Mayor Mike Spano Appoints Melvina Carter to President/CEO of Yonkers Industrial Development Agency

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Spano_MikeOutdoor Yonkers IDAYONKERS, NY – April 12, 2012 — Mayor Mike Spano announced today his appointment of Melvina Carter as the new President/CEO of the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency (IDA). Carter will be responsible for overseeing the Agency’s mission to attract new business, economic development and job creation throughout the City of Yonkers.

“Having been recognized for her role in spurring billions of dollars in new investment and thousands of jobs during her tenure as the IDA’s Chief Fiscal Officer, Melvina is an ideal candidate to lead the continued economic development and growth of our city,” said Mayor Spano.

Carter has served the Yonkers IDA as its Chief Fiscal Officer since 2005 during which she facilitated the closing of 37 projects including two new hotels, capital improvements to the Cross County Shopping Center, Empire City Casino expansion, a bio-tech research company and a new state-of-the-art animal hospital. Prior to the Yonkers IDA, Carter served for seven years as Fiscal Officer in the City’s Office of Downtown & Waterfront Development.

“It is an honor to be nominated as the next President/CEO of the Yonkers IDA by Mayor Spano,” Melvina Carter said. “My broad array of experience in municipal government provides me a unique perspective for this post and will be an invaluable resource as I seek to balance the interests of the City with the maximized investment of developers. I am confident that with the support of Mayor Spano as the IDA’s Chairman and the IDA Board of Directors, the Yonkers IDA will continue to play a key role in growing our city’s local economy.”

Carter, who was born and raised in Yonkers, graduated from Gorton High School. She attended John Jay College in New York where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and also holds a Master Degree in Public Administration from Pace University.  Carter currently resides in the Southwest section of Yonkers.

SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin, Communications Director of the office of the Mayor.


eHeziMayor Mike Spano Appoints Melvina Carter to President/CEO of Yonkers Industrial Development Agency

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  1. ATT: Mike Spano,
    The IDA needs to begin following the law enacted two years ago requiring submission of FOIL requests via e mail. The IDA website says they only will accept FOIl requests by fax or US mail ONLY….this is ILLEGAL.
    Lynch was told this and her sleeping FOIL officer never corrected it long ago…

  2. Hurray for Yollywood, the home of the multi-billion dollar
    giveaways for the 1%.
    Yollywood (home of the dolla deals for millionaires)

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