony was a big boy who hadn’t worked for nick for the last 6 years …so please …spare me. Anthony is a trapped scared little rat who will say anything about everyone he knows just to save his own little fat ass.
    Karma is a motha!!!!!

  12. They didn’t build it around Mangone, he was a co-conspirator. There is no smoking gun as of now. It appears Mangone protected Nick the sleaze once again and the Spanos ride off in the sunset to continue stealing from the good people of yonkers. Hopefully their day will come when they are all led into court in handcuffs.

  13. I am surprised that the Feds built their case around Mangone. Could they be that dumb? That is not Preet’s reputation. One wonders if there is a smoking gun yet to be revealed?

  14. Let’s face it folks most of us are not in the know. Mangone followed Nicky lock step. It’s only a wonder more has not come out about how corrupt Nick was. Does anyone really believe Anthony was not carrying Nick’s water. what about the payment to Khader to keep Nader off the line. stop kidding yourself, Mangone is still protecting Nick the sleaze. everyone knows Nick knew about the green party scheme. nick ruined Mangone and many others its a wonder why mangone doesn’t bury him. nicky must be dangling a carrot in front of him

  15. kind of reminds me of the Godfather part II when
    I think it was Tessio who wanted to break away
    from michael and the Corleone family ..of course he
    got snagged and begged Tom to get him off the hook
    but he was taken for a ride anyway..In Mangone’s case
    judging by his testimony thus far, frankly if I were
    a government prosecutor I wouldn’t vouche for a word
    he says…when you have a gambling addiction like any
    other addiction you will say and do anything to save
    your own ass or cover your own deceit..the problem
    for Mangone has always been that he is simply a thug
    even when he kicked a man while two other tough guys
    held him down at BLT it was an indication that something was wrong with him…and now the government
    is relying on his testimony to convict …Iam guessing
    bill arronwald by the time he finishes cross examination will demonstrate that Mangone is not to
    be beleived and that the governments case is built
    on his unreliable tales which were recent fabrications
    to get himself a deal..the jury should nullify this
    case because the only real benefit went to an entity
    not charged

  16. The proof of Anthonys unreliability lies in the mere fact that he withheld info from his own law partner and Nick. Anthony acted alone because he wanted to make the most money he could.
    Anthony worked for and prospered from many different people and has told the truth then said he lied then swears he’s tellling truth. Lets face it – Anthony has no idea what the truth is or frankly what the word means. He would sell his own mother down the river if he thought it would benefit him some how. What a shame that people trusted him as their lawyer. People like Anthony aren’t told by someone else to do unlawful things, they do them because they want to make money and usually do them without anyone knowing because they are rats and dont want to share their “cheese”.
    Good luck Anthony! Keep digging your hole, as every day it gets bigger. Greed is what brought you to where you are today not Nick or the Milios or Sandy or Zehy. Man up!

  17. the government is relying on one witness to establish
    the case against annabi…a witnesss who admittedly
    was a gambling addict…a gambling addict who would
    borrow from one casino and “kite” the chips to pay
    another so his debt was never paid..someone who is
    in that kind of constant financial need who testifies
    that when he had cash in his possession he gave it
    to someone else…is totally and completely unreliable
    as a witness…as to the charges regarding ridge hill
    where is the proof of a bribe..a quid pro quo for the
    annabi vote?…if all there is are telephone calls
    and things given years before I do not see the mens
    rea nor the actus reus to establish the bribe count
    as regards ridge hill…

  18. excuse me but the government’s two key witnesses, Milio and Mangone, can’t even get the dollar amounts or the mode of transfer to match and we’re supposed to believe mangone, once again? I think the Milio’s bribe money is at Tropicana Casino et al.

  19. “Cooperating witnesses” are always liars. It is who they are. They are criminals. They have a demonstrated contempt for honesty. A jury must weigh their credibility by assessing whether the spectre of a huge jail sentence is incentive enough to force such an individual to tell the truth. Here, given the large amount of time facing Mangone, he has every incentive to be complete and truthful. WHen will we hear from Nick? Will he confirm that he was a part of the voter fraud and bolster Mangone’s testimony? Will he talk about Mangone’s role in his office? Will he talk about Zehy and what he did for him?

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