Quit Smoking with Cold Laser Therapy at St. John’s Riverside Hospital

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St John's Riverside Hospital-BlueYONKERS,NY – April 27, 2012 — St. John’s Riverside Hospital’s Holistic Care Department is offering a way to quit smoking with Cold Laser Therapy.  The cost of this treatment is $200 for the initial 45 minutes and $100 for a booster (30 minutes) if needed after one month. 

“I am a former cigarette smoker of 20 plus years, and I felt like a slave. I was addicted. I’ve seen family members and close friends suffer from cigarettes. I have used it all to quit: the patch, hypnosis, fake cigarettes and nicorette. I highly recommend this safe, effective, painless and quick procedure. Anyone can help themselves to live a healthier, longer and happier life.  Go for it!” ~Janet Gallo, St. John’s Riverside Hospital employee.

Treatments are conducted at St. John’s Riverside Hospital; Andrus Pavilion; 967 North Broadway; Yonkers, N.Y. 10701; in the Holistic Care Treatment Room on 8 West. 

To schedule an appointment contact Gayle Newshan, PhD, NP at 914-964-7396 or gnewshan@riversidehealth.org.  For more information about the Holistic Care Department at St. John’s Riverside Hospital visit the website at www.riversidehealth.org.


eHeziQuit Smoking with Cold Laser Therapy at St. John’s Riverside Hospital

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  1. i don’t now if insurance would pay for this but i would consult with Bily Regan and his cohorts. They seems to know how to cut to the benefits page 😉

  2. not being a smoker but having one in the house I would
    be very curious to know just exactly how this works
    from a medical point of view..anyone know?

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