Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris – April 11, 2012 – Yonkers City Council Meeting

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The April 11th show will open with a review of the Yonkers City Council meeting that took place on the evening of Tuesday, April 10th. It basically centered about the the issue of changing the Yonkers Parking Authority Board of Directors by fiat, that is, with the support of the Yonkers City Council, the Legislative branch of government, at the behest of the mayor, who represents the Executive branch, which functions under a strong mayor form of governance. It may be considered to have been an outright expression of the power of politics expediently timed to be eclipsed by the telling of Yonkers  Mayor Michael Spano's Proposed 2012-2013 Budget. Either a guest will be able to avail themselves to this issue or it will be a monologue present by Hezi Aris. Sheddinghis perspecive from 11 am to 12 Noon, will be Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick who presided over the council meeting. 


eHeziWestchester On the Level with Narog and Aris – April 11, 2012 – Yonkers City Council Meeting

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  1. Some of the posters above are missing the point. What Regan and Lisa did was disgraceful, but what Spano is attempting to do is disgraceful as well. The maneuver transcends Regan and company and goes to the heart of the issue that absolute power can corrupt absolutely. Stacking the PA board to right a wrong begs the question – do two wrongs make a right? The Council and Mike have opened the door to manipulate every board in the City. Rules and laws are now meaningless, if you don’t like the check and balance change it to suit your agenda. A precedence has been set and there will be no argument to safegaurd the next maneuver. Hey, Obama doesn’t like the vote from Congress, not too worry, just add more Congressional Reps! Sounds silly, I know, but it is an exaggeration that proves the point of what was done last night. I expected more from Mike. I wonder who advised him on this one. He’s demonstrating poor judgment.

  2. I donr see how Lisa could still be paid if the parking authority was disolved. If she has a contract with the parking authority, and a mojority of the board votes for fisalution, then there is nothing for her to be a ditrctor for, nor is there any money left to pay her. Um also sure a majority of the boatd could vfote tob end her contract

  3. Your analysis makes no sense. Spano would not go to all this trouble just to get rid of Bill Regan. After what he has just pulled with the salary boondoggle, legal or not, he is toast.
    As far as Lisa Miraj (sic) is concerned, apparently her contract is ironclad. If they dissolve the YPA, she gets paid for the whole term of her contract period. So “absorbing” the YPA into government operations saves zero dollars in terms of her contractural compensation.

  4. I dont think it was so much about power, but more with saving the city money. If the board was increased and all apointed by the mayor, they could effectively vote to abolish the YPA, and that would be a way to fold the agency into a existing city dept. The board members dont receive a monetary stipend so adding four members would be minimal cost. If the agency was ultimetely folded into city operations, there would be no need for upper management and especially no need for the sweetheart deal given to ex mayor Amicones chief if staff. It would also sever all ties with Ex deputy mayor Regan and the COY.

  5. Tonights meeting was nothing short of disgusting. It was a naked power play by Mike Spano to pack the boards and take them over. There was no reason to rush it through; it could wait to the fall if need be after it is fully vetted by the council and the public.
    Larkin was eloquent in defense of the way the process should be run, and Breen made the valid point that these boards should transcend changes in administrations. They are not supposed to function like police and fire commissioners who serve at the whim of the Mayor.
    This has nothing to do with party either. It was noted that FDR tried to pack the Supreme Court. It is simply about power, and it was disappointing to see Lesnick and the other Democratic lemmings tuck their feeble tails and go along.
    None of them have any spines.
    As much as I have criticized Gronowski in the past, I wish she was there tonight.
    Spano is talking about ethics and financial boards and town meetings, but behind the scenes he is consolidating power and this is a perfect example.
    Everyone was warned, but you wanted the sweet teddy bear. Well kids he ain’t sweet.
    Ok Edelman, I made an anti-Spano comment, earn your vig.

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