Yonkers Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry to Step Down from Yonkers Parking Authority Board By HEZI ARIS

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Yonkers Parking Authority Logo Cavanaugh_jYONKERS, NY – April 14, 2012 — Yonkers Tribune / The Westchester Guardian have learned that Yonkers Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry, a recent appointee replacement of a retired Board Director of the Yonkers Parking Authority Board of Directors by Mayor Mike Spano, has chosen to remove herself from the contentiousness of her appointment by virtue of her being a non-resident of Yonkers. In a letter to the Yonkers Parking Authority Board of Directors, Mayor Spano writes that while he does not concur with the YPA bylaws that stipulate residency, he will withdraw his appointment and replace Ms Gerry with that of James Cavanaugh.

Mr. Cavanaugh, best known to most Yonkersites as the former Westchester County Republican Chairman, who only in October 20122 was disgracefully removed from his post as CEO of the Battery Park City Authority  over a scandal in which New York State Inspector General Joseph Fisch blasted Mr Cavanaugh  for special criticism, as well as his top aide, Laura Wilson Kimball, a onetime assistant to former New York State First Lady Libby Pataki, and present employee who replaced Yonkers Downtown Waterfront Development Commissioner Jim Pinto, for squandering taxpayer money.  Inspector General Fisch said, “Such excess spending by a state authority was outrageous!”

Then and now, Mr Cavanaugh refuses to answer questions about his personal relationship to Ms Kimball though their relationship is known to be amorous.

Mr Cavanaugh was noted in a New York Post article to have stated that Inspector General Fisch’s findings were “nonsense” and further, the report “comes close to being slanderous.”

At the time of this reporters writing the article “Inspector General Fisch Exposes James Cavanaugh, the “Pig” Feeding at Public Trough By HEZI ARIS,” it was learned that Mr Cavanaugh, upon thereafter learning of the Yonkers Tribune article said, “I am going to cut that man’s balls off!” Happily that man has not undergone castration.

The Yonkers Tribune wrote of Mr Cavanaugh on November 17, 2011, “…his past demeanor precludes him from being considered legitimately.” Furthermore, we then wrote, “Cavanaugh would be an albatross on the… mayor’s neck. For that reason alone, he must not be considered in any capacity.”

It seems Mayor Mike Spano has chosen to overlook Mr Cavanaugh's conduct.

Were Mr Cavanaugh’s appointment appropriate, it would have been exclaimed with pride, instead, the administration has chosen to keep it quiet, evidently embarrassed or ashamed of their own action. 

One thing may be said about Mr Cavanaugh, and that is what he shared with me this past Tuesday afternoon, he now resides in Yonkers.  Welcome to Yonkers, Mr Cavanaugh.

In fact it was on Tuesday, April 10, 2012, that the Yonkers City Council authorized sending the New York State Legislature, that is, the NYS Assembly and NYS Senate, a Hon=me Rule message requesting the expansion of the Yonkers Parking Authority Board of Directors from the present five membership by an addition four members. Should the Home Rule message gain acceptance by the New York State Legislature, the nine member YPA Board of Directors would have four additional appointees chosen by Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration and thereby extinguish the control presently managed by former Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone’s appointees.

When Mr Cavanagh officially takes his place on the YPA Board, and assuming the YPA Board of Directors is approved to be expanded by four more people chosen by Mayor Spano, a majority of five people will be able to eclipse the present four whose allegiance may lean toward the former Mayor Amicone.


eHeziYonkers Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry to Step Down from Yonkers Parking Authority Board By HEZI ARIS

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  1. They will wish they didn’t object to sue. Wait until the first meeting. Cavanuagh is smart and yes arrogant he will fit in just fine with Lisa and bill ! So funny I just can’t wait !!

  2. excellent more Mr.Mayor! it may take time but Mayor Spano will hopefully be able to rid this city of the parasites left behind by that piece of trash amicone!!! and we all know the Parking authority is the biggest nest!!! so long joe!!!

  3. this ia yonkers you dont get knocked out you get raises and promtions and when its time to cash in your chips get $$$$$$$$ just ask REGAN and PAGONO

  4. MIchael Spano appoints Nick Spano’ s partner in the lobbying company?
    Cavanaugh is a republican put in place by Nick Spano.
    Mr. Mayor, do not follow his lead, remove the wrong doing and stand tall you can do it and will if you stop these appointments.
    Cavanaugh was GOP leader after Nick and this does not look good and Sue was a place holder and not very transparent

  5. When cavanaugh was the supervisor in Eastchester he was the most condescending, demeaning, big timing little man I have ever seen. I’m surprised someone didn’t knock him out. He will be no help to Yonkers or Mike Spano. I hope he is kept on a short leash.

  6. Unreal
    Is Spano falling that far into the cesspool already?
    Gerry did the right thing, so he turns around and whor es it up. Does he think people will not notice? What about his new push for ethics?
    I can see it is going to be just a continuation of Amicone, just in a different management style.

  7. that old DRUNK FRANK is still there to boy he must know alot of dirt on the big family .speaking of dirt does the PARKS DEPARTMENT STILL MAINTAIN HIS LAWN AND DELIVER SHRUBS AND PLANTS TO HIS HOUSE ON THE HILL.

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