Mike Edelman on Westchester on the Level with Narog and Aris on Wednesday, March 7th at 10 A.M.

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Mike Edelman, Esq., (RIGHT) political strategist and pundit will engage in an engaging discourse over the 10-state, Super Tuesday battles fought Tuesday for the Republican presidential nomination, on the Westchester on the Level with Narog and Aris this Wednesday morning, March 7, from 10 a.m. through 12 Noon. Mr Edelman with open the first hour and the second hour will be a review of this past week’s salient events. Hezi Aris will conduct the interview today. Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick (LEFT) will join the discussion during the second hour.


Listen to either segment of the show; preferably both – by guiding your computer to the hyperlinked address below:


Your calls are shamelessly solicited. You are only asked to stay on topic. Call toll-free. The number is 877-674-2436. Tell your friends.


eHeziMike Edelman on Westchester on the Level with Narog and Aris on Wednesday, March 7th at 10 A.M.

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  1. maybe you just didn’t get it.
    this BS of “politeness” simply serves your purpose.
    game over you SOB.
    now we get to play for real.

  2. its better than nice..its the truth….and that will
    be the last I have to say about it…onward and
    upward…as they say…need to get about 20 more yards
    out of my three wood

  3. everything you have posted is correct.but there
    is a difference between making a false statement
    intentionally and making a political charge which
    contains inaccuracies……the fact of the matter
    is that the backstory is that one of the anchors at
    news 12 was asked by smith to issue a retraction a year
    before the lawsuit was brought…news 12 refused without asking me…and I would have been happy to
    have issued a retraction or correction of the record
    and after they brought the suit news 12 refused to
    defend me….so i wasn’t going to pay a dime to defend
    a statment made in the course of a campaign on their
    air…the point is .to the extent that anything was said that was untrue I apologized for ..but remember
    in the english language..lying is when you make a statment you know is false..not when you beleive what
    you are saying when you say it…just because you are
    in error factually doesn’t make you a liar..and in
    fact the lawsuit was resolved …and if you don’t
    understand that making a statement which turns out
    to be untrue is not the same as lying..then you need
    to go back and take a refresher course in the english
    language..and just because the sheriff issued a statment characterizing the statements were willful and malicious doesn’t mean they were and in fact
    there was no judicial determination that they were..
    so you are not as smart as you think you are…and you
    are not going to chase me off this blog or any other
    with your continuous harang on the same subject..I apologized to the sheriff.he deserved the apology
    but if news 12 had simply issued the retraction when
    he asked..a year an a half before he decided to sue
    it would have been settled..so someone at news 12
    (you can guess who) made a unilateral decision not
    to retract without ever asking me whether or not the
    “entire statement” was totally factually correct..
    and by the way Elliot Spitzer was on george stephanopolous’ show this morning…however I wouldnt
    go back even if I was asked to ….I don’;t like
    people who fail to stand behind someoen who did their
    show for over 20years no matter what the circumstances
    were..so you really haven’t got a clue

  4. “He’s got two houses, one in North Carolina, one in Florida,” Edelman said on News 12, days before the Republican primary in 2009. “He has a homestead exemption in Florida, which you know means that you don’t have to pay property taxes.”
    Smith, in denying Edelman’s statements, alleged that they were “spoken willfully and maliciously with the intent to damage [Smith’s] good name.”
    “Contrary to [Edelman’s] false and malicious statements, [Smith] did not own a house in North Carolina, did not spend most of his time in Florida in the wintertime, was not an absentee Sheriff, did not have a homestead exemption in Florida, [and] was a primary resident of the county of Putnam …”
    Since Sheriff Smith is a public figure, the burden of proof for slander is higher than if he was an average citizen. Edelman and his attorney, Martin Baker, are prepared to stand behind the statements.
    “He’s got to show that they are untrue and were said with malice, in other words, he has to prove Michael either knew it was untrue or said it with reckless disregard for the truth,” Baker told the PCN&R. “And he will never be able to prove either of those because what Mr. Edelman said was true.”
    Mike who said this“I truly regret making statements about Sheriff Smith that were untrue and failing to disclose that I was working as a paid consultant for one of the Sheriff’s opponents,” Edelman said in a press release. “I apologize to Sheriff Smith and his family for any pain I may have caused them and any damage I may have done to the Sheriff ’s reputation.”

  5. nope its not…its a fact that you are fantasizing
    because it allows you to call others a liar…what
    does that make you?

  6. they are still nasty comments and demonstrate that
    the poster who relies on spewing personal criticisms
    has no facts to back up their own arguments…so they
    result to personal attack…its what people with
    no education do…because they haven’t got the tools
    to make their points without that crutch…

  7. hahaha……..apparently we seem to have a legal eagle around here who never read the first amendment.
    got over yourself…you sound like an asshole.

  8. you just can’t get over being nasty…and that’s
    why these blogs should be monitored…because jerk’s
    like you shouldn’t be allowed to open your mouth

  9. so you are saying that difiore has the responsibility
    to investigate libous…because she is the head
    of the ethics commission and because his son was
    supposed to get a job from a private law firm not
    connected to state government..well you are just plain
    wrong..that is not the mission of the ethics commision
    there are no allegations of wrongdoing against senator
    libous that are pending ..just some ruminating by
    you about why his son might be working for mangone
    because mangone worked for spano which in and of itself
    is ludicrous on its face..you seem to think that the
    presence of senators libous and lentol are evidence
    of criminal activity..they are not.and then when your
    arguments about conflict falls flat on its fct you
    accuse those who make you look like a conspiracy
    freak of being involved…its the same old story and
    it illustrates once again why you should sign your
    name to your posts and why none of this stuff should
    be online unless the poster mans ..you end with
    your’re probably part of it” of course ..no facts
    no law on your side..might as well accuse…
    didn’t that happen in france one J’accuse…how did
    that turn out !

  10. This is a potential criminal charge of extortion against a State Senator whose roommate in Albany was Nick Spano. This is a claim of a crime, one that I hope SOME prosecutor somewhere will investigate… anyone, anyone, anyone?
    Bueller, Bueller, Bueller…
    … Anyone, anyone, anyone.
    Can anyone do their jobs right and investigate this criminal activity by politicians in Yonkers?
    Or is Janet DiFiore and Andrew Cuomo just going to hide under their desks for the next three weeks
    Do you think this is the first time someone has referred complaints about criminal corruption in Westchester politics to the D.A.’s office or to the Attorney General?
    She’s now the head of the New York State Ethics Commission. It’s now Janet DiFiore’s responsibility to investigate these claims of criminal activity by a State Senator — not to mention the fact that the actual crime of extortion happened right here in Westchester.
    Keep denying, you shithead. I’ll give you some credit since we all know you’re not THAT dumb.
    I don’t know what’s worse; the corrupt presence of Joe Lentol from Brooklyn through Mike Spano or Tom Libous from the Southern Tier through Nick Spano.
    And you don’t see any conflict of interest for anyone? You don’t see how prosecutors have failed to investigate these crimes for nearly 20 years?
    Of course you don’t. You’re probably part of it.

  11. what fix…you posted from an upstate newspaper
    about a job that libous’ son got with anthony
    mangone…where is the fix…in that post…what
    is the connection between that post and difiore..
    as for whether or not I can see conflicts …you should
    know that I set the bar for conflict of interest
    cases when I prosecuted frauds in the da’s office.
    its still the leading case on conflicts…your intimations and threats about the feds investigating
    me are the kinds of lousy nasty remarks that only people who have a vendetta would make..you cannot
    connect your own post. to your own premise…what
    does libous’ son have to do with difiore…and dont
    talk around the argument as you do…constantly
    specifically tell us why you cited the post in support
    of your theory that difiore is corrupt and that her
    husband owns andrews cuomo which by the way I intend
    to send to mr cuomo so he can see for himself tthe
    charges of him being in someones pocket which i am
    sure he will appreciate…

  12. Asshole, we did contact the Attorney General. We had contacted Andrew Cuomo directly when he was Attorney General. The complaint was shuffled back to the Westchester County District Attorney’s office and ignored there too.
    What part of “fix” don’t you understand, Mr. Edelman, or are you so in control of how these Federal/State/County investigations have looked the other way that you may in fact be the boss of all bosses?
    (since only a former county prosecutor like yourself with ties to Nick Spano could have managed such a fix)
    Perhaps we should pray the Feds investigate you, deeply.
    If you can’t see the conflicts of interest, you’re a sorry soul.

  13. also if you are convinced you have uncovered an ethics
    issue why don’t you 1.call the attorney general
    2. alert the counsel to the governor 3. notify
    NYPIRG..and see what they say about it…I am sure
    they will tell you the same thing the US attorney
    told you….

  14. if you are saying that because servino went back
    to work in the da’s office after working at mangones
    law firm where apparently income was hidden from him
    to avoid his partnership share..how does that involve
    difiore…you don’t seem to understand the word
    “conflict of interest”….

  15. why don’t you explain exactly what you think the
    conflict is..I don’t see her name mentioned anywhere
    in the above story do you?

  16. Regardless, DiFiore must remove herself from the State ethics commission. That’s a conflict of interest.
    Speaking of conflicts, some of the people who gave money to Gail Burns and John Spano in 2009 will also be a political problem for the Westchester County District Attorney.
    Carl Vergari never would have taken a call from a politician, let alone endorse or donate money the way DiFiore has. The bottom line remains that New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is now the man on the spot, as is State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.
    If an ethics commission cannot rule objectively, we have a much deeper problem in New York that will have a much more provocative outcome in elections. Maybe the public will finally get so pissed that anti-incumbency will clean out the entire Assembly and State Senate (not to mention the Governor, Comptroller and Attorney General).
    Mike, weren’t you taught at a young age to avoid “the great lie” — or were you too busy caddying?

  17. EdelFRAUD,
    Let’s see, no soul,
    no brain,
    no heart,
    no morals,
    no balls,
    in short a steaming lump of
    dogsh*t has more redeeming
    qualities than this waste of sperm!

  18. di fiore is hardly corrupt…you know absolutely nothing about the situation..before Tony Servino
    was in business with santangleo and randazzo he was
    chief of the district attorney’s appeals and motions
    bureau and that was under Carl Vergari…and a fine attorney on the law…he evidently got fed up for whatever reasonwith the practice he was in and sought
    to return to what he liked best ..the law…
    the fact that Difiore was elected as a democrat and
    was previously a republican seems to bother you..maybe
    you would have preferred tony castro..let;s take a look
    at what his kids go from one of his clients…
    Difiore is anything but corrupt and her husbandhas
    nothing whatever to do with how she conducts her office
    he is too busy flying around the country trying major
    cases and making plenty of money as a partner in a major highly respected new york city law firm…
    so difiore is exactly the person to head up the ethics
    commission which is why she was choosen…

  19. There it is:
    “In deed, why isn’t Eric Schneiderman investigating. Could it be that the disclosures about Servino implicate Janet DiFiore whose been treated like some “holy cow” by both Lippman and Cuomo with her totally inappropriate Ethics Commission appointment. Fact is she’s a bogus Democrat and a very corrupt district attorney. She wields unjustified political influence by way of her husband, a partner in the influential DPW law firm.”

  20. Compensation for a lack of something …
    On the level?
    Yeah, when Edelman is talking about Yonkers, he seems on the level but part of that is vertigo.

  21. Edelman and Lesnick “On the Level”
    Very funny.
    When Y Trib decides to have a show something like: “I’m Calling your Ass to the Carpet You Lying Sc*mbag”
    Let us know!
    Until then you are wasting time.

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