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Ehezi_charicatureThe jury’s verdict was divulged before the Hon. Colleen McMahon’s courtroom close to the Noon hour last Thursday, March 29, 2012. The jury foreman gave the unanimous verdict over which every allegation deliberated upon was made. On the first count, he was heard to say, “Guilty.” I did not believe I heard correctly. On the second count, he said, “Guilty.” I believe I realized my lower jaw had dropped to the floor only when on the third count he also said, “Guilty.” It was then, that I said to myself, “They are going to find them ‘guilty’ on every count.”  There were 11 charges in all, some shared others specific to one defendant, rather than the other. Upon reflection, and to this day, I cannot fathom the rationale deduced by the jury in their deliberation.

Was I witness to the same court proceedings at which they sat? What did they ‘comprehend’ that I had not? Were they in the right, and I naively in the wrong? Did they abide by the directives afforded them by the clearly defined and succinctly expressed laws by which they were charged? Did the jury reach a conclusion based upon the prosecution (government) bearing the burden of proof that they, as “reasonable” people, found both defendants engaged in conspiracy, corruption, extortion, and depriving Yonkersites of honest services, by their past behavior, by a barometer of “reasonable doubt?”

It was Judge McMahon who was first to express the government having yet to convince her of showing a “quid pro quo” with regard to “something for something” based on the government’s lead witness, Anthony Mangone’s uncorroborated assertions that he received a total of $40,000 in cash from Franco and Antonio Milio before two other members of the Milio family. When it became known that Homeland Security had placed Franco and Antonio Milio in Mexico when Mr Mangone alleges he was given cash before members of the Milio family by Frnco and Antonio Milio, the government’s “star witness” lost all credibility. Further, the government’s not scrutinizing the allegations made by Mr Mangone caused this reporter to question the government’s intent. Was the government interested in facts or would no fact dissuade them from their intentioned conclusion?

I was floored by the government’s reluctance to ascribe to the fact that Homeland Security had revealed a “fact” from which they recoiled being made public.

Without providing proof of an exchange of cash from Franco and Antonio Milio to Anthony Mangone.and then alledly to Zehy Jereis and finally to Sandy Annabi, the allegation revealed nothing provable to me. How did the jury conclude otherwise?

What was it among the dynamic of the courtroom that would distort believing the testimony of Mr Zehy Jereis when he took the stand? He expressed his desire for Ms Annabi. He offered notice of no sexual intercourse between  himself and Ms Annabi. Yet when computer forensic expert Shlomo Koenig took the stand, he revealed that FBI agents who attempted to scrutinize the hard drive of one of Zehy Jereis’ computers, the forensic trail that would have permitted him information he required to be definitive in his testimony was erroneously deleted by previous FBI attempts. When it was alleged that there were many “letters” expressing affection for Ms Annabi by Mr Jereis, but none responding to his passion, one had to question why the AOL records were not demanded by the government investigators. In fact, when the government cross examined Mr Jereis, they mentioned that he divulged there was no sexual intercourse between them, but the U.S. Assistant Attorney did not want to define Mr Jereis’ term that there was “sexual contact.” Had the AOL email records been requested, it could have been ascertained if there was a relationship between Mr Jereis and Ms Annabi that pre-dated any possible motive other than their expression of affection between each other. A fact that would have derailed any further contention of misconduct.

Was the youth of the defendants something the jury held against them? Did Ms Annabi’s model-like stature engender jealousy among the predominately woman-centric jury?

Does a lack of knowing the agenda driven drivel and connivance and backroom dealing and wheeling in Yonkers and Westchester County create a sense of lawlessness by which Yonkers specifically, and Westchester County, less so, get painted. 

The catalyst that caused the FBI to consider looking into the two defendants was based on innuendo, agenda, political skullduggery, and worse, that remains virulent in conduct to this day. Elected officials that lie about others, yet will claim otherwise. The “think tankers” that get six figure salaries for no show jobs continue. The extortion of taxpayer money re-labeled as grant money continues unabated. Yonkers Inspector General Dan Schorr is a political operative that we have heard will divulge his stepping down this week. He has uncovered nothing in the year plus he has accepted money for coming to work. The New York State Comptroller has warned the City of Yonkers of its dismal fiscal conduct for many years past. Even so, he has permitted passage of the municipal budget. Yonkers Board of Ethics has conducted itself devoid of any ethical measure. Yonkersites laugh as they are besmirched by those who demean their name using the term “ethics.” The Yonkers Board of Contracts and Supplies has in the dead of night issued contracts that defy any logic for Yonkersites’ benefit. Not a word to be heard from anyone, other than they did it within the tenets of the law.

Thieves wish to preside over the office of Clerk in Yonkers. Hush. No one is to know. Will a former government official return the money stolen during the last holiday season? Will a developer pay the HUD money that they have forced the City of Yonkers to pay with no hope of every paying Yonkers back? Will real estate tax arrears ever be paid? Who is watching out for the public good? When will the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency return the funds it stole form the city coffers to which it was not entitled? When will the Yonkers Board of Education have the funds taken from its coffers returned? When will the Father Pat Green Development do right by its homeowners? When will the use of eminent domain to benefit the bigoted interests of one neighborhood’s interest be eclipsed by what is right for Yonkers economic viability? When?

The jury got it wrong. Only the Hon. Colleen McMahon, District Judge, can set it right. There is little people trust today. The judicial system is daily under attack by its ineptitude and its lack of concern to abide by the law. Justice is too often not the operative course or concern. If in this case, or in others that will surely follow, jurists do not elevate the conduct of those that come before their august courtrooms, we will all suffer self-destruction by ineptitude and dismissal of truths that are facts ungoverned by agenda and outside influence. 

Mr Jereis and Ms Annabi deserve to be acquitted of the charges that stand before them.

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  1. Simplicity as well as elegance arouses in your blog theme and I do love it. And as well, you have written a helpful storyline. Thumbs up for that!

  2. Hezi has selective memory. Hezi writes about ‘6 figure salaries for no show jobs’ and ‘extortion of taxpayer money re-labeled as grant money’ and then wants you to believe that Jereis is this poor young innocent while purposely leaving out the fact that Jereis got a $100k no-show job with the Yonkers Chamber of Commerce courtesy of Nick Spano’s ‘taxpayer provided’ state grant. Hezi stop blowing out of both sides of your mouth. Each time you open it you sound as corrupt as those you are defending. Yep. Hezi sells cheap. Just throw him a crumb of access and he’ll be your lapdog and stooge.

  3. Hey Hezi, now you’re letting CONVICTED FELONS advertise on your site. Who paid for Jereis’ little fundraiser spot? To the dogs I say.

  4. ms annabi’s model like stature ????? i cant help but laugh at that and the fact that anyone thinks these two are innocent

  5. Cavallo has been working the political scene for profit and it is all confirmed and Perry Carbone was handed it years ago and he still makes deal so what do you think? He is pals with Zherka! Zerka ran front page articles on Cavallo and his corrpuption and now they are one!
    Ask the question??

  6. This was the correct verdict and they should have taken a plea instead of causing hard to there families with that absurd defense. Do they think the verdict is going to be thrown out? They are going to jail and Spano needs to have open heart surgery to be left alone.
    What about Cavallo and his dealing or did he work with Mangone

  7. OJ Simpson – wrong verdict
    Casey Anthony – wrong verdict
    Michael Pena (NYPD) – wrong verdict
    Annabi/Jereis – right verdict.

  8. Maybe Jereis will do better than Murtagh did with his recent “defer the campaign expense” fundraiser.
    Seems that “cocky” Johnny had 16 people on the invite as his fundraiser committee.
    Only 15 people attended the wake.

  9. Does anyone know what happened to
    the woman that was the receptionist
    under the Amacone administration ?
    Does she still have a job ?

  10. The voting for Ridge HIll was a game these two apparently played to get the maximum personal gain from the process. Money and a job (more money). It was a game Jereis evidently counselled Annabi to play hard to get them all begging for her vote. And then he says he was begging for her body, as if this “hard to get” woman was consistent – you had to beg for her body and beg for her vote. No. Nice try to fool the public. The worst of the two is Jereis, since she was apparently following him and sought his advice. Someone else advising her might have had a better influence, but this many was in every way out for his own interests and power. And that his wife is at the reception desk for the Mayor of Yonkers reportedly as a “safeguard” that her husband won’t spill the beans on the Spanos – that is outrageous. Why doesn’t she divorce him? Especially after his defense that he was infatuated with another woman and had relations with her and they were corrupting a civil process. The whole thing really smells of corruption all around.

  11. I with goober..if they can get him to talk on
    that one we will all be better off..that deal was
    a disgrace for two reasons..1. it was corrupt
    2. the machines suck

  12. Next round of indictments that Mangone will be helping the FEDS with is the NYC Board of Elections electronic voting machine contract scandal involving the Bronx GOP republicans.

  13. I agree with poster number 5 and I’ll go one step more:
    Hezi should post the names of all those in “not for profit” positions in Yonkers.

  14. It is amazing to have a fund raiser for a 3 time convicted felon!
    This should be interesting to see who would put themselves in harms way by showing up at this function!
    I guess a lot of money orders from those that fear when Zehy turns RAT which will happen.

  15. Cavllo has been paid by judges and if you look at the guardina he was front page and then Zherka and he made some deal after swearing to never deal with a corrupt person like cavallo!
    Stay tuned!

  16. It is amazing how anyone can think for one second after a jury has spoken that they are innocent!
    They were operatives and the two matters are only the tip of the iceberg and the jury was not as dumb as people thought.
    How about Cavallo?

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